43 Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

This rooftop garden features comfortable seating with cushions and throw pillows. It has a circular fireplace at the centre and flowering plants just below the safety barrier.

If you have the perfect spot for a rooftop garden then this DIY rooftop garden list is definitely for you.

All 43 rooftop garden ideas are easy to create with the right plants and furniture.

You can scroll through this list to see what might work best for your rooftop garden.

So, let’s get to it!

43 Rooftop Garden Ideas You Must Try

1) Enjoy Chic And Cozy Gatherings

The rooftop garden features comfortable furnishing with blue-green patterned cushions, white ceramic pots, and lush vegetation backdropImage by: onekindesign.com

A roof garden designed for entertainment is not complete without sofas and cushions.

The concept of this roof garden features comfortable furnishings with patterned cushions and lush vegetations.

Furnishings like this play a significant role in creating an outdoor oasis. It highlights the charm and beauty of your roof garden’s environment.

Replicating this idea can make your gatherings cozy and chic while enjoying the outdoor garden.

2) Feel the Luxury of Rooftop Dining

The garden features dining furniture with plates and drinking glasses on the top, wooden bench, and sideyard spaces that are full of lush vegetations.

Rooftop dining is now increasingly popular and became a trend in the most prominent and wealthy cities. But you don’t need to go to an expensive restaurant to enjoy the feeling of elegance, you can just create it yourself.

Consider adding furniture that fits the theme of your rooftop garden and make it the fancy place for occasional dining and a spot to entertain friends on summer nights.

3) Pop the Colors at Your Rooftop

The garden features colourful potted plants and chairs with a wooden backdrop.

If you have space and love a roof terrace but have a tight budget, why not try to mimic this idea? The colorful container pots and furniture make the rooftop visually appealing. It’s not the most elegant but if you’re looking for something colorful, cheap, and kid friendly then this is a fun idea.

Try adding some accents like lanterns and objects that best compliment the theme you want your garden to be and gradually turn it into a luxurious haven.

4) The Crazy Rooftop

The garden display safety fences, two big square umbrellas, chairs and sideyard verdant plants.

The rooftop garden serves a lot of purposes. While some created them for decorative enhancement and a spot of relaxation, others used the roof to provide homegrown produce.

Whatever purpose you have in mind, consider essential factors before the implementation. This is just a beautiful image of a rooftop garden but as you can see, growing produce is a great idea for a rooftop garden alongside its beauty.

5) Sleek and Elegant Rooftop Garden

The roof garden features wooden pergola with vines, wooden raised beds filled with plants and long
Image by: architecturaldigest.com

Maximizing your rooftop space with a simple, linear layout with contemporary materials that complement patterns and colors in the surrounding landscape can make your garden design sleek and elegant.

6) Classy Evening Ambiance

The garden features a wooden pergola, L-shaped seating with leather in grey cushions, wooden raised bed with flowering plants, two potted trees and dining furniture.
Image by: loveyourlandscape.org

Almost everyone loves to experience and enjoy the luxury of dining on a rooftop garden.

To replicate this idea you should install outdoor lights to illuminate the seating areas, which will create a romantic evening ambiance.

And that’s not all, hanging innovative strands of lighting can make your dining experience elegant and unforgettable.

7) Make The Roof Garden Your Pride

The rooftop display bench with yellow and white patterned throw pillows, wood decking, topiary, lush plants and city-wide ocean view.
Image by: balconygardenweb.com

Most roof gardens have designs to suit the different needs of the users. However, one of the primary purposes of almost all roof garden owners is to turn this available space into an area perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

The best part of a rooftop garden like this is that it always conveys beautiful scenery and is an ideal spot to relax.

8) Low-Cost Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden features wood flooring that is full of plants in plastic colourful buckets and basins with trellises. Planters have yellow wooden buffer to protect the roofing materials.
Image by:bbg.org

If you dream of having a rooftop backyard but are doubtful because of your budget then this idea is for you. With a bit of creativity and persistence, you can have your beautiful and productive space garden.

Using rooftop spaces like this is suitable for budget-conscious gardeners. You can always repurpose unused things as your planters and trellises.

You can also try plastic buckets and recycling bins with holes drilled at the bottoms for drainage or heavy-duty plastic shopping bags.

However, no matter what type of plants and planters you are considering, always include rubber mats, decking, or some buffer you can place beneath your container pots to help protect your roofing materials.

9) Spruce Up Your Garden With Lighting

The roof garden has tall grass in freestyle arrangement, wooden benches with purple throw pillows each and crafty lightings.
Image by: houseandgarden.co.uk

Lights are one of the most common additions to providing a warm atmosphere to your rooftop garden.

