63 Spectacular Green Wall Design Ideas

Encased artwork of moss.

Spectacular green wall ideas are not only beautiful but they also benefit human health and improve the aesthetic touch of green buildings and fences.

Adding a living wall will not only add value but will transform modern houses, interiors, and exteriors into a sharp looking wall. It demonstrates creative ideas and brings out a sense of natural peace suitable for any space available, whether its large buildings or small homes.

The green wall concept and ideas promote healthy alternatives for decorative vertical displays, offering space-saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs. So, let’s take a look at some green walls, shall we!

1) The Art Of Greenery

Lush vertical garden in the wall balcony
Image by: elledecor.com

This green wall balcony demonstrates the blending of art and nature. It allows you to enjoy a lot of greenery and a breathtaking atmosphere without the hassle of using large planters.

2) The Sophisticated Green Wall

Framed indoor vertical garden
Image by: digsdigs.com

This green wall literally represents a luxurious vertical garden. It accommodates a pop of colors and various textures that subtly convey the atmosphere of freshness and elegance to the entire living room.

3) Wall-Mounted Shelves With Potted Plants

Wall-mounted shelves with potted plants in rows
Image by: balconygardenweb.com

Incorporating the charm of greens in these wall-mounted shelves can create a healthy growing atmosphere. It also purifies the air and elevates the glamour of your home.

These inexpensive houseplants will bring back your visions to life. All you need is to organize identical pots to showcase the uniform look in neat rows.

4) Framed Succulents Vertical Garden

Square-framed succulents vertical garden
Image by: ofdesign.net

On the hunt for something ultra-minimal that still packs a visual punch for a green wall, the concept of this vertical succulent garden is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Succulent plants are more efficient than most other plants. When considering a DIY succulent wall garden, get a landscape fabric and cactus potting mix, and create a framed garden wall. Succulents come with the ability to eke out a living, making them one of the favorite vertical gardening plants.

5) Spice Up Your Weeknights

Vertical herbs garden in an old log planter in the kitchen wall.
Image by: propertyguru.com.my

The concept of this vertical wall garden will unleash your passion for creating quick and flavorful recipes. The wall provides you with herbs good enough for special occasions or lets the family enjoys a nice creamy sauce for the weeknights.

6) Blue Wall-Mounted Planters

Blue wall-mounted planters with lush foliage plants and a sleek rectangular wooden raised bed of air purifying plants.
Image by: balconydecoration.com

If you’re living in an urban area with very limited space, you can spice up your balcony green wall with several plants and flowers. A green balcony wall like this will provide you not only with clean, fresh air but with a relaxing view.

7) Unconventional Beauty

Display of staghorn ferns on the log planters
Image by: balconygardenweb.com

The unconventional beauty of a staghorn fern can make stunning wall art. It provides air cleaning benefits and is a great alternative to taxidermied antlers. Moreover, it displays a unique yet attractive environment you can enjoy.

8) Add Life To The Wall

Creeping vines on the kitchen wall
Image by: brownstoner.com

Adding vines to your space will keep your home fully functional but full of plant life. These beautifully looking vines can make the room look spacious and let you enjoy fresh air all day long.

9) The Glamour Of Honeycombs

Honeycombs structure on the wall with climbing vines above the couch
Image by: contemporist.com

The geometric elements of these modular hexagons provide your vines with the perfect frame to climb.

Besides, the honeycomb structure will add elegance to your home and requires low maintenance, all while promoting fresh ambiance into your interior space.

10) The Art Of Moss

A framed garden of moss in the kitchen wall
Image by: artisanmoss.com

Adding the natural wall art of moss into your home or working environment will brighten up your indoors and make a great place to unwind.

This moss art provides all the mood and cognition-boosting benefits without requiring time and money. Let the plants receive bright lights and a mist of water from time to time so that they can thrive.

