42 Stunning English Garden Landscaping Ideas

Contemporary pool design complementing the traditional English garden style.

Individuals who are considering an English garden design might refer to one of two styles, which are the country garden or a cottage garden.  Both gardens exhibit beautifully maintained natural-looking landscapes.

An English country garden features a series of connected paths and gives your home the luxury of an English country style.

An English cottage garden, on the other hand, adds a distinct style to your home and showcases the grace and charm instead of the grandeur and formal structure. It is the usual favorite adaptation of the English landscape, particularly in the United States.

When you try to consider a cottage style of the English garden, you will envision dripping roses, climbing vines, clusters of daisies, varieties of pink, and spikes of delphiniums.

Whatever your preference is, creating a stunning English garden design is quite easily achieved by utilizing a few simple techniques.

Here are 42 stunning English garden landscape ideas you can try.

1) Sophisticated Pathway

White hydrangeas bloom beautifully on both sides of an entrance.

An entrance walkway plays a significant role in the English garden landscape, be it practical or aesthetic. It allows guests to draw eyes to the focal point of your garden.

In this case, the white hydrangeas are in full bloom and the fresh fragrance of the pines showcase the sophisticated pathway while under the shade of pine trees.

 2) When Minimalist and Naturalistic Blends

Minimalist wood decking.Image by: gardendesign.com

A compact space can be a fine haven. All you need are some bright ideas to help you turn your small area into a sanctuary that you can be proud of.

To mimic the combination of the minimalist and naturalistic English garden landscape is definitely doable. It can be a great place where you and your family will surely love to spend afternoons.

3) Mix Varieties

Wooden bench accentuates the colorful garden.

Experimenting and consolidating old fashioned flowers with different varieties depending on the climate you have in your regions is also a smart idea.

An English garden landscape is also full of annual flowers that blossom fast and stay in full bloom throughout their growing season.

4) Concrete Birdbath in a Bed

Concrete birdbath under the shade.

A birdbath can be one of the best additions to your garden.  In this case, the concrete bird bath in the center of the garden bed under the shade, accentuates the winding lawn, making it a perfect landscape while sitting on your bench in the backyard garden.

5) Beauty of Contrast

Four terracotta pots and brick flooring.
Image by: susanschlenger.com

The contrasting color of bricks and the blooming old roses in this English garden exhibits the softness of the landscape.

Roses are low maintenance and the primary elements of every English garden landscape. Their fascinating shade, scents, and simple versatility will surely captivate every viewer’s heart.

 6) Small Bearing Fruit Trees In The Garden

Two flowering shrubs.
Image by: houseandgarden.co.uk

You will always find lush flowering shrubs in an English garden. Heavily shaded trees is not an option as they lessen the sunlight’s availability to your flowering plants, and small bearing trees are always preferred by many.

7) The Magical Wall

Lush plants growing on the brick wall.

The classic English wall garden flaunts the magical low angled rays of the sun that washes on the classical terrace.

The walled garden is mostly designed in your backyard to help calm your senses and help you relax from stressful day to day life.

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the mode of relaxation, and this is the place where you can personalize the theme according to your tastes.

8) Attention Grabber

An English garden at the center of the lawn.

If you have a spacious lawn, why not create a garden as the focal point to cheer up your space. It will not only reflect positivity to your personality and lifestyle, but it can be an attention grabber in the entire neighborhood.

Seeing that excellent piece you have can be the envy of many and may inspire them to find numerous ways to enhance their spaces too.

9) The Whimsical Patio

Terrace at the center of the yard.

This landscape displays vibrant, playful flowers around the garden. It accentuates the beauty and charm of your surroundings as you enjoy the whimsical ambiance while sitting on an open-air terrace.

10) Welcoming Angel

The concrete bench held by two cherubs and a concrete birdbath.

A welcoming bench held by two cherubs next to the cherub-topped fountain will allow you to believe that relaxing in an English garden can give you peace and tranquillity.

Adding a bench in a distinct part of the lawn space and along a pathway can be an excellent opportunity to sit, relax and view the beauty within your garden.

11) Simply Gorgeous

A brick base pergola at the center of a garden.

The brick-base pergola makes the focal point of this garden. It accentuates the garden with the elegance of the original English style. 