Even the most simplistic string lights can instantly bring magic to your roof garden. But if you have a budget and still want to impress, choose the crafty and contemporary lighting designs.

Lanterns can also provide a refreshing, dimly lit atmosphere, making the place look more elegant and homey.

10) Connect Your Soul With Nature

 The garden has four white hanging lanterns from the wooden pergola with the classic backdrop. It has colourful flowering plants and wooden loungers and L-shaped seating that has purple cushions with raised beds on both ends.
Image by: dexorate.com

Adding a garden will not only make your rooftop attractive, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Also, it helps connect your soul with nature, especially if you live in places where having a place to relax has become a luxury, just like in crowded cities.

Entertaining guests in this relaxing spot will surely inspire them to use their own spaces too.

11) Feel the Vibes of a Contemporary Roof Garden

The rooftop garden has a wooden pergola with classic lightings. It has dining furniture and wooden raised beds filled with verdant plants.
Image by: decoratorist.com

Maximizing your rooftop space with a simple layout, with contemporary wooden pergolas that complement patterns and colors in the surrounding landscape can make the look of your garden tidy and elegant.

Make your rooftop dining stress free and memorable with the warm vibes of this innovative garden.

12) Refreshing Aerial View

 An aerial view of the roof garden with dining furniture at the center, three woodblocks and a lampstand painted in white positioned near the surrounding plants.

Roof gardens are not for decorative enhancement only. Some garden designs are to help control environmental temperature and others to enjoy homegrown produce.

The pleasure a roof garden provides is, without a doubt, immeasurable. Both beauty and benefits draw humans to create one every time roof space is available.

13) The Roof Garden Fairy

The rooftop garden has a fairy theme landscape with moss as the primary vegetation. It also has a coffee table and a well-arranged stone bed with flowering plants.

A rooftop garden is one place where you can showcase your creativity, and without a doubt, enjoy fresh air if developed precisely.

This roof garden fairy idea can give you a more exciting opportunity to encourage your children’s imaginative skills.

It will serve as their magical playground and make their fantasy bring happiness in their everyday play.

14) The BBQ Rooftop Party

The roof garden features a well structured fireplace with logs and a couple of seatings with patterned athrow pillowsand glass table at the center.

Barbecue parties on a rooftop are quite amazing.

Summer and rooftop gardens are two things that will really entice a nice BBQ get together. So, why not add a barbecue to your rooftop garden.

15) Zesty Roof Garden Theme

The garden has an overhead structure with bamboo roll, sideyard wooden seatings, freestyle vegetation and two loungers in lime green.
Image by: gardendesign.com

This garden shows how well-chosen furnishing in lime green adds zest to the open air space.

The overhead structure of bamboo roll creates shades and the lush foliage filling the atmosphere with natural scents, which makes your relaxation time comfortable and refreshing.

The garden features loungers that would be great for relaxing couples, while the surrounding vegetation creates a fresher look of the rooftop oasis.

16) Feel The Beach-like Vibes

The roof garden features ocean blue tiles, tropical potted plants, simple rectangular seating with three throw pillows, and an oval ceramic center table.
Image by: elledecor.com

This tropic-inspired rooftop garden displays a magnificent ocean blue floor complemented with the captivating charm of palm leaf pillows blended elegantly to create a perfect private sanctuary.

To mimic this idea, you’ll enjoy a beach-like atmosphere with lush scenery and bright sunshine, making your garden an exceptional place to spend your weekend.

17) Have A Drinking Night With The Skyline

The rooftop display raised beds with installed lightings illuminating the plants and city-wide panoramic view.
Image by: ldc4istanbul.org

Turning available rooftop space into an area of relaxation is now the trend in most big cities, particularly if you love to host parties and hang out with friends.

You can decorate it to your tastes. You can try adding loungers, sofas, cushions, fluffy rugs, and dining tables. Hanging chairs or hammocks is also an impressive addition.

With the idea above, going to a downtown bar isn’t necessary to enjoy a cold drink with friends. It will taste no better than this place while enjoying panoramic views and a cool evening breeze in the summer.

18) Enjoy Fragrance Lush Greens

The contrasting colour of the orange table, green potted plants, and black stainless steel make the rooftop garden visually appealing.
Image by: homedesignlover.com

Transforming your rooftop into a lush garden is one way to express your fascination with nature. Organizing pots and plants of your choice can make them appealing.

This contemporary roof garden is meant for relaxation and entertainment as you enjoy the fragrant smell of your greens, particularly in the evening.