11) The Modern Vibe

Two rows of six potted plants on the wall with a green couch and throw pillows below.
Image by: idealhome.co.uk

Reinvigorate your home with mixed green shades, both plant display and the sofa’s deeper hue. The lush contrast of living plants in the wall and some throw pillows have been edged to give your living space a cool, refreshing vibe.

12) The Classic Green Wall

A couch next to the wall with a vertical garden
Image by: balconydecoration.com

The concept of a vertical garden, especially a green wall, can look perfect anywhere!

Whether it is a small garden with herbs and vegetables or a large botanical composition, there are countless opportunities to enjoy the calming effect of nature.

Try this idea and let your family benefit from the soothing effect this green wall can give. Apart from convenience and freshness, you can optimize the space to your liking and enjoy the charm of nature right in your home.

13) Jazz Up Your Wall

Framed air plants and succulents on the wall
Image by: proflowers.com

Whether you confine your green wall to a frame or not, plants must attach and should be in a way that allows for easy care.

And the idea of creating a green wall and choosing plants with similar light and water requirements allows for easier maintenance.

14) The Natural Touch

Wave-inspired artwork designs of a green wall
Image by: mymove.com

Integrating flat spaces and a charming way of decorating modern homes with greenery can create a green wall that brings a positive effect on your psychological mood.

Also, the serene look and natural touch of this concept can make you feel cozy and safe, filled with peace and serenity.

15) Crave For A Greener Look

Potted plants and garden walls in the living room
Image by: propertyguru.com.my

The idea of associating the lushness of nature in your wall improves the quality of air and enhances the elegant factor of your home. It elevates your space’s serene atmosphere and creates a natural escape.

16) Freshen Em’ Up

Vertical living wall garden underneath the stairs
Image by: lushome.com

The notion of a green wall is just like planting a typical garden. Plants need space to grow so that they can spread out to their full potential.

This idea considers the size of plants at full growth and how various textures and heights can work together to create a stunning living wall.

17) Boxed Of Greenery

A couch and a throw pillow below boxed succulents on the wall
Image by: proflowers.com

Today’s green wall concept offers a wide range of choices. There are top-of-the-line designs to more affordable options. However, all preferences convey an undeniable charm of greenery.

18) The Fabulous Artwork

Green wall with fabulous artwork
Image by: mymove.com

The fabulous artwork of this green wall is another inspiring concept you can replicate in your home.

The complementing tapestry and exceptional design of plants can make a significant difference to your home’s atmosphere.

You can highlight the wow factor and give your space a chic look with this high impact design, all with low maintenance requirements.

19) The Glam Of Greenery

A Christmas tree next to the lush wall gardens.
Image by: archiexpo.com

This living room features a wall filled with greenery. The neatness of white chairs and cool lights add a touch of glam to the green living room and create an ambiance that complements one another.

20) The Hanging Planters

Hanging planters with trailing plants display
Image by: plantsolutions.com

Hanging planters can add an appeal to a minimalistic room. And if you’re looking for the charm of a cascading plant, an English ivy, Scaevola, or purple heart can make for eye-catching indoor hanging plants.

However, if you wish to maintain the minimalist look, a spider plant, ripple peperomia, and others can give guests a closer look and appreciate the charm of your hanging plants haven.

21) Add Softness To Dull Interiors

Natural log bench in the front of vertical wall garden
Image by: ansgroupglobal.com

The concept of this indoor green wall makes a dramatic addition to modern interior design.

It provides relaxing visual features to a dull wall and transforms the corridors’ atmosphere into pleasing spaces. You can also use this idea to soften the texture of any room with harsh lighting.

22) Instagram Perfect Green Wall

Vertical living garden with moss artwork
Image by: vogue.com

The striking charm of this very lush green wall with a contrasting impact to the light-grey tone can make an Instagram perfect living wall. The moss offers the benefits of reflective and calming effects just by getting in touch with the living plants.

23) Harmonious Interior Greenery

Two wooden lounges in the front sides of the living garden
Image by: 4naturesystem.com

This vertical garden showcases not only the beauty of greenery but also the harmony of modern interior design.

