Espoma AP8 Organic Potting Mix Review

Espoma Organic Potting Mix











  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Comes in Various Sizes
  • Good For Indoors & Outdoors
  • Suited For All Potted Plants
  • No Added Chemicals


  • Holds Water Very Well (be careful when watering)

Majority of the plants in the world require soil to live and thrive. Chances are, your plants require great soil too!

But simply purchasing soil and expecting it to sustain itself and your plants is a huge misconception and threat to your plant’s health. Like any other basic fundamental in gardening, the right potting mix will provide your plants the chance to grow and develop to their full potential.

You have two options when it comes to getting the right potting mix. You can either purchase a high-quality potting mix from a trusted supplier or create your own.  I personally purchase Espoma AP8 organic potting mix for both my indoor and outdoor plants and all of them are doing superb!

Espoma AP8 organic potting mix has almost 5,000 reviews. This is mainly because of its affordable price but the main question here is this – how effective is it?

In this article, you will get to learn everything you need to know about  the Espoma AP8 organic potting mix.

To begin with, let us go through its product specifications.

Espoma AP8 Organic Potting Mix Review

Espoma organic potting mix review

Product Specifications:

  • Key Features
    • Organic Potting soil
    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
    • Enhanced with Myco-tone water saving formula
    • Improves moisture retention 
    • Reduces drought stress
    • Manual power source type
  • Ingredients
    • Pure Organic Matters
    • With Earthworm Castings
    • With Mycro-tone water saving formula
  • Size
    • 5 x 10.5 x 16 inches
  • Weight
    • 4.4 Pounds
  • Variant Sizes
    • 2 Pack
    • 3 Pack (8 Quart)
    • 4 Pack (8 Quart)
    • 8 Quart
  • Over 5,000 Reviews
  • 4.7/5 Star Rating

Is Espoma AP8 Organic Potting Mix Effective?

For starters, Espoma claims that their organic potting mix is capable of growing big potted plants or plants that are in containers.

In my personal experience, I completely agree with this claim because compared to the non-organic soil that I used before, I noticed that my plants were significantly growing at a slower rate.

This is because of the organic components the Espoma AP8 organic potting mix has. Organic matter contains a lot more essential nutrients, and thus improves the soil structure far better compared to the performance of non-organic soil.

Espoma Ogranic Potting Mix laid down on a wooden table.

Pros of Espoma Organic Potting Mix

1) All Natural Ingredients

As advertised on its packaging, Espoma AP8 is an organic potting mix. Basically, it contains a lot of organic matter that is mixed or designed to give your plants the best organic soil structure with enhanced drainage, better aeration, and a more consistent cycle of nutrients.

Moreover, organic potting mix is known to help prevent common garden pests and diseases.

2) Comes in Various Sizes

If you are worried if your pot may or may not get the right amount of potting mix in its container, Espoma offers various sizes to its users which is very convenient if you have both small and big pots or containers.

3) Good For Indoors & Outdoors

Espoma AP8 organic potting mix is good for both indoor and outdoor plant settings. So, you do not have to worry about purchasing another soil for your indoor or outdoor plants since you can just use Espoma’s organic potting mix for both settings. Just make sure that your plants get sufficient amounts of oxygen and sunlight.

4) Suited For All Potted Plants

No matter the size of your pot or container, the Espoma AP8 organic potting mix is great for potted plants because of its organic components that helps fulfill your plants’ needs.

5) No Chemicals

Chemical contaminants can be very dangerous to your plants if not properly used. If you are not interested in adding chemicals to your plants or soil, then the Espoma AP8 organic potting mix is perfect for you! It smells natural, feels natural, and grows your plants naturally.

Cons of Espoma Organic Potting Mix

1) Possibility of Too Much Water Retention

This will not be a problem if you properly monitor your plants growth and soil development. Since this soil is made of organic matter, you can expect that its water retention holds very well, but in the case that you overflow your soil, there is a high chance that the water retention might hold for days to even up to weeks. If you are planning on using this potting mix, make sure to only give the right amount of water.

Tips on How To Use Espoma Potting Mix Properly

Espoma Organic Potting Mix Consumer Review

1) Improve Your Drainage

One of the best ways to mitigate water retention and high moisture levels is to improve your pot or container’s drainage. This way, your plants will not attain mold, bacteria, root rot, and other common diseases. These diseases can also attract pests, which is another big problem you do not want to have.

2) Expose To Sunlight

Since Espoma AP8 is an organic potting mix, it is highly recommended that you expose your plants to sunlight after watering them to naturally allow the water to absorb or seep into the soil and to the plant.

3) Give Air

Air is another element that keeps your soil at the right moisture levels.  This also enables your plants to photosynthesize better. In addition to that, exposing your plants to an open area where air is accessible gives your plants a better chance to breathe.

Final Thoughts on Espoma Organic Potting Mix

Overall, Espoma’s organic potting mix does a fantastic job for both indoor and outdoor plants, especially if your plants require higher moisture levels than normal plants.

It is very affordable and effective when it comes to growing big plants.

If you have used Espoma AP8 Organic Potting Mix, do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts and experiences with it in the comment section below. This is for the community to know your thoughts as well!

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