19) The Comfy Rooftop

The comfortable L-shaped seating with plain grey cushions along with the tree in the corner and tall grass backdrop, terracotta potted plants and wooden center table, make the overall look of the garden dynamic and fresh.
Image by: onekindesign.com

By selecting furnishings carefully that fit the space and can serve multiple purposes is one key to maximize the potential of your roof garden.

The idea above features vegetations as a backdrop, adding freshness to the atmosphere and a comfortable L shaped seating with attractive plain cushions ready to welcome guests.

To copy this idea, provide comfortable seating for your guests, and if you are skilled in tailoring, you can create personalized cozy spaces using cushions and blankets.

 20) Tropics-Inspired Garden

The neat and tidy furnishing with cozy cushions and navy blue throw pillows complement well with small topiaries on the corner side of the garden
Image by: luxdeco.com

The key to a tidy and fresh looking roof garden is to select materials and accessories that fit and complement each other.

The concept above showcases an outdoor furnishing resistant to varying temperatures. It also features slender and small topiary and house planters that require smaller footprints.

The mirrors on the wall create an illusion of a bigger space and help reflect light, particularly at night.

To mimic this idea and use the full potential of your roof garden, you can opt to a vertical arrangement and work your way up, instead of out.

21) Perfect Hideaway In The Heart Of The City

The roof garden displays wooden raised beds with lightings illuminating the aromatic lavender and two palm trees. It also features contemporary dining furniture.
Image by: mylandscapes.co.uk

The concept of this rooftop garden offers a panoramic view and the pleasure of alfresco dining. It features dining tables, chairs, and lush vegetation adding freshness to the evening atmosphere.

It makes a perfect spot to watch the sunset or stargaze at night. And a place you want to go to seek refuge from a tiring day.

Aside from its decorative benefits, it provides you with a perfect getaway from the heart of the city.

Also, the crafty lighting that illuminates the garden displays unwavering versatility and intimacy, creating a warm atmosphere you will surely love.

22) Multi-function Roof Garden For Condo Dwellers

The two-tier wood decking at the rooftop of this high -rise condo features a garden in its top tier, comfortable seating with grey cushions and dark blue neck roll pillows on the second tier.
Image by: dezeen.com

The concept of this garden is to allow condo dwellers to enjoy the benefits and elegance of the rooftop garden within the building.

The roof deck is economical and functional, providing convenience to guests in their visits.

It also serves as an extension of your home where you can hang out with your family and friends during the summer nights.

23) The Charm Of Green Plants and Wood Decking

The rooftop garden displays a U-shaped wooden seating that also serves as built-in planters with flowering plants. It has a center table with two small chairs on both sides.
Image by: homedesignlover.com

Adding a roof garden like this at your home can be your favorite place to go to every time you need some relaxation.

It provides an outdoor panoramic view and a perfect place where you and your family can relax. The structure highlights the charm of green plants and wooden seating that also serves as built-in planters.

24) Well Structured Roof Garden

This roof garden features off white and light grey furnishings that complement well with potted topiaries and trees in the four corners of the roof space.
Image by: jmgardendesign.co.uk

The concept of this garden exhibits how the contemporary wood tiles and off white furnishing complements well with green topiaries and dwarf trees.

The comfortable seating displays a clean and tidy look, and with only a few modern touches, it makes an exceptional place to enjoy.

25) Grow Vegetables In Containers

The roof garden features productive tomatoes and peppers in plastic containers and vertical PVC planters. It also has a coffee table with colourful cups and saucer along with throw pillows.
Image by: balconygardenweb.com

Besides the decorative benefits, using roof spaces as vegetable gardens may provide your family homegrown produce.

It will also help control the house temperature, enhance your building structure, and generate ecological benefits.

With these benefits in mind, you can start growing vegetables in containers gradually. Then moderately increase more varieties as you gain more experience. This way, you can grow a surprising amount of healthy and nutritious food like tomatoes for your kitchen.

 26) Be Refreshed with Aromatic Lavender

The rooftop garden has safety stainless railings, aromatic plants and succulents, and a sideyard bench.
Image by: medium.com

Connecting with nature is the primary concept of this roof garden. Flowering plants, aromatic lavender trees, and vegetables make the garden productive and visually appealing.

The attractive side yard bench blends with the landscape and provides a comfortable resting spot. It also allows one to relax from a tiring day or read your favorite book as you feel the serene atmosphere of the day.