Sculptural trellises and pergolas aren’t just for garden enhancement, no matter how typical they are. They also provide relief from the harsh rays of the sun and allow a cool breeze to pass through.

12) Sense of Abundance

A side-yard blooming garden.
Image By: eemcnow.net

An English garden is famous for the array of flower shades, shapes, and fragrances. The balance of colorful blooms with sweet scents is achievable by combining both perennials and annuals.

Modern English garden landscapers usually combine roses with other flowering shrubs, annuals, and perennials to complement the shades and shapes of these roses.

13) Yellow Flowers and White Wooden Fence

Yellow flowers and a white wooden fence.

The bright yellow flowers with large blooms and leafy branches along with the wooden fence encompass a clear outline for your lovely garden.

Besides, it will give an exceptional impression of your house while making your neighbours appreciate and envy its grandeur.

14) Three-Tier Wooden Birdhouse

Three-tier wooden birdhouse with creeping roses.

Birdhouses serve as a reliable rest stop and the haven for migrating birds. It also protects them from predators and other scary outdoor elements.

In addition to that, they give our avian friends cuddling care in winter months to keep them warm, while in spring, it becomes an ideal place for mother birds to lay their lovely eggs.

 15) Meandering Stone Paths

Meandering stone paths.
Image by: onekindesign.com

This gentle atmosphere evokes the feeling of serenity as you wander this beautiful prairie and take steps on the stone path. This landscape surely highlights the elegance of the lush garden.

The landscape features a meandering stone pathway, using detached large stones. The blooming perennials and shrubs provide a magical view that changes throughout the seasons.

16) The Contemporary Pool

Contemporary pool design complementing the traditional English garden style.
Image by: verdantgrounds.com

The clean and modern pool design amplifies the more traditional English garden landscape. Putting it all together can accommodate the richness of colorful flowers and foliage throughout the season. The wooden pergola also creates a beautiful and lush haven that provides a more sophisticated, relaxing, and enchanting style.

17) Backyard’s Overview

Concrete birdbath at the center of blooming white flowers.

The contrasting effect of the concrete birdbath, white blooming flowers, and lush green foliage makes this garden impressive.

It emphasizes the simplicity of the backyard yet captivates every viewer’s heart as they pass the garden towards the house.

18) Magical Vines

Pink flowering vines creeping on a white wooden pergola.
Image by: carehomedecor.com

Vines and crawling plants are always part of the English garden landscape. Its vertical impression adds elegance to windows, walls, and trellises while generating softness on multiple dimensions and overall becomes the essential factors of vertical gardening.

19) Aromatic Garden

A garden of fragrant marigolds along with other culinary herbs.
Image by: guardian.ng

Herbs that provide aroma for your cooking and sweet fragrances in your backyard is significant and plays a large role in the English cottage garden landscape.

Most of the plants in the aromatic garden are famous culinary herbs like basil, rosemary, and oregano. As we already know, plants with a high content of fragrant oils usually give positive physiological effects and are often traditional medicinal herbs.

These plants release discrete perfumed-like and balsamic aromas that can also repel insects away as the wind blows.

Creating an aromatic garden close to your house will allow you to enjoy the fragrance it emits while making it easy for you to pinch the herbs every time you need one for your cooking.

20) Stress Reliever

Terrace with a green umbrella in a backyard garden.
Image by: backyardboss.net

How great it is to have a quiet place to relax in your very own outdoor space, especially when you’re dealing with the stress of work and your social life which seems endless.

An English garden always includes your lawn and the combination of carefully chosen flowers, making it a favourite place to relax and rejuvenate while spending your afternoons.

21) Get Everything Tidy

Two glossy bay trees standing at the front door.
Image by: houseandgarden.co.uk

It can sometimes be difficult to pick the right tree to compliment your beautiful, green, and sustainable landscape. But adding a pair of glossy pruned and shaped bay trees is a fantastic, old country garden idea.

The minimally arranged bay trees with the same height as the door create a sense of tidiness and harmony.

22) The Rustic Bench

Weathered wooden bench beside blossoming roses.
Image by: carehomedecor.com

You can usually find a bench in many English gardens. Adding local materials like rustic ones creates a natural setting, particularly when integrated with the delicate, colorful old roses.

