18 Creative Small Deck Garden Ideas: #15 Is Absolutely Stunning!

A small summer deck garden set up.

A small deck garden makes for a nice modern touch of greenery that you can set up to express your love for nature right in your backyard.

It is a tiny oasis pleasing to the eyes, a little green paradise where dreams can hatch, you can relax or read books, and where plants can thrive and flourish within just a few feet away.

Thankfully, setting up a beautiful garden on a small deck doesn’t take much time to create. However, turning the space to a place where you’ll want to spend your time with nature and make it an oasis to relax requires a bit of planning.

And these ideas below will help you transform a limited space into a productive garden and make for a fabulous outdoor retreat.

1) Elegant Balcony Deck Garden

A raised bed full of air-purifying plants, a table, three brown chairs, and some plants in tiny planters in the side corner of the deck.
Image by: deardesigner.co.uk

Show your guests your elegant deck with a stylish wooden raised bed and a few innovative planters full of air-purifying plants.

These modern classic greens are all low maintenance. And depending on your home’s humidity, these houseplants require little water as they only need to be watered once every two weeks. Besides, these plants tolerate partial light the entire growing season.

2) Garden Of Tranquility

Set of outdoor iron table and two chairs surrounded with lush hedges.

Adding a coffee table surrounded by lush and well-manicured hedges looks simple, yet elegant. It can be a perfect set up for you if you’re looking for a modern minimalist deck garden.

This simple garden implies you have fewer plants to worry about and makes a tranquil haven as you enjoy the refreshing aroma of lush hedges right in your home.

 3) Colorful Side Corner

Flowering plants and herbs in plastic planters, position on the side corner of the balcony deck.

Growing flowering plants in stunning containers and putting them together on the side corner of your deck makes for a handsome masterpiece display.

The combination of vibrant colors creates a whimsical flower arrangement, making an evening drink or a casual conversation romantic.

4) Aromatic Vertical Garden

Vertical herb garden in clay pots.

If you are living in an apartment or condos in an urban environment where space is premium, adding up a vertical garden can turn a bare wall to a multifunctional area in which you will enjoy.

A limited space full of aromatic herbs like lavender and rosemary can transform your small deck into a fragrant decorative living wall, making it a perfect private oasis to relax from a tiring day.

5) Asian-Inspired Deck Top Garden

Asian-Inspired Deck Top Garden

An Asian inspired deck-top garden proves just how beautiful the plants can be with a simple combination of rustic and fresh garden elements. The garden displays the smartest details to create a relaxing outdoor space.

6) Dynamic Perennials

Set of tea table at the center of mosaic tiles surrounded by colorful flowering plants.
Image by: bahayofw.com

A small garden can be as elegant as an English garden with abundant and vibrant designs of blooming colorful perennials.

Yes, flowers are known for having their language. And the vibrant combination of red, yellow, pink, orange, and white blooms can evoke feelings of happiness and enthusiasm, every time you spend time in the garden.

These dynamic and contrasting colors make the spotlight of this garden.

7) The Minimal Set-Up

A wooden bench with magazines and four throw pillows placed in the small deck garden.
Image by: loveproperty.com

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design your pocket sized deck and turn it into a garden where you can feel relaxed, then why not try to mimic this set-up.

This minimal idea proves simplicity is elegant. The simple setup will make you feel the charm of the space, free from any clutter you might have experienced before.

8) Spruce Up Your Alfresco Afternoon

Wooden dining table with sets of throw pillows and cushions in the small and sunny deck garden.
Image by: loveproperty.com

If you love to spend your afternoon time outdoors, then why not consider an outdoor couch to ensure you can snuggle as you would in your living room.

Adding cushions with texture is the easiest way to spruce up and add comfort to your garden seating.

Prevent the fabric from fading in the intense sunlight by adding a standing umbrella or from developing mildew when the weather turns damp.

Also, wooden furniture will do the trick to complete the alfresco afternoon when you and your family spend time in the deck garden.

9) The Home Mini-Garden Vibe

Rectangular raised bed garden made of an upcycled pallet full of flowering plants.Image by: homebnc.com

Create an illusion of a bigger garden by combining rectangular and circular pots. Adding a repurposed wooden raised bed garden in matte mint green and colored concrete planters can create the home mini garden vibe you’re looking for.

This deck garden is nothing fancy, but it gives you a warm feeling when spending moments in your small outdoor space.

10) Balcony Deck Hanging Garden

A coffee table, hanging plants up in the ceiling, and planters in the railings all arranged beautifully in a small balcony deck.
Image by: homebnc.com

Narrow space won’t limit garden balconies to look chic and be fabulous. Try to arrange hanging baskets and pots, and this technique will even reserve you a space for chairs and a table.

