Makita Cordless String Trimmer Review

Trimming weeds with Makita cordless string trimmer.

The Makita Cordless String Trimmer is one of the most reliable, well-designed, and easy-to-use trimmers.

This innovative trimmer has superior performance, great versatility, and is easy to maneuver, especially in tight places.

Below, we have a complete review on the Makita Trimmer that includes each innovative feature and how it works as well as the pros and cons of this tool. So, let’s get to it!

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Makita
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5.16 x 19.13 x 13.27 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.
    • Includes a feed trimmer head with a metal-reinforced bump knob. 
    • 7,800 RPM Makita-motor trimmer.
    • Superior performance. 
    • Lightweight with ergonomic design.
    • Compact size for precise edging.
    • Adjustable telescopic shaft up to 48-1/2″ to 56-½ for convenient operation.
    • Long battery life.
    • Adjustable 5-position, 180º rotating head for ideal angle adjustment when trimming hard-to-reach places.
    • 3-year limited warranty.

Makita was the first company to introduce 18V Lithium-Ion cordless tools and is one of the leading cordless OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) manufacturer companies in the marketplace today.

Known to be one of the best cordless string trimmers, XRU02Z 18V LXT will surely impress you with its powerful and impressive functionalities. Let’s break them down!

LTX Lithium-ion Battery

18V Makita LTX Lithium-ion Battery

Experience a new level of convenience, efficiency, and productivity with the Makita LTX Lithium-ion battery.

The battery can deliver constant power and extended runtime in extreme temperatures like (-4°F/ -20°C) during the winter.

This innovative 18V battery is the World’s best 18V cordless tool line-up that provides users with unmatchable performance and surpasses the industry’s standard battery system.

This high-amp hour battery exceeded corded string trimmer superior performance, providing you with the most advanced, durable, and trustworthy 18V products on the market today.

Star Protection Computer Controls

Makita Star protection Computer Control

The Makita cordless string trimmer is engineered for the toughest trimming and clearing projects around your yard and ensures added protection when performing the most demanding jobs.

For improved tool performance and battery life, the XRU02Z features a Star Protection Computer Controls technology that monitors conditions while the trimmer is in use.

Makita battery-life indicator.

This innovative trimmer has a battery-life indicator to help protect the battery and the STAR-equipped tool by providing real-time data during use.

It automatically stops when STAR detects conditions that endanger the weed eater because of overloading, over-discharging, or overheating.

Charges 3X Faster

Makita's rapid optimum charger.

The rapid optimum charger for the trimmer charges the battery 3X faster and helps make the battery life longer.  It has a built-in lock-off lever for user safety while the trimmer is charging.

The built-in fan allows air to circulate through the battery to help control the current, voltage, and temperature during the charging process.

It charges an 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery quick with 5.0Ah for 45-minutes only, while the 4.0Ah takes 40-minutes, 3.0Ah for 30-minutes, and 2.0Ah for 25-minutes of charging time. Unfortunately, the battery is not included which is a inconvenience. However, it is quite easy to add the battery to your package when looking online.

If you do want a trimmer that includes the battery and is a tad lighter than the Makita trimmer, then check out the Black & Decker String Trimmer which is also a trimmer and edger in one which makes for a great and convenient tool.

Bump & Feed Trimmer Head

String trimmer head and spool in hand.

The spool is made out of a metal-reinforced bump knob which gives it extended life and is reliable and feeds easily.

It has a compact design that features an instant feed spool system that works well with the easy-click trimmer head installation.


Tilting Head Rotator (180º)

Makita string trimmer rotating head.This high-quality trimmer can be rotated 180-degrees and can be tilted into five different positions, making it easy to find the perfect angle which allows for cutting weeds to be completed a lot easier.


LTX Brushless Motor

Makita's 7800 RPM LTX Brushless Motor.

The 7800 RPM powerful motor helps get your job done quickly. This brushless motor provides up to 50% more motor life by eliminating carbon brushes.

This impressive functionality helps the string trimmer motor to run cooler and more efficiently, resulting in longer battery life.

Telescopic Shaft

Trimming weeds with a cordless string trimmer under the bench.

The telescopic shaft is adjustable, and you can set the appropriate length to fit your height.

This impressive feature provides comfort while you trim and gets your clearing project done with an optimum pose.


Convert Trimmer To Edger Easily

Makita's easy to convert trimmer to edger.

One of the most important features of a cordless string trimmer you should consider when buying is if it allows for a simple transition from trimmer to edger. This helps you save time and energy from switching from one tool to another, giving you the best value for your money. The Worx String Trimmer is another great trimmer & edger in one but comes with a few less features but is quite cheaper.

Fast trimming capacityBattery pack and charger sold separately
80-degree rotating heads
Easily converts from trimmer to edger
Adjustable loop handles to fit any size
Easy feed and attached spool system
Compact design for precise and polished edging
STAR protection controls against overloading & overheating
Built-in-lock-off lever for additional safety
Includes battery life indicator

Final Thoughts On The Makita Cordless String Trimmer Review

This Makita XRU02Z cordless string trimmer as you know belongs to the Makita 18V Lithium-Ion series–powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery with the capacity to run up to 45 minutes of trimming operation on a single charge.

It has an extendable telescopic shaft and a 180-degree rotating head with five adjustable positions to provide a more comfortable angle while trimming.

You’ll be impressed with its 7800 RPM powerful motor that helps get your trimming done in no time. It easily cuts overgrown and tougher weeds that other trimmers struggle to trim.

The ratcheted handle provides additional comfort, and the cutting diameter of 10.025 inches allows for a single swipe, giving you a polished and clean vicinity without exerting much energy.

Another impressive feature is the battery life indicator that switches on to show the data while the trimmer is in use. It automatically stops when the protecting STAR mechanism detects danger either to the battery or to the weed eater.

The rapid optimum charger allows for the battery to be fully charged quickly, and the bump knob also works quite well.

But of course if you want to take a look at some other options, then check out the best 8 cordless weed trimmers on the market today.

Overall, the Makita XRU02Z features the best of the best functionalities to provide you with all the important features you need in a cordless string trimmer.

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