23) Extravagant Garden

Wooden pergola next to a herb garden.
Image by: customgardendesigns.com

The English garden is always full of perennials. They are easy to grow, inexpensive, and have unique qualities that make them garden essentials. It is the combination of colorful blooming flowers that make your landscape seem extravagant.

24) The Sensible Bench

A brown wooden bench with the words keep calm and sit down on it resting in the center of a lavender field.

A bench is a beautiful piece you can add to enhance your landscape. Adding furniture like this can attract neighbors to notice and enjoy your outdoor English garden.

Besides, it plays a perfect place to entertain guests on your deck to quietly sit for some luxurious relaxation. It also offers comfort and overall is a stunning design for your garden.

25) View Deck

An elegant outdoor bench on top of a wooden deck.

This sophisticated view deck offers a relaxing place where you can sit and enjoy the garden’s richness and elegance.

In addition to that, this outdoor bench can be a great place to share messages and show your creativity to your family and guests, as they appreciate the overall look of the enhanced garden area.

26) Logical Stone

Boulders as side edges of a concrete pathway.

Adding elements like stones in the garden can rejuvenate the landscape. Utilizing stones as stone walls, fences, and water features, will help define spaces and highlight the elegance of your garden.

27) Showcase The Glamour

Winding path at the center of the garden.

The fusion of carefully planned blending of colors and artwork as a focal point creates this glamorous winding path. The spacious walkway invites every guest to explore and discover the subtlest hint of magic to a romantic garden.

28) The Perfect Combination

A ceramic planter at the center of a colorful flower garden.

The garden displays the combination of annuals and perennials blending harmoniously with the rustic pergola. It creates a lovely landscape where you and your family will surely love to spend your afternoons.

29) The Gift of Beauty

Clusters of pink roses.
Image by: johnmontgomerylandscapearchitects.com

The essence of simplicity is a gift to those that see it. An English garden always highlights the charm of incorporating varieties of roses, colors, and softness of the atmosphere.

Roses are famous for their delicate beauty, fragrance and healing properties. The thorny stems and fragrant blossoms are often valued as a symbol of loveliness, completion, and perfection.

Roses are often perceived to be alike to live. Overcoming difficulty will give you a sense of inner peace, harmony, and happiness.

30) The Stunning Typical English Garden

Yellow flowers beside the terrace of an English garden.

An English garden is a spectacular addition to your home, no matter how simple it is. Combining the arts and colors in your garden can create timeless beauty that you and your family will love.

31) Carefully Chosen Statuary

A lush green manicured statuary at a park.

Finding the right position for the statuary in your garden isn’t easy. You have to consider other existing plants, trees, and shrubs. Carefully choosing the statuary to best compliment the landscape is essential in the English garden.

32) Versatile Dry Creek

Dry creek bed with white stone border.

You can also find a dry creek bed in the modern English garden. A dry creek is not just all about rocks. This landscape can help to divert drainage or stop erosion, aside from helping to enhance your backyard’s overall appearance.

33) Refreshingly Lush Garden

Four pieces of manicured statuary and creeping vines accentuate a spacious garden.
Image by: departures.com

This garden features sculpted topiaries and lush greens as the focal point of the landscape. Topiaries in a lush green color are known to add charm to your garden. It offers a  good look and tidy whimsical feeling that’s too attractive not to notice.

34) Magical Stone Paths

Walkways with purple tiered bushes arranged as the edges of the garden.

Walkways are lined with a tiered arrangement of manicured bushes and blooms, making it a beautiful entrance to roam. It can be a perfect reason to spend a little bit more time appreciating its beauty and to smell its aromatic fragrance too.

35) Sweet-Smelling Spring Flowers

Fragrant flowers and sweet-smelling herb garden.

Varieties of sweet-smelling spring flowers are the highlights of this English garden landscape. You will enjoy the soothing fragrance of lavender and many other flower scents that conveys around your backyard.

36) Tidy Wooden Fence

White wooden fence at the front yard.

Whether you have blooming flowers or not in the front yard or the side yard, a fence plays a significant role in the English garden landscape.

However, adding colorful flowers can transform the atmosphere of your yard. It will allow you to gain privacy, provide protection for your kids and pets, block wind and prevent intruders.

Adding the right fence for your home can make a substantial aesthetic impression, improving your home’s curb appeal.