27) The Organic Vegetable Roof Garden

This rooftop garden is full of wooden raised beds with various vegetables and trellises.
Image by: myrooff.com

Roof gardening is now popular because of its various gardening advantages. And if you love growing vegetables, why not try this idea? You can either grow food for your family or run a small family business, as most people now prefer organic food.

The concept of this garden is not that difficult to construct. However, it needs a realistic approach and requires you to ensure the architectural structure is safe before getting started.

Design is the most significant factor in making a roof garden. And to replicate the idea above, consider the weight of soil, plants, planters, structure, and people. Besides, a stairway is necessary to access the roof and drainage that requires careful planning.

28) The Beautiful Skyline Backdrop

This roof garden has contemporary lighting under the two-tier wood decking and crafty lighting illuminating the trees in raised beds, accentuating the skyline backdrop.
Image by: architectureartdesigns.com

Urban dwellers find their rooftop space as an ideal spot for social gatherings. This idea showcases the stunning garden furnished with lush greens, modern lighting, and garden decking to create a fabulous escape.

It highlights the city skyline as a beautiful backdrop, beating an expensive bar you might crave when a Friday night comes.

29) Japanese-Inspired Roof Garden

This Japanese-inspired roof garden features a tubular ceramic pot standing on the stone bed and walled garden with comfortable rectangular seating full of brown and red throw pillows.
Image by: ofdesign.net

Be inspired with this Japanese-inspired roof garden. The garden makes a perfect haven to relax, promoting positive energy with its cool earth tones and serene atmosphere that complements each other.

The garden’s minimal design creates a pleasing environment and highlights the charm of simplicity with elegance.

30) Rooftop Zen Garden

This rooftop zen garden features stone, gravels, concrete path, and surrounding plants with green mountain and blue sky that serve as the backdrop.
Image by: worldlandscapearchitect.com

This rooftop zen garden highlights quiet space, inspiring peace, and respect for nature.

With furnishings, this concept delivers excellent functionality to every guest.

Its panoramic view and cool breeze will allow you to experience and enjoy the beauty of nature as you relax.

31) Contemporary Minimalist Roof Garden

This rooftop garden displays wood decking and wooden planters filled with lush and flowering plants, accented with innovative bamboo roll backdrop.
Image by: architecturein.com

Contemporary houses require roof garden designs that are modern too, and this concept is one of the best.

It features sleek and polished materials, offering a minimalist atmosphere with its organized yet inviting alfresco space.

32) The Lavish Roof Garden

The roof garden showcases a contemporary L shaped seating with yellow cushions, shrubs, fireplace, deck border lighting, and panoramic view display undeniable luxury, particularly at night.
Image by: onekindesign.com

The concept of this cozy roof garden exhibits refined yet sexy lavishness. The contemporary L shaped seating with yellow cushions highlights the style and comfort of the garden.

The shrubs, fireplace, deck border lighting, and panoramic view display undeniable luxury, particularly at night.

Every component complements the entire landscape, making the place an ideal getaway to hang out with friends.

33) The Romantic Getaway

The garden features dining furniture, crafty lightings illuminating the plants, and L-shaped wooden seating accented with a throw pillow.
Image by: architecturein.com

This contemporary roof garden exhibits a dreamy and romantic atmosphere at night.

It can be a perfect place for a sizzling barbeque with your friend or a pleasant getaway where you can relax and have some fun.

34) English Garden Inspired Rooftop

This roof garden features wooden dining furniture and full of blooming roses in various shades.
Image by: gardeningsoul.com

Limited roof space should not discourage you from creating a beautiful garden filled with fragrant roses like an English garden.

To replicate this idea, you can maximize the space by growing lots of roses and enjoy its delicate softness and sensual fragrance.

Roses are versatile and can enhance your limited space beautifully. Adding some dining furniture to your garden will allow you and the entire family to enjoy a nice dinner and fragrant breeze from surrounding roses, particularly on summer nights.

35) The Social Status Rooftop Garden

The spacious roof garden features sculptured potted topiaries, wood deck and a few sets of egg-inspired white chairs and tables.
Image by: deavita.net

Rooftop gardens are now a trend in most prominent and wealthy cities and are viewed as the symbol of the owner’s social status.

The concept of this roof garden defines the edge of contemporary design and how it adds curb to the overall value of the property.

36) Sophisticated Barbeque Garden

This rooftop garden features comfortable seatings with cream fabric cushions and a stainless steel BBQ grill. It has sideyard wooden raised beds filled with greens and hanging plants with white blooms.
Image by: elledecor.com

Nothing beats like dining alfresco in your cozy roof garden. Access to the rooftop venue can make you excited to hang out with friends, particularly on the starry summer nights.

