14 Garden Trends In 2021 You Must Look At

Spring is just around the corner and now is the time to start planning your gardening layouts for this up and coming season. I always find planning my gardening ventures the most exciting part of the year. Whether you want to keep it simple or go all out, here are the top garden trends of 2021 you must look at!

Gardening every year should not only provide you with a lovely place where you can find peace and serenity, but also should serve as an oasis that helps reduce stress, anxiety, improve creativity, and encourage a deeper connection with nature. Another thing to consider is to allow your garden to add style to your home and serve a valuable purpose.

The UF/IFAS agent-based on Leon County Mark Tancig said, “More and more folks are wanting to think about sustainability.”

They’re wanting to plant things that don’t require as much water or fertilizer,” he said. “Plants that resist disease and insects. Plants that provide for wildlife use and need less maintenance and input. That not only saves money but it looks good, too. It’s restorative to the environment.

However, many garden lovers are still worried about the lack of skills, adequate knowledge, and sufficient time to take care of their gardens.

Still, expert gardeners encourage everyone to at least try gardening. After all, the benefits will always outweigh the cons. You will develop skills of patience and maintenance and also, experience satisfaction and pleasure in your work.

Moreover, producing meals you’ve grown from vegetation in your garden can give you a sense of achievement. It is essential to grow plants and vegetables that will enhance the overall landscape of your garden and provide you with lots of produce.

This year’s garden trends are all about environmental restoration, which will become even more popular in the year ahead. Here are the exciting new garden trends of 2021 that will inspire you.

1) Houseplants Are Trending

A combination of houseplants arranged vertically in a small balcony.

Houseplants were famous even in the past few years amongst homeowners. Thus, it is no surprise to become a hot trend this year with larger sizes. They are expected to be a real favorite, especially in living areas.

Sales of houseplants are seeing a higher percentage of growth compared to shrubs, trees, and perennials. Succulents have become a vital aspect of decorating interior spaces too, making echeveria and aloe among the most popular.

The prediction trends of 2021 include houseplants with pink leaves. Plants with attractive colors on their leaves can draw in more plant lovers.

Multi-colored plants like Chinese evergreens, crotons, and Stromante are anticipated to become extremely popular.

However, snake plants and other varieties with splashes of white on green foliage will also continue to be popular.

This recent survey says that unique houseplants with fascinating leaves are attractive because it helps express one’s personal preference.

The obsession of plant babies is a trend recycled from last year’s report. Millennials are now having less time, money, and space. However, they also love to surround themselves with houseplants to help them reap the benefits of nature.

The need for humans to associate with nature makes people bring in houseplants, which is becoming very popular nowadays.

2) Multi-Purpose Plants

 Herbs and vegetables in a recycled wood raised bed.
Image by; gardeners.com

Some indoor plants are proven to help filter toxins found in the typical household environment, making it beneficial to your well-being.

Many houseplant varieties are multi-purposed. Plants like edible flowers, fruit-bearings, ornamentals, and vegetables also add beauty and charm in your home landscape, aside from bringing nutrition and food in your kitchen.

Indoor air pollution contributes to a lot of factors of several health issues. According to this study conducted by NASA, separation from plants and its microorganisms is a threat to human health.

The use of plant varieties can create a vibrant and innovative look in your living area that is both cozy and welcoming.

The trends in 2021 will not only make your garden look elegant and attractive, but most importantly, it brings wellness and eco-friendliness among your home too.

3) Vertical Gardening in Urban Areas

Wall garden with various houseplants.
Image by: realestate.com.au

People nowadays are smarter and prefer to surround themselves with plants, making the trend for green walls and vertical growing to be popular, particularly urban dwellers.

Urban dwellers, especially apartment owners and renters, usually don’t have adequate space to plant. However, limited space can not hinder their creativity in finding opportunities.

This condition allows them to focus on the idea of growing plants in any space available, like modifying typical walls into green curtains of plants. This concept will surely make them love this year’s interesting trends.

However, if you would like to add an urban touch in your country garden, you can easily modify them even in larger spaces.

