Rubber vs Vinyl Garden Hose – Which One Is Better?

Rubber vs Vinyl Garden Hose

Below, we will be answering a question that is asked quite frequently when looking for the right garden hose. And that is should you either use a rubber or vinyl garden hose? Both depend on specific factors. None the less, a garden hose is a tool that most of you will have or should have in your backyard. With that being said, maybe it’s time to upgrade or get one for the first time and why not make it the best one you can find.

When choosing a garden hose, you want one that is worth your money, but also one that can withstand a beating and will not deteriorate over time. It is almost impossible to watch every move you make with a hose, unless you can somehow manage to move your hose perfectly with all 50 feet of it. With that being said, your garden hose is going to take some abuse over time, so you want one that can stand up to frequent use.

Garden hoses are made up of many different materials, including the two main ones: rubber and vinyl. When deciding between the two, the better choice depends on your budget and specific watering tasks. Some of the best garden hoses are made out of rubber or vinyl material, so we strongly recommend choosing a hose that is constructed with either one.

Enough sweet talk, let’s get to it!

Rubber vs Vinyl Garden Hose – Which One You Should Use

To answer the question right off the bat. A rubber garden hose is the better option but you will be paying more and slugging around more weight. A vinyl garden hose on the other hand is a lot lighter and is less expensive. Both garden hoses come with their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s break each one down for you. But first, if you are new to garden hoses, we recommend watching this short video on what to look for when buying one.

Rubber Garden Hose

- Strong & Durable- Expensive
- Flexible- Heavy
- Will Not Kink or Tangle- Less Convenient
- Long-Lasting
- Will Not Split or Burst
- Can Use Hot & Cold Water
- Very Tough

A rubber garden hose is definitely one of the strongest and most durable types you will find. When brands manufacturer their water hoses with a rubber material, they are going for a strong design that will last you a long time. Often, they will include reinforced polyester or a nylon tire cord which will add to its stability. With that being said, a rubber water hose can take on the toughest of watering tasks like washing your truck or deck.

Another great aspect about the rubber material is that they are far less likely to kink or tangle compared to vinyl. So, you can move around this hose between your backyard furniture and other objects without having to worry about it kinking or tangling. The weight and added latex core will help with this ease of performance. Some of you might ask, but is it still flexible? The answer is yes.

Brands will ensure that they manufacturer their garden hoses to be extremely flexible and bendable, all while still maintaining their durability. The reinforced and retractable mesh helps with this ability. This will also make sure that the hose does not split, crack, or burst while in use. Strength and flexibility are two of the main qualities you must look for when buying a garden hose. And rubber hoses without a doubt excel with these qualities. The Flexzilla Garden Hose is one of the best commercial rubber garden hoses available on the market. If you are really keen on the rubber material, we recommend taking a look.

You can also use rubber for both cold and hot water when needed and they sometimes produce safe drinking water depending on the construction process. The brand will always let you know if the water is safe to drink from. Sounds pretty awesome so far, doesn’t it? Well, it’s almost impossible to find a product without a flaw. On the down side, rubber hoses are less convenient than vinyl hoses. This is because of the weight they carry. With that being said, rubber hoses are more difficult to move around throughout the yard or coil up when you are done with it. More physical effort is needed with a rubber garden hose.

Also, rubber garden hoses will cost you more. They can range anywhere from $25 to $100 depending on hose length and features. But you will get more use and time out of a rubber hose than vinyl, which sometimes makes it the better investment. If you have money to spend and the physical requirement, we recommend a rubber garden hose. If not, then let’s move to the vinyl option.

Vinyl Garden Hose

- Flexible- Not As Durable
- Lightweight- Might Kink or Tangle
- More Convenient- Won't Last As Long
- Cheap- Will Deteriorate Over Time
- Easier to Use
- Good For Less Usage

A vinyl garden hose is another popular manufactured hose by many different brands. As you already know, this type is not as efficient as the rubber. So, why do brands still manufacturer with vinyl? Well, it is cheaper to construct and vinyl hoses come off as quite striking due to their extremely cheap prices. A vinyl hose can cost anywhere from $5 to $40 depending on length and features.

Cheaper vinyl hoses will come without reinforcement which makes them a lot less durable and more susceptible to tangling and kinking. As you already know, vinyl is not as strong as rubber, therefore giving you less longevity with your product. Vinyl hoses are more likely to kink, split, or tangle while in use. With that being said, if you decide to go with a vinyl hose, don’t be alarmed if your hose kinks while you are mid-watering your flowers.

However, the convenience and ease of use does compromise the negative aspects of kinking and tangling a little bit. Because vinyl hoses are lighter and require less physical effort, they are easier to move around. With that being said, you won’t have to do any rough pulls or slugging which helps with kinking and tangling. None the less, rubber hoses are still better for avoiding these annoying aspects.

Also, some vinyl hoses are coated with mesh or foam to prevent kinking from happening, however you are paying as much as a rubber hose when it comes to that point. Overall, if you are budgeting and don’t plan on using your garden hose frequently, then we recommend using a vinyl garden hose. If you know right now that you will be using your garden hose regularly, we strongly recommend going with a rubber hose. But if you don’t want to go through the physical labor of using a rubber hose, you should check out the Water Right Garden Hose. This hose is as strong as a rubber one and even lighter and easier to use than a vinyl. It’s made out of polyurethane resin and is one of the best kink-free hoses out there.

The Rubber-Vinyl Mix

Yes, there is a hose that combines the two materials, making it a hybrid hose. So, if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a rubber hose, but you also can’t sacrifice the strength and durability of a vinyl hose, you should consider the combination of the two.

These types of hoses are lightweight and also very strong due to the tire cord they feature. They are cheaper than rubber hoses but more expensive than a vinyl. With that being said, if you can’t decide between one or the other, then you can always go with the mix of the two. You also don’t have to worry about longevity, as it is a long-lasting hose.

Well there you have it. You now know the differences between the two different types of hoses and should be able to choose one based on your specific tasks. A Rubber or Vinyl Garden Hose is always a tough choice but we recommend picking the correct one that is suitable for your needs. If you have any questions, please leave our team a comment below.

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