Doing so will maximize the usefulness of your deck balcony. And by attaching planters to the railings, you can enjoy beautiful flowering plants without sacrificing additional space.

11) Add Cozy Appeal With Unused Space

A small wooden deck full of flowering plants in planters, throw pillows and cushions, rectangular table at the center, and a wooden backdrop.
Image by: decomg.com

Create a cozy gathering spot for friends and family by transforming your deck into a relaxing and restful retreat. Add colorful flowering plants both at the entrance and the side corner framing the seating area.

Arrange some throw pillows of various textures complementing the L- shape seating, the wooden backdrop, and the classy wooden rectangular table.

12) Dream Staycation in Your Garden

 Beach setup with wooden lounger, orange umbrella stand, bright-coloured cushions, and potted plants, surrounding in the small wooden deck garden.
Image by: sunset.com

To mimic the high-end look and cohesive style of this deck garden, upgrade your deck with colorful furnishings, and create a dream vacation space right in your garden.

The sustainable wood decking displays drought-tolerant plants that require minimal effort to maintain.

And to give your small space a more refined and stylish look, accent chairs with brightly colored cushions, and with nautical patterns, or some garden decorations to make your decor pop.

13) The Transitional Garden Deck

Two steps on a hard-edged wooden deck with flowering plants and a white painted iron tea table.
Image by: sunset.com

If your deck space is smaller than normal then including a garden can be challenging, so why not try to replicate this idea which will make for a simple creation that brings out a nice looking result. 

Add some colorful plants which will really bring out the aesthetic vibes for your backyard.

14) Section Off A Private Oasis

Set of rattan furniture with plain white cushions, patterned throw pillows, potted plants and wooden railings to section off a deck garden.Image by: idealhome.co.uk

A deck garden with minuscule space can be dull in a plain landscape. But adding outdoor furniture will not only enhance the curb of your deck, but it will also ensure a comfortable spot to relax.

Include a water-resistant rattan sofa and several bright colored throw pillows with plain comfy cushions complementing the lush greens of surrounding trees.

That way, they won’t look out of place if you’re using decking to section off a private oasis.

15) The Romantic Garden Ambiance

An L-shaped seating, galvanized planters, throw pillows in white and grey, and a concrete fireplace in the small deck garden.
Image by: loveproperty.com

Using neutral tones and elegant textile textures will instantly draw the eye to make a small garden seem spacious.

The well-manicured shrubs in galvanized planters accent the L-shape concrete seating, complementing the rustic and simplistic backdrop.

Adding a concrete fireplace and string of lights can create a romantic ambiance into an otherwise dull garden, particularly at night summer gatherings.

16) Extended Hangout Space

An iron coffee table and potted planters displayed on the small wooden balcony deck.
Image by: sunset.com

This home’s decking level makes the small space appear spacious by connecting with your internal floor. It blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, creating an impression of a larger deck.

The idea above acts as extensions of the living areas, and a perfect outdoor hangout while providing a gradual descent into the garden.

17) Add A Touch Of Zen To Your Deck Garden

Potted bamboo plants in a rectangular wooden garden bed and square-potted flowering tree in the side corner of a balcony deck.
Image by: renoguide.com.au

Keep your deck looking fresh and modern with bamboo plants in a rectangular wooden raised bed as the potted plants add an elegant touch of Zen to your outdoor space.

The contrasting combination of light and dark colors of bamboo and wood creates a spacious impression while adding the calming ambiance to your deck garden.

 18) Eye-Catching Summer Garden Set Up

An upcycled pallet center table, bright colored chairs and throw pillows, rattan egg chair, and potted plants into your small space make this summer deck garden set up.
Image by: bahayofw.com

Everybody loves spending plenty of time on the deck when the weather is beautiful. It is the perfect spot to hangout with friends. But if your garden deck needs to be revamped, then this idea above will help spruce up your outdoor decor.

Yes, a small outdoor space can create a comfortable and dynamic summer garden.

So why not arrange some furniture and make this eye-catching rattan egg chair steal the show by adding it into the space? The bright and vibrant colors around it make the garden stunning.

Final Thoughts On Creating A Beautiful Deck

Creating a deck garden can be fun and fulfilling. But for those of you who live in a small apartment, it is a luxury to consider.

But regardless of how small your space is, these smart and inspiring ideas above can bring back your lifeless outdoors into a colorful and relaxing retreat.

These garden decking options are all functional, fabulous, and inspiring to suit your taste, budget, and lifestyle.

And by adding elements like lovely and decorative pots and brightly colored throw pillows will turn your small deck garden into a comfy place to relax.

Also, try considering some string lights or a fireplace, and some comfortable cushions which will also give your deck a chic look and will add some romantic ambiance to your garden deck. That wraps up this list. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

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