Also, this modern greenery incorporated with the two wooden lounges helps the occupants with health and better well-being by getting in touch with nature.

24) An Eyesore To A Visual Feature

A vertical column garden at the center of the living room Image by: thepeakmagazine.com.sg

The concept of turning an eyesore into a feature makes sense when you have a column spoiling the elegance of your modern home.

The idea of transforming this dull and unsightly column into a habitat of plants can make the wall a pleasant visual feature.

Incorporating gorgeous designs of green walls into your modern home will maximize and free up more space for other uses.

25) Appealing Corridors & Waiting Spaces

S-shaped wall garden dividing the center of corridors and waiting spaces.
Image by: ansgroupglobal.com

The screens of lush foliage in this dull living wall create a delightful visual impact by transforming functional corridors and waiting spaces into attractive indoor vertical gardens.

Moreover, the living wall turns the atmosphere of the interior into a fresh, healthy environment.

It also offers significant health benefits by balancing the humidity inside the room, eliminating the toxins in the air, and lifting the spirits of individuals.

26) A Minimalist Space

Framed plants in circular and square shape display on the wall of a small apartment.
Image by: ecobnb.com

The concept of including plants in your home is a great way to freshen up space. The neatly framed plants in the wall are perfect if you live in a small apartment.

It brings positive effects to individuals, adds life to the room, and promotes the natural touch of nature into your modern home.

27) The Bath Wow Factor

A white bath next to the green wall with artwork display.
Image by: mymove.com

Adding a vertical garden in the bathroom does not only deliver a stunning focal point but elevates the atmosphere of the space quite a bit.

It adds softness to the old tiles turning the ambiance into a modern retro while incorporating greenery into a modern bath and highlights the wow factor in your bathroom.

28) State-Of-The-Art Combo

An illuminated green wall and a plain white couch modern design combo
Image by: ofdesign.net

The concept of this living room has smart, steal-worthy ideas. The combination of various plants with the same colors contrasting to the elegant plain couch harmonizes the decor, and the combo infuses a feel that is both modern and fresh.

29) Illuminated Vertical Garden

Three illuminated vertical gardens, greening up the living room.
Image by: decoist.com

The gorgeously-lit vertical gardens and wooden surfaces in different finishes bring a sense of warmth to this trendy apartment.

The blend of nature to the neutral color palette enhances the overall impact of the indoor greenery.

Yet, the wall-mounted gardens remain the focus and look even more enchanting when illuminated, keeping the contemporary living area compact that you’ll surely love.

30) The Rhythm Of Dancing Musical Notes

Green wall with a dining table set and white lamps hanging like dancing musical notes.

A living wall is a great way to bring some of the outdoors inside and enjoy the benefits of nature right in your home.

The idea of this vertical garden improves air quality and adds colors and texture to a living room without taking floor space.

To replicate this idea, look for a space near large windows to provide the living plants with ample of light indoors. You also have to mist the plant regularly to supply the water requirements.

But nonetheless, the gorgeous dining pendant lamps highlight the rhythm of the environment with the charming look of dancing musical notes.

31) Vertical Salad Garden

A vertical salad garden hangs on the kitchen wall.
Image by: blog.growup.green

Considering a green wall with a vertical salad garden in your kitchen is an excellent source of fresh, healthy greens whenever you need them. Growing your own herbs allows you to create fresh, mouthwatering dishes for your family.

And depending on your set up, they’re hassle-free to maintain. Planting a green wall of salad garden is a fun family activity that’ll have lots of added benefits.

32) Feel The Connection

Tall and small size potted plants with lush foliage accenting the living room. Image by: marthastewart.com

To imitate this concept will add depth, life, and color to your room. It brings the vigorous vibe of nature into your space.

Also, don’t shy away from establishing a positive, feel-good connection to plants because they offer many health benefits.

33) Green Up Your Walls

Both rectangular and box-shaped pocket gardens display on the outdoor walls.
Image by: homedit.com

It has been said that the presence of plants makes people feel less stressed. And subconsciously or not, they’ll wind up staying longer in a place where they benefit from the gift of nature.