Grilling out sizzling steak, hot dogs, and drinking cold beers can turn your tiresome Friday into a stunning weekend.

Adding pieces for comfortable seating that can highlight the environment of your roof garden will not only bring style and comfort to the guests but also creating a cozy atmosphere, making the overall look of your garden refined.

37) Rooftop Vertical Gardening With Hydroponic System

The spacious roof garden showcases 22 sets of the vertical hydroponic garden using PVC planters to doll up the wall. Image by: agritecture.com

Restaurant owners, housing complexes, and even supermarkets are now starting to utilize their unused roof spaces and benefit from a rooftop garden.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider when opting for rooftop gardening. Know your building structure before getting started. It has to be structurally sound to sustain the weight when soil and other materials are delivered up there.

Soil is heavy, which is why most rooftop gardeners grow plants vertically to conserve space and prefer to use hydroponic systems like the one above.

Growing hydroponics plants vertically also adds style to your roof garden and enhances your rooftop’s overall look aesthetically.

38) Chill With Jungle-like Privacy

This roof garden features several trees as a screen and looks like a tropical jungle with its lush foliage. It has a chair, table with an ashtray on the top and few ceramic pots near to the potted plants.
Image by: kinkybluefairy.net

This roof garden is to implement some privacy by screening the space border with greenery. The garden is designed to look like a tropical jungle with its lush foliage.

It will provide you with an atmosphere like you are sunbathing in the rainforest, rather than resting in the concrete spaces in the city.

39) Cozy Ocean View

The rooftop garden features DIY budget-friendly woodblock seatings with a perfect ocean view. It has plants, stones and wood flooring, making the area look tidy and clean.
Image by: modernhomedecor.eu

The concept of this contemporary rooftop garden is to create a small private haven where the owners can relax.

This garden features DIY budget-friendly woodblock seating. They look simple yet stylish, which complement the environment of the entire outdoor area. It also conveys an impressive breezy minimalist design with a perfect ocean view.

The color combination and natural components like wood, stone, and flowering plants make the area look tidy and clean. Its design boosts the charm and beauty of the surrounding nature.

40) Enjoy A Picnic At Night With Your Family

This roof garden features plants, a few wooden raised beds and dining furniture.
Image by: owntheyard.com

With a bit of planning and designing, a roof garden can look spacious and expanded.

Consider adding a wooden picnic table to your garden next to raised beds filled with growing herbs and vegetables.

Constructing and arranging raised beds properly, and the right choice of plants will allow you to relax with a fresh atmosphere, have barbeques with your family while enjoying the exceptional panoramic view at night, without leaving your home.

41) Grow Food In Raised Beds

The rooftop garden features rectangular and square shape wooden raised beds with growing vegetables.
Image by: homemila.com

Rooftop gardens are best for those who love gardening but do not have a space for a garden. It also offers an impressive panoramic view not only for the owners, but along with the neighborhood as well.

If the purpose you have in mind is to grow food such as vegetables and herbs, you can try growing in raised beds. It adds style and boosts the aesthetic look of your garden.

But there’s a catch. You need to consider the capacity of your building structure to ensure it can sustain the weight to make it successful without harming your building.

Turning your space into a beautiful and relaxing haven has no limit. It all depends on your budget and some careful planning, so don’t be afraid to use your space.

42) Make Your Cozy Dream Come True

The dune-inspired innovative seating with comfortable cushion and throw pillows is the focal point of this roof garden. It has flowering plants on the circular center space and potted grass next to it.
Image by: snapshotlite.com

Most roof gardens are meant for either entertainment or relaxation. And you deserve a cozy furnishing like this as you let your stresses fly away.

Whether you’re hanging out with friends or want to snuggle up by yourself, an innovative seating like this can make your dreams of a cozy and comfortable place come true.

All you need to do is add some throw pillows and soft cushions, and you’ll be good to go.

43) The Private Haven

This rooftop garden features dining furniture, stainless steel BBQ grill, and angular hardwood decking.
Image by: mylandscapes.co.uk

The concept of this garden is to have a relaxing getaway. The private roof garden features a dining table and chairs along with the stainless grill that will entice you to hang out with your friends.

Its cozy structure with angular hardwood decking, buff sandstone pavers makes the roof garden outstanding. The natural lushly layered foliage boosts the garden’s overall look aesthetically.

That’s A Rooftop Wrap!

Well I hope you enjoyed this amazing list of the most create DIY rooftop garden ideas. Now, it’s time for you to get creative! Please let me know if I missed any beautiful rooftop styles that I could add to this list by leaving me a comment below. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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