The concept of greening the cities is now considered an excellent way to connect urban life with nature, while also reducing stormwater issues, and alleviating global warming effects.

The idea of adding plants, particularly urban-tolerant trees, and vertically growing your food indoors is an excellent investment for the future.

City planners and landscape designers are now becoming wiser about picking tree species that can tolerate the normal harsh conditions of an urban environment.

4) Immersive Gardening

Two baskets of hanging plants with colorful flowers.

Space-saving gardening techniques are also becoming increasingly popular. The concept of using hanging planters, stacking planters, and the use of trellises and even terrace gardening are found to beautify front doors and porches everywhere, making everyone admire them.

This trend of planting that focuses more on texture, colors, and fragrances are inspirations and ideas more influenced by social media.

The concept of adding wall climbing plants, canopies, and enclosed havens make gardening aesthetically pleasing, particularly in urban areas, which definitely make it to this year’s list of top garden trends.

5) Gardening Tech

Everyone now is more concerned about caring for these well-loved and much-needed houseplant companions. And turning to the use of garden technology is now the trend to keep them cared for because of everyone’s hectic schedules.

There are self-watering apps, light-up plants, wireless Bluetooth gadgets that can measure the intensity of sunlight, soil moisture, temperature, and the amount of fertilizer in your plant’s environment.

All are readily available to help you with your gardening needs.

6) Sustainable Gardening

A gardener with compost in his hands.
Image by: bonnieplants.com

According to this plant trends study by horticulturalists from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS), gardeners in 2021 will veer from the beaten path, opting for unconventional varieties, and eco-conscious surroundings.

People are now more conscious than ever and on the lookout for gardening approaches that deliver positive lasting effects.

Pest control is one of the hot topics in this year’s gardening world, and people are looking for ways to eliminate pesky pests without the use of harsh chemicals.

Companion planting, crop rotation, and soil reconditioning can all play a significant role in supporting healthier plants for the year of 2021.

Gardeners switching to natural methods when it comes to pest control over the past few years are now taking steps to support local pollinators.

Another way to promote sustainable gardening is through the use of composting, to lessen kitchen waste, and once broken down, it is used to bring back nutrients in the soil.

7) Wildlife Friendly

A honey bee pollinating lavender flowers.

The relationship between gardeners and wildlife is undeniable as some insects play a significant role to keep your garden healthy, and to encourage them to come into your green space is more trend-worthy.

Many people are now aware that wildlife friends are on the decline and therefore are looking for different ways to support more bee-friendly gardens. These tiny creatures love lavender, honeysuckle, and even snowdrops. You can find a lot of ways to plant these in your home gardens.

Theresa Badurek, a horticulture agent for Pinellas County said, “Most contemporary landscapes lack diversity, so gardeners should choose a variety of plants that flower and fruit.”

Fruit-bearing plants attract birds and become hiding places for many other small species.

8) Growing Your Food

Various vegetables on a plate.

Growing your food has been foreseen to continue its course as one of the people’s way to support the environment. To lessen the use of fuel for transporting food and to reduce the use of plastic are the primary reasons people grow their own food.

Many people are now enjoying the experience and loving the concept of growing food at home.

It will allow you to enjoy the freshness of homegrown produce instead of relying on store-bought crops.

People usually love to combine crops in their flower borders and containers, especially if their spaces are limited. A lot of gardeners are now imaginative and creative about how to grow their food.

More and more people are now increasingly conscious of utilizing any spaces available to grow food.

You will surely love the idea of growing vegetables, either in raised beds or in container pots at home and will find it to be the cheapest and healthiest way to provide your family with organic food.

9) Eco-Friendly Materials

Herbs and vegetables in wooden raised bed gardens.
Image by: greenlivingguy.com

An eco-friendly garden is one of the top garden trends this year. The concept of ecological restoration through your garden can play a significant role in helping the environment.

You will often see wood in many gardens this year, not in decking but for structured containers and walkways. Green materials strongly highlight sustainable gardens, and many gardeners are now looking for warmer and more natural arrangements.

