How To Unclog A Soaker Hose

Below we are going to show you exactly how to unclog a soaker hose through specific steps. Soaker hoses are truly perfect for watering your garden. They are one of the most convenient tools for gardening but sometimes all good things come to an end. Well, maybe that’s what you think.

Yes, soaker hoses are convenient but they are also very frustrating when they need to be fixed, repaired, and even unclogged. The good news is that repairing a soaker hose is more complicated than unclogging one but regardless, both operations are fairly easy.

With that being said, we would hate to see you waste away your money on buying a new hose just because you can’t unclog it or you simply don’t know what’s wrong with it. Odds are it can be fixed so let’s get to it!

What To Do When Your Soaker Hose is Clogged

Unclogging a soaker hose can be both fixed and prevented by using a few tricks. If you follow the below steps perfectly, you won’t ever have to learn how to fix up your soaker hose again.

Step 1 – Identify The Problem

Before you start digging into your tool kit or taking a guess at what the problem is, you want to make sure of it first. Double check the faucet and ensure that you don’t have a leaky hose or a damaged hose end.

If the water runs smoothly throughout your soaker hose but it just has a tough time seeping out of the holes, then you know you have a clogged hose.

Step 2 – Remove The Debris

Remove the end cap from the end of your soaker hose so that water is able to flow all the way out. Turn your water on and let it run for a good 10 minutes to wash away any debris.

Your soaker hose is going to be dirty from your soil and mulch so it is important that it gets rinsed out first before you unclog it.

Step 3 – Examine Your Hose

Turn off the water spigot and put the end cap back on. Now that you have it rinsed, you can focus your attention on unclogging it.

Next, turn the water back on and start at one end of the hose and examine for any clogged holes. While you walk the length of the hose, clear any debris with a sewing pin or some sort of thin sharp object. A tack or a bent stapler could work if you don’t have a sewing pin.

It is very important that you do this carefully. You don’t want to be poking other holes in your soaker hose while you are trying to fix it.

Step 4 – Test It Out

After you have unclogged all the holes that you could find, check to see if the problem is resolved. If you still notice that your soaker hose is clogged and it still isn’t performing the way it should, then that most likely means you have a deeper clog.

This could be something that is stuck to the inside of your hose that water is not powerful enough to clean or wash out. In that case, you need to use a specific solution.

*Skip Step 5 If Step 4 Worked*

Step 5 – A Proper Solution

Over time soaker hoses can be clogged with soil and calcium from the water which needs to be soaked out with a specific solution.

You want to disconnect your hose and soak it with vinegar and mild soap which will help to open up the holes and keep them open. We recommend doing this once a year at least which will improve the condition of your soaker hose over time.

If neither of the solutions worked above, then we recommend taking your hose to your local hardware store for extra assistance. If they can’t fix the problem then it might be time for a new soaker hose. If your soaker hose isn’t too old and is in good shape then you should be just fine by using the above solutions.

fixing a soaker hose

4 Ways To Help Prevent Your Soaker Hose From Clogging

  • Disconnect your hose from the faucet when you are done using it. Then place an end cap on both sides of the hose which will prevent any extra dirt or insects from getting into the hose.
  • Never bury your hose in soil. Soil will only continue to clog your soaker hose even more and it does not protect the hose as much from sunlight. Instead, use mulch which will protect the hose from UV rays.
  • Do annual checkups. If your hose doesn’t seem clogged, still give it a good rinse so you can clean it out the right way. This will help prevent any dirt from building up inside.
  • Lay your soaker hose the correct way. Not knowing how to properly use a soaker hose will only lead to more damage and more clogs.

Well there you go! You should now know how to unclog your soaker hose the right way. If you have any follow up questions, please leave us a comment below.

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