37) Pretty Climber

Blooming pink roses over the fence.
Image by: davesgarden.com

If you’re looking for privacy plants that will not only look good, but you can also train to grow over fences, walls, and trellises, then these climbing roses are perfect for you.

This type of rose plant has a long structural cane and is able to produce more flowers that will bloom and can spread out to build an attractive deal of cover.

38) Classic Country Garden

Modern dining terrace at the center of the lawn.
Image by: surroundslandscaping.com

The combination of lush green and colorful varieties of plants surrounding the modern dining terrace, lawn, and children’s play area is eye-catching. It can make the envy of many shade lovers.

This classic English country planting showcases stone hedging and an elegant side garden to be the main contributors to the garden charm.

39) Picturesque Yellow Garden

Yellow flowers in bloom viewable from the kitchen window
Image by: finegardening.com

The contrasting colors of yellow and green make this garden look amazing. Creating a fairytale-like garden like this isn’t that hard.

You will surely love a picturesque scene that is viewable from your kitchen window. The scents of the blooming flowers become the elements that create a refreshing and stunning view that can make every passer appreciate the beauty and charm of your garden.

40) Contemporary Bird Feeder

Bird perched on the birdfeeder.

Watching birds feeding and playing in the birdbath is an activity that everyone will surely love. It will not only give you pleasure by watching them dance around, but will significantly improve your sense of well-being also.

It is one of the distinct characteristics you can find in a traditional English garden. Adding a birdbath will also add style and grace to your garden.

Besides, it is also a way to provide a haven for avian friends and make a closer connection with nature.

41) Decorative Log Planter

Painted log planter with orange flowers in bloom.

Not everyone is blessed with spacious backyards to enjoy the charm of a garden. In the English garden, you can also expect decorative planters to contribute elements of style, particularly in limited garden space.

The log planter is a fantastic addition to your garden. It may not seem resistant and beautiful in its natural state, but you can treat them to enjoy their unique beauty and longevity.

42) Asian-Inspired Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergola with elegant garden furniture.
Image by: designtrends.com

Sheds in English gardens are a typical tradition of formal landscaping. Adding one amid your garden can provide shade to protect your garden furniture while adding a flair that can magnify the elegance of the space ambiance.

What Defines An English Garden?

The English garden landscape is becoming increasingly popular as an outdoor theme all over the world. The styles blend well in a variety of home structures, particularly with well-off homeowners.

It is because a nice stroll in an English rose garden, especially on a warm summer evening, can be one of your life’s most memorable experiences.

You will find graceful curves, lush green lawns, fragrant flowers, and colorful blooms in the garden.

To mimic the garden, it will magically transform your backyard into a relaxing outdoor hiding place and allow you to feel the joy of the garden’s tranquillity.

An English Garden is noted for the following elements:

  • A fantastic array of roses
  • Fragrant flowers
  • An abundance of lush plants
  • The romantic atmosphere of secluded sitting areas
  • Meandering walkways
  • Creeping vines
  • Majestic shade trees

All you need is the right landscape and the appropriate design components, outdoor accessories, and carefully selected patio if you wish to create the perfect garden for you and your family.

You can then spend your afternoon tea time in the garden or relax at night while sitting on the bench, and feel the gentle breeze and enjoy the soft scent of blooming roses with a glass of wine.

How Do You Start An English Garden

An English garden landscape is not only for those with spacious lawns. Everyone can build and enjoy a garden, whether it’s on a balcony, an acre surrounding a home, or even a small backyard.

Elements You Need To Create A Romantic English Garden

#1 – Design

Building an English garden, even in smaller spaces is now possible with new varieties of old plants. It is now easy to display a burst of color combination, fragrances, and even texture.

There are roses specifically cross-bred to resist diseases and insects. This allows the display of an abundance of delicate, fragrant, and long-lasting blooms.

Some English garden plants come in hundreds at a time all summer long and even until fall. Some creeping varieties are excellent too in creating a privacy barrier, and screening what you deem unsightly.

#2 – Create a meandering pathway

A winding pathway surrounded by lush greens and blooming flowers is essential in the English garden.

Your garden paths should add a landscape of romance and an air of mystery. The atmosphere should convey the feeling of wistfulness, whether you’re strolling in the garden under the moonlight, or while enjoying the afternoon breeze amid the soft scented flowers.