The Japanese technique of charring wood is now becoming popular too, as a preservation technique and for its aesthetic and impressive features.

The charcoal-colored clay bricks from Belgium is also among the most popular choice for garden designers at the moment, particularly for urban gardens. Reclaimed stones and pebbles are also popular.

10) Regenerative Gardening

A man practicing regenerative gardening techniques.

Regenerative gardening is a practice to put nutrients back in the soil and is among our list of this year’s garden trend.

The practice of rebuilding the soil’s organic matter, withdrawing carbon, reducing runoff, composting, no tilling, and pasture cropping are all systems of soil rehabilitation.

Regenerative gardening emphasizes growing plants with a more holistic approach. By adopting these practices, along with the infusion of soil gardening can generate fertile soils and often reward the gardener with plentiful produce.

11) Brighten The Garden Up With Indigo

Hydrangea flowers in indigo blue.

This year is the time of year when most gardeners will love to experiment with new plant color ideas for the garden.

Blue indigo is the color of this year, and some gardeners don’t use much of this color as only a few plants have real blue flowers or fruit. However, it appears that indigo helps brighten landscape design, particularly in summer and spring.

12) Frogs and Fungi

A green toad in a flower stalk.

According to the garden trends of 2021, the general population is now more aware of how home gardening has a significant impact on the environment. As a result, gardeners are now trying to make their home garden eco-friendly as much as possible.

Almost everyone is now aware that toads and fungi play a big part in creating a healthy ecosystem. More people are now looking for the best approaches to designing a frog-friendly habitat around their home landscapes.

According to this new scientific study, some fungi have properties that also have the potential to address issues like degrading plastic.

13) Dwarf Plants

A bonsai plant in a wood container pot.

Space limitations are the number one reason why a lot of gardeners prefer dwarf varieties of their favorite plants as they require less pruning.

Many growers are now introducing new variants with unique space-saving characteristics by considering landscaping ideas that can give more space.

The combination of flowers and foliage is now gaining more popularity and choosing varieties like a pine tree that matures to one foot, is now preferred by many.

14) Outdoor Kitchen Garden

A beautiful silver themed outdoor kitchen beside a garden.
Image by: decorsnob.com

The trend of dining in the outdoor is becoming more popular across Europe, and the trend is continually advancing its way across the UK.

Transforming your garden into a kitchen-style garden room to spend more time outside in the fresh air and relax while socializing with your friends is now on the rise. You can also try your meditation or do work-outs in your garden area to keep you fit and healthy.

You too can enjoy the atmosphere of outdoor dining, by dedicating an area in your garden, just for cooking.

You can devote a space not just for BBQs but an advanced kitchen that allows you to cook under the beautiful sky while enjoying the captivating ambiance with your family.

Keeping your outdoor kitchen under a patio roof so that rain will not hinder your enjoyment of cooking will allow you to make the most of your outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts On The Most Popular Garden Trends of 2021

Adding green to urban spaces, becoming more environmentally-friendly by growing your food, and getting involved with protecting wildlife that can bring a positive impact on our environment are among the trends predicted for gardening in 2021.

By diverting your kitchen scraps away from landfills and choosing to enrich the soil by contributing to the regeneration of the environment is a practice beneficial not only to you but in generations to come.

The soil is often neglected but is one of the most important natural resources that everything is connected to. Things like microbes, plants, water, animals, farmers, and the food on the table are all in connection with the soil.

And one of the top garden trends in 2021 is to bring back the true meaning of healthy soil. Everyone must make sure that the most significant natural resources are truly taken care of.

Automated gardening tools are the new trend that helps reduce your stress. Lots of people don’t have adequate time to tend their gardens, and these technological products can help you give the appropriate care your garden requires without spending a lot of work. Controlled by your mobile phone, they can help take care of your garden even in your absence.

By utilizing all the approaches above, you will surely enjoy how the garden trends in 2021 can help enhance our ecosystem.

If you find the ideas above inspiring and would love to try innovative garden practices this year, please feel free to share your experiences with us by writing them down in the comments section below.

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