If you’re a homeowner and want to incorporate living walls into your outdoor areas, this idea can inspire you to green up your walls.

34) The Chic Rooftop

Lush green wall garden accenting behind L-shaped seating in the rooftop garden. Image by: thespruce.com

The idea of integrating a green wall into this sophisticated penthouse increases the value of the property.

The contrasting effect of the plain seating and the luster of lush foliage in the wall enhances the aesthetic touch of the rooftop garden.

35) Soften The Vibes

Wall garden with artwork pattern accenting the backyard seatings.
Image by: housely.com

This backyard seating is accented with three similar green walls to soften the vibes of the surrounding.

The living wall brightens the space, and its captivating beauty stands out, thanks to the stunning planting pattern using vibrant colors.

36) Dynamic Living Wall

Pocket vertical garden with colorful plants in different textures on the outdoor wall.
Image by: plantsonwalls.com

An addition of a living wall around your side yard can make a huge difference to spruce up your outdoor area. This concept integrates the dynamic colors of various plants to create a beautiful framed vertical garden.

37) The Stunning Backdrop

A living wall demonstrates artwork features with various plant textures.

The dripping foliage in this living wall adds life to the dull wall and creates a lush and stunning backdrop.

In the summer, the wall will feature gorgeous flowers in various shades and provide a beautiful background.

The green wall is excellent in absorbing heat and providing a cooling effect to the backyard.

38) Decorative Hedges

Box-shaped privacy hedge
Image by: thespruce.com

This hedge is utilized both as decoration and to instill privacy in the property. But planted so precisely, the trimmed trees appear lovely. It brings more interest and frame to the outdoor space.

39) Inviting Pocket Gardens

Pocket vertical gardens in the front door and below the windowsill.
Image by: decoist.com

These felt pockets utilized as vertical gardens can add life to the blank outdoors. It creates positive vibes in the outdoor environment and makes the space feel cozy. Besides, the captivating display of greens makes the focal point of the wall.

40) Holistic Centerpiece

 The green wall makes the focal point in the backyard garden.

This luxuriant and dramatic green wall creates a holistic and visually appealing environment. The vertical garden delivers a highly sophisticated structure concealing dull, flat walls and turns into a space full of interests.

The large range of herbaceous perennials, grasses, small shrubs, and herbs with lustrous foliage display several textures making the wall the focal point of the garden.

41) Fantastic Blend Of Nature

Long tables and chairs add an aesthetic factor to the backyard's wall garden with flowering plants.
Image by: veranda.com

This idea focused on the ultimate blending of nature and art inside the property. Flowering plants were chosen and carefully attached to the structure wall to create a fresh feel ambiance without causing any damage. This garden does look amazing and helps to improve the quality of the air around a property.

42) Fascinating Highly-Adaptive Plants

Greenwall display with a wide range of highly-adaptive plants on the patio.

This concept is an effective way to add life to your existing garden or patio. The gorgeous plants growing on this wall are highly-adaptive to the surroundings and absorb heat to promote better insulation.

43) The Shelf Gardens

Wooden shelf-garden in the backyard wall.
Image by: archdaily.com

This concept is a low-cost option to add plants and enhance your wall if you have a small backyard. Shelf gardens can be utilized in various designs and sizes, making them easy to customize to your liking.

44) Boxed Options

Boxed pattern wall garden
Image by: build.com.au

There are endless options for adding green wall features to your home. Updating your outdoor space with this concept can cover up and enhance your fence or your dull, flat wall.

This idea does not require a massive effort. All you need is a creative approach to improve the aesthetic touch of your outdoor home.

45) Highlight Natural Luster

Trailing plants in hanging planters.
Image by: greenstreetgardens.com

When the space garden is at a premium, grow plants in rows of small pots mounted on a backboard to a wall is absolutely stunning. Choose plants that are easy to grow. Highlight the beauty of cascading plants and fill your flat wall with luster.

