Water Right Soaker Hose Review

water right soaker hose review

Water Right Soaker Hose













  • Offered In 3 Different Sizes
  • Lightweight & Flexible
  • Crush-Proof Fittings
  • Grade A Material
  • Top Choice


  • Only 1 Color Option
  • Pricey

Here we provide you with a complete Water Right Soaker Hose Review that includes every little detail that you should know about this hose. We’ll get into product specifications, feature details, and list the pros and cons.

Some of you gardeners may be looking for a better soaker hose than the one you have now or some of you may be first timers. Regardless, you’ve come to the right place. The Water Right company is a very notable company for all sorts of hoses, including their top-notch soaker hose.

When looking for a soaker hose, you want one that is flexible enough to weave around your garden without it kinking or tangling, you also want it to have the right amount of strength so that it does not damage easily, and one that will last you a very long time so that you don’t have to replace it.

With that being said, we have done that research for you with this beautiful Water Right Soaker Hose. So, let’s break it down, shall we!

Water Right Soaker Hose Review

water right soaker hose

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Water Right, Inc.
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight: 7.55 lbs (100ft)
  • Length: (25, 50, 100 Feet)
  • Diameter: (1/2″)
  • Color: Beige
  • Couplings: Brass
  • Special Features:
    • All Weather-Protection
    • Lightweight & Flexible
    • Safe Drinking Water
    • UV Stabilized Material
    • Features Engineered Strain Reliefs
    • Kink-Free
  • Warranty: Requested Approval

Top-Notch Material

The Water Right Soaker Hose is a very well-liked soaker hose with a 4.5 Star Rating. One of the reasons for its success is from the material it is constructed out of. Polyurethane is noted to be one of the top materials for water hoses. Why?

Well, they are known to be extremely flexible, strong and durable, and long-lasting. Not to mention, polyurethane delivers safe drinking water which is quite rare among garden hoses. Many gardeners will use any sort of soaker hose to water their garden without thinking twice.

If you are growing vegetables in your garden then this can become quite hazardous to the body over time. You might be wondering why. Well, many hoses contain toxic chemicals like BPA or phthalates that will affect the water which provides for your crops. With that being said, you want a soaker hose that delivers safe drinking water so that you can eat healthy.

Flexibility & Strength

As mentioned above, polyurethane is also incredible in terms of a durability and flexibility. It gives you just the right amount of flexibility for a perfect weaving ability throughout your plants and crops without having the hose kinking or tangling on you.

Polyurethane is also a top material for a kink-free ability. It even has special engineered strain reliefs on both hose ends to help prevent kinking as well. You don’t have to worry about your hose freezing or melting either. It will perform in freezing temperatures, although we doubt your hose will be used in the winter.

More importantly, the hose is UV stabilized so it will not damage in the sunlight. However, having your hose left out in the sun all the time is still not recommended. We suggest burying your hose in mulch so that it is protected even more from UV rays.

Last but not least, this Water Right Soaker Hose features solid chrome-plated machined lead free-brass fittings which are crush-proof, long-lasting, and will never tarnish. With that being said, chrome-plated brass is the best material for hose fittings because it is practically indestructible.

water right soaker hose


Another aspect you should be looking for when trying to find the right soaker hose is the ease of use. Is the hose light? Do they have the right size for me? Does it move well?

This hose is actually extremely light. In fact, Water Right manufacturers only lightweight garden hoses. They are known to have great lightweight hoses that are able to perform efficiently, all while maintaining great durability. This soaker hose is only 7.55 lbs for a 100 footer. With that being said, it makes it very easy to move around and lay the hose correctly without you having to struggle physically.

They offer it in length sizes of 25, 50, or 100 Feet. You should have a good idea of what length you need depending on the size of your garden. The good news is that if you have a small garden then there is a size offered and same with a large garden. Some hose brands do not offer this satisfaction.

Lastly, diameter size is offered in a (1/2″) which is relatively standard for a garden hose diameter. Diameter is far more important in regular garden hoses as it alters the power of its water pressure. With a soaker hose, this aspect is not really of much importance. A half inch diameter will work just perfectly.


Unfortunately, the Water Right Soaker Hose is a little pricey but that is understandable. Why? This hose is just simply reliable and that might be a little bit of an understatement.

It excels with every single feature you need in a garden hose. It’s tough, light, flexible, easy to use, and is weather-protected. Not to mention, its safe drinking water ability. With all these combined features, you get a great soaker hose that will last you a long time that you will never have to replace.

With that being said, you might want to spend a little more money on a hose that might last you 3-4 more years than the one that you were originally going to buy. Also, repairing a soaker hose is quite frustrating so you don’t want to worry about that either.

Overall, its 4.5 Star Rating speaks for itself. The Water Right Soaker Hose will not disappoint and will perform efficiently whenever you go to use it.

Summary: Water Right Soaker Hose

  • A lightweight and flexible soaker hose that is offered in 3 different length sizes
  • It features solid chrome-plated machined lead free-brass fittings
  • Has engineered strain reliefs on both hose ends to prevent any kinking
  • Its enhanced flexibility makes it extremely easy to use
  • A top rated selection among gardeners

Lightweight & FlexibleOnly 1 Color Choice
Durable & Kink-FreeExpensive
Delivers Safe Drinking Water
4.5 Star Rating

That wraps up our Water Right Soaker Hose Review. If you have any follow up questions, please leave us a comment below.

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  1. Can this hose be cut into sections and joined with regular hose for gardens that are interspersed among paths?

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