5 Ways To Boost Plant Growth With Soil

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For people who have little to almost no knowledge about gardening, soil might be just as good as dirt but in reality, this assumption is far from the truth. In fact, dirt can be harmful to the plants which is the total opposite of the effects of soil. Soil is not only beneficial to plants, but also to human nutrition and water filtration as well.

Healthy soil is also the reason why some lands are resistant to natural calamities like earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc. Moreover, the soil on the surface of the Earth regulates the Earth’s climate and stores more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined.

This is the reason why I decided to focus on improving my soil to boost my plant’s growth. I started with a lot of research and several experiments until I finally came up with 5 ways to boost plant growth with soil that I would love to share with you.

5 Ways On How To Boost Plant Growth

Since soil is also considered the stronghold of the roots, it is vital that you pay attention to the maintenance of your soil in order to keep your plants and their roots healthy. This means that no matter how consistent you are in watering your plants, your plants could still encounter problems if their soil is not properly maintained.

For more details on how to take care of soil, check out the following articles below:

Plants with Different Growth Levels
Image From: Clearway Community Scholar

1) Get the Right Type of Soil

For starters, soil can be organic or inorganic, you can use one soil, or can combine them as well, but this depends on what kind of plants you have if it’s suitable or not. Regardless, the most widely used soil in the hobby is organic due to the natural components and benefits it brings to plants.

Your choice could either be Silt, Clay, Loam, or Sandy. Again, these can be mixed but the compatibility of the mixture will depend on what type of plants you have.

For instance, plants that prefer dry soil do not do well in soil that retains too much water because this can easily cause root rot and other complications. On the other hand, plants that thrive in wet or humid soil will not survive in sandy soil since it does not hold water well, and its hardness prevents the roots of the plant from spreading.

Different Types of Soil with Different Kinds of Plants in them
Image From: Mathiou

2) Purchase Premium Soil or Make Your Own

Since we are still in a pandemic, chances are, you plan on purchasing soil online. I have done this as well back when the pandemic just started and I ran out of soil to supply my new plants. However, the package that I received was full of gnats! This horrible experience taught me a lesson to always look for a reliable seller when it comes to purchasing online.

To prevent this from happening to you, always check the company or seller’s background and customer reviews before ordering to avoid scams and low-quality products.

When it comes to creating your own soil, find the best ingredients for your plants through extensive research because making the wrong soil could just be as fatal as using low-quality soil.

3) Add More Nutrients

You can never go wrong with adding more nutrients to your plants. I do this by adding plant food and fertilizers to my soil and plants.

Afterwards, I wait to see them thrive in just a matter of days! And just like the listing above, you can create or mix organic matters for additional nutrients, or you could do the same practice as I did which is to purchase plant food and fertilizers for plants. It’s cheap and convenient.

But either way, it is effective as long as you follow the steps thoroughly with the right ingredients. Some compost can do more harm than good, which is why you should also be cautious in making them to prevent any complications from occurring to your soil and plants.

4) Plant Cover Crops

Aside from the fact that Cover Crops can add more fertility to your soil, Cover Crops are also capable of boosting your plant’s growth by strengthening the soil’s structure for a more healthy stronghold for your plants. Moreover, Cover Crops greatly help with reducing weed so that you will only have less work cutting or pulling them off.

Cover Crops are also known to be very effective in mitigating pests off of your garden, and as well as improving the structure of your soil. These two attributes alone have a major impact on your plant’s growth and development. Cover Crops are affordable and easy to manage. It only takes a little effort in applying and growing them.

Cover Crops with Other PlantsImage From: No-Till Farmer

5) Use Compost

Compost is another great organic material you can add to your soil for boosting plant growth and development. Compost allows nutrients to be retained for a long period of time. Compost also contributes to improving other soil factors which allows your plants to grow to their full potential.

Once again, you can purchase compost or make your own. This depends on your personal preference and your plant’s genus.

Waste Being Decomposed to be Used as Compost
Image From: Lawn Starter

Final Thoughts on Boosting Plant Growth with Soil

Of course, there are many ways to boost your plant’s growth but soil is one of the major elements that contribute to your plant’s development, which is why I focused on soil instead of other alternatives.

I personally have tested these ways for months in order to be sure of the results, and after many months of trial and error, I can conclude that all these methods are effective and my plants are thriving with a fast growth rate.

If you have any ideas of your own or any questions, please do not hesitate to ask below!

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