46) Light Up Your Outdoor Wall

Lighted outdoor vertical garden
Image by: ansgroupglobal.com

Integrating the green wall to the right lighting can make the drawing night inviting and elegant. Illuminating the wall landscape after the sun sets creates a relaxing alfresco atmosphere. It can be a focal point that will radiate glowing vibes to your outdoor aesthetic.

47) Urban Jungle Paradise

Living wall in the courtyard with an S-shaped design
Image by: mylandscapes.co.uk

Fall in love with this urban jungle paradise with several textured plants. It makes the entire courtyard a perfect haven with an undeniable sense of relaxation.

After a hard day of work, you can invite some friends or family to share the joy and benefits of greenery in this environmentally friendly entertaining space.

48) Dress Up Your Fence

Vertical garden installed on a wooden fence.
Image by: deavita.net

The concept of this vertical greening is an effective way to conceal unattractive views. Dress up your fence to serve as a visual barrier using beautiful plants in various textures. Choose annual plants that are not too heavy and are ideal for vertical gardening.

49) The Simplest Option

Pocket gardens of succulents on the backyard wall.
Image by: homestolove.com.au

A pocket garden is the easiest solution for living walls. This idea is the most inexpensive way for home gardeners to create green walls that are easy to maintain.

This concept provides elegance to your facade, and it is a fun way to grow plants vertically. You can mount the pocket garden to a rigid backing board to allow air circulation behind the panel that will keep the walls dry.

50) The Cheerful & Fresh Effect

Garden of succulents in a large concrete planter.
Image by: ecomindedsolutions.com

The vibrant arrangement of succulents with the mosaic effect is a cute and colorful fun idea to decorate the house’s exterior walls, garage, or garden sheds. They look so cheerful and fresh, and the plants in various textures provide a welcoming atmosphere outdoors.

51) Sustainable Art Of Succulents

Wall of colorful succulents.
Image by: thespruce.com

A vertical garden made of living succulents is a fantastic way to turn a boring space into a focal point. Blending varieties of succulents will not only conceal dry flat walls but will make an eye-catching display.

But when it comes to succulents, you want to place them in a space that receives a lot of bright light.

The plants should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. Otherwise, they won’t give you the elegance as they would in direct sunlight.

52) Naturally Fresh Living Wall

Potted bamboo trees in concrete planters with wooden planks in the wall display.

Bringing nature into your home by greening up your wall will help capture toxins and gases. The plants in your home can engage in a natural process to eliminate harmful matter in the air.

To imitate the concept of this Japanese-inspired design of greening up your wall, all you need is to display bamboo stems with fresh green leaves in concrete pots arranged neatly in rows. The plant is versatile enough to adapt to any environment and is easy to grow.

You’ll surely enjoy the tidy and naturally fresh look of the environment that helps stimulate your mood when you want to relax out of your busy day.

53) Visually Stimulating Green Wall

Boxed succulents on a wooden wall.
Image by: thegreenhead.com

Bare exterior drywall can be made more interesting with the addition of framed succulents in various textures. With their rich colors, textures, and fascinating shapes, succulents can create a more visually stimulating green wall.

54) Green Sculpture Of Beauty

Pocket wall garden on the hallway with two small standing topiary.
Image by: thelittlebotanical.com

The concept of this living wall is simply incredible. The green sculpture of beauty can make for the focal point in your outdoor space.

You’ll surely love everything about this green structure of godliness. Its captivating aura can turn a dull and boring corner into a beautiful wall where you could sit for hours around it.

55) The Welcoming Combo

Pocket gardens of flowering plants with elegant chairs made of iron.
Image by: organicauthority.com

There’s no denying that living walls are gaining popularity for several good reasons. They can be an attractive pollinator or provide adequate amounts of organic flowers, food, and herbs, particularly to homeowners with limited spaces.

This concept features an appealing color combination that makes the wall visually refreshing suited to your outdoor area. Considering this idea allows you to combine vibrant shades to your liking. You can create a great combo to thrill your visitors when they come to your backyard garden.

