How To Edge A Lawn With An Electric Edger

A shovel being used as an edger.

When I just started gardening, I had no idea that grass was going to be a big problem for me. At first, like many other people, I underestimated that grass will not grow to a point that it will reach my garden, which resulted badly.  Basically, it did not take long for the grass to take over a quarter of my garden. I was very lucky to discover it earlier because if I didn’t, my plants’ soil would have been taken over by grass.

Chances are, you are encountering the same issue as well since you’re here! If you haven’t, then I strongly recommend you to keep on reading to prevent these mistakes from happening.

It has been proven that edging is an effective way to keep the grass from entering your garden. This is the main reason why I decided to learn it and try it out as well. Not long after that, I was finally able to solve my grass problems, which is why I would love to share with you my knowledge and methods on how to edge a lawn correctly because it can be a difficult task to do if you have little to no knowledge about edging.

How To Correctly Use A Lawn Edger

1) Wear Protective Gear

First and foremost, I highly recommend wearing the proper safety attire before you start working with your soil or lawn. This will keep you protected as you do your task. Wearing protective gear involves a pair of gloves, pants, and steel toe boots. Wearing these will prevent the edger from cutting you if you were to encounter an accident.

If the edger that you are using is gas-powered and loud, it is better to wear earplugs or sound-blocking earmuffs to block the sound that is coming from the edger. This is to prevent you from getting hearing damage.

Lastly, do not forget to wear a pair of protective eyewear or goggles as well to keep your eyes safe from any flying debris that is coming from the edger. You can easily find all this safety gear at a hardware store near by.

A gardener wearing protective gear while edging.
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2) Use The Right Type Of Edger

One of the crucial parts of how to edge a lawn is choosing what type of edger you should get. For starters, you should pick one that is suitable for the size of your garden or lawn. Nowadays, a lot of gardeners prefer electric edgers because of their lightweight and the absence of cords. Meaning, this type of edger does not need to be plugged into an outlet.

Some edgers are also powered with a rechargeable battery. So, when it comes to what type you should get, consider those elements.

For instance, although gas-powered stick edgers are powerful, they are known for being much heavier and louder than electric edgers. But they do a better job in lawns that are filled with grass. This type of edger usually comes with 2 or more motors that run cleaner than smaller engines. However, they are usually heavier and more expensive.

In terms of small lawns, you can use a manual blade edger for this. Manual blade edges usually have a wood or metal pole that is somewhat circular at its edge. This type of edger is also great for working with garden-raised beds since they are handy edgers.

3) Mow The Lawn First

Before you proceed with trimming the edges, I suggest you mow your lawn first before you start cleaning the edges because this method will save you a ton of time and effort! If you do the opposite, this will only make things more difficult since it could shape the edges longer or shorter than the size of what it is supposed to be, making it look like a mess.

4) Proper Strategy

Manual Edger

When it comes to how you should position the garden tool, align the tool right against the cement to achieve the recommended distance of 1 inch off of the lawn you are edging around. Make sure you keep it that way all throughout the process to not veer away from the course you are making. Markings can definitely help you in this situation, so do make some!

If you are using a manual edger, you need to press down the blade with your food in order to push the blade down into the soil. Moreover, holding the stick firmly should be consistent as well to not lose control over it. In terms of how you should pull it out, remove the blade gently off of the soil to not ruin the soil’s structure.

Afterwards, move the blade a few inches from where you were from and then make another incision. Do those, and repeat it.

Electric Edger

Electric edgers require less work since they are conveniently designed that way. All you have to do is turn on the engine and walk slowly in the direction you want to edge. As you walk, the tool will slowly cut into the soil or ground. Again, markings would be very useful to not lose track of your path and that is basically it!

5) Cutting Consistency

In terms of how deep you should cut your soil, I recommend cutting in about 2 inches since this depth is easy to maintain. This is the reason why it is considered a good rule of thumb. This depth will control the spread of the roots of the grass. However, this is not deep enough for them to be visible and disrupt the appearance of the lawn.

Some edgers have a knob or switch that is for changing the depth of the blade cuts, which is very convenient if you prefer different cuts.

6) Remove Grass

Now that you have done the cuts to the soil, you can then proceed with removing the grass to see if you have edged straight. I suggest that you do this every time you have reached a few feet to maintain a good path while still working. The line is visible, double-check if the line is straight or not diverged.

A man using an edging tool on the path way.
Image From: Home Stratosphere

7) Finishing Touches

After all of the cuttings and removing the grass, I strongly recommend you trim back the grass on the edges with the use of gardening shears. This allows you to clean up any excess or long grass that was not removed. Like how you edged, go back to where you started first, and go along the way to where you finished to see any tall grass that is still peeking.

Final Thoughts On Edging Your Lawn

Now that you know how to edge a lawn, it is vital that you must be consistent in doing this every once in a while since grass can easily grow back and reach your garden. I highly recommend investing in a high-quality electric edger for superior performance and convenience. But this does not mean manual edgers are not worth considering since manual edgers can give better control.

As mentioned, you must choose the right type of edger first instead of randomly choosing one because impulsive buying has a chance of resulting in incompatibility between the edger and your lawn.

If you have any tips or other methods about how to edge a lawn, feel free to share them in the comment section below! If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to write them down as well.

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