56) Living Work Of Art

Encased artwork of moss.
Image by: articulturedesigns.com

Imagination and creativity are no longer limited when it comes to living walls. While not limited in space, this unique beauty is about to showcase the combination of textures, colors, and vibrancy of the plants in a fresh, new way.

Considering the alluring beauty of a framed air plant will give your wall an undeniable wow factor. It will provide endless joy for you and can be an attractive focal point for your guests to admire.

57) Attractive Log Planters

Vertical garden with eucalyptus tree trunk slices as log planters.
Image by: homebnc.com

Log planters are gorgeously attractive. And if you can find a log in your backyard, you can repurpose this material into some eco-friendly planters.

These eucalyptus tree trunk slices create appealing vertical planters highlighting the natural beauty of green foliage and the exceptional beauty of orchids.

It makes economical decor that works well with homes that already utilize a lot of wood in their design.

However, to imitate this concept, you have to take account of plant shapes and colors using trailing plants together with orchids to achieve the same effect.

58) Dual Purpose Layout

A living space with a layout that functions both indoors and outdoors
Image by: plantedwell.com

This concept is an excellent way to extend and enlarge the house’s interior living space incorporated with nature’s natural benefits in the open.

The architectural trick incorporated with green walls makes a healthy space for everyone in the family.

59) Green Up Wall With Hornbeam

Pruned hornbeam trees growing near the wall.
Image by: gardenista.com

Greening up your wall barrier with hornbeam trees is an innovative garden screening solution that you can enjoy. It is long-lasting with the aesthetic and natural benefits of nature.

Hornbeam Trees offer a multitude of purposes. You can prune them into different shapes like lollipops or grow them as wildlife habitats with a low maintenance yet sustainable greenery you can use to enhance the aesthetic of your property.

60) Freshened Up Outdoor Haven

Featured green wall and wooden dining set in a backyard.
Image by: walls-of-green.com

This idea highlights a personal space where you can relax. And regardless of how small your area is, you can always create a private haven where you can add a green wall that provides a refreshing atmosphere you can enjoy.

61) Add A Greener Touch With A Barrier

A privacy barrier filled with small size succulents
Image by: designtrends.com

This cool green wall barrier is designed to provide privacy with an aesthetic effect on the property. The structure allows several textures of plants to showcase their charm while providing the environment with clean air and visual attractiveness.

62) Nature’s Gift To You

Backyard deck featuring an L-shape seating area and small topiaries.

Greening up the wall is a great way to increase your property’s value, where most expert designers would love to showcase their creativity.

Countless ideas were unleashed using different materials. You can prefer simple or complex designs, but one thing is for sure, this green wall is refreshing to the eyes.

And when you step back and look closely, you’ll realize this living wall is nature’s gift to a healthier you.

63) Build A Greener Feature Wall

Featured wall of a wide range of plants and vegetables.
Image by: backyardboss.net

These wall gardens feature an exciting mixture of plant varieties on the larger wall space. Incorporating air plants and succulents makes the living wall look exceptional with very minimal maintenance.

This concept is another fun way to execute an artistic approach to creating a living wall for anyone who often forgets to water their plants regularly.

Final Thoughts

A green wall design is another way to bring the benefits of nature into your home and backyard. And trust me on this one, your love for gardening should not be hindered by limited space.

As you now know, the concept of gardening vertically is an innovative way to maximize space and transform a dull, flat wall into a beautiful living wall.

Adding greenery to your home or on your working space can help reduce stress. Plants can provide a range of psychological benefits where people feel healthier when surrounded by nature.

The main idea of designing a green wall is to develop a garden where you can express creativity and display a living work of art.  Besides, greening up your wall will naturally help purify the toxins in the air that you breathe.

These vertically arranged plants in wide varieties help provide a refreshing environment and an eco-friendly ambiance where you and your family can enjoy.

Well, that wraps up our list! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. Happy gardening.


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