The English garden landscape design consists of the following materials:

  • Gravel is inexpensive and exceptional for pathway design.
  • Bark is another low-cost component you can use for beautiful flooring.
  • Interlocking stones or bricks can add elegance and charm to your English garden design. This usually blends well with your modern home styles.

Here are some great tips to consider when you design your paths and terraces:

  • An English garden path is functional, yet its primary purpose is to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.
  • It also prefers soft angles and curves rather than sharp corners and straight lines.
  • The garden should consist of vibrant flowers, spread-out lush greens, and aromatic herbs. These plants will gracefully boost the edges of your paths for a natural rustic appearance.
  • Combining stone pavers with gravels and brick is a smart idea to achieve a more authentic English garden look.
  • It is always best to choose natural shades for pathway materials.
  • The grass is also an excellent addition to your English garden design. You can plan a multi-functional area amid lush green lawns and let yourself and your family enjoy the pleasure of having an outdoor space.

#3 – Add charming garden accessories

Any furnishing accessories you will add to your garden can have a vast influence on the overall theme of it.

In creating an English garden landscape, don’t forget to remember that your design should be simple, natural, and romantic.

You can consider these following accessories:

  • Aged outdoor furniture is typical in the English garden landscape. A hardwood or teak usually complements the garden style.
  • Rustic garden benches, along with small tables and chairs, are the preferred choice when designing a sitting area to enjoy the lovely and beautiful view of your garden.
  • The fundamental components and one of the charms of the English garden style are the creeping vines and trellises. Pergolas, along with small benches, can be covered with decorative ivy.

#4 – Birdhouses are great additions to the English garden style

A traditional English garden loves to invite several species of avian friends that can add to its loveliness.

Providing a haven for birds will give you a closer connection with nature, and watching them hop from this place to that place from the birdbath you provide will also improve your spiritual well-being.

Tips for attracting feathered friends into your English garden landscape:

  • Create a natural habitat by using natural decorative elements like rocks and branches.
  • Birds and other animals love water, which is why creating ponds and a natural waterfall can invite them to come and grace your garden with their charm.
  • It is best to grow plants like lavender, clover, and asters that attract butterflies, insects, and hummingbirds.
  • Adding colorful fruit-bearing shrubs in the garden can also draw birds to come and visit your garden.
  • Birds also love wooden fences. Besides, fences will also serve as a beautiful decorative barrier, and adding climbing vines will definitely highlight your English garden style.
  • The serene atmosphere of gazebos and aged wooden bridges can intensify the romantic ambiance of your English garden landscape. 

#5 – The garden must display an abundance of blooming flowers

It is the abundance of multi-colored untamed plants that create the natural charm of an English garden.

Keeping your garden vibrant and rich in color all-year-round is essential, which is why you need to select the right variety of blooms and shrubs to maintain the beauty of your landscape.

The shade plays a vital part in an English garden and selecting plants that grow well in your area is essential.

Plants that grow well with partial sunlight:

  • Various hues of delicate roses
  • Lily of the valley
  • Honeysuckles
  • Primroses
  • Foxglove

Plants that can make an attractive arrangement in planters:

  • Violas
  • Forget-me-nots 
  • Cornflowers (ideal plant for pots in shady areas)
  • Petunias
  • Lavender
  • Herbs like rosemary and trailing verbenas (ideal plants in sunny areas)

The English garden landscape includes easy to care plants like:

  • Camellias (hardy and disease-resistant plant)
  • Geraniums (attractive and low-maintenance flowering plant)
  • Grannies Bonnets (add splashes of vibrant colors to your landscape)
  • Peonies (provide dynamic shades in your garden)
  • Aromatic sweet peas (beautiful and can create a romantic fragrance)
  • Delphiniums (essential plants in any English garden design)

Final Thoughts On Landscaping An English Garden

 An English garden is known to provide a romantic and elegant place to relax – a perfect hide-out for those who want to be refreshed, and don’t want to spend their summer days weeding and trimming.

In the contemporary style, the English garden’s structure is to convey the impression of softness, tranquillity, and charm that emits very similar to true nature.

There is a combination of bulbs, perennials and flowering shrubs that grace the garden with vibrant color throughout all growing seasons.

The garden always emphasizes the captivating heirloom roses, hardy geraniums, cone-shaped foxgloves and sweet fragrant peonies.

You will also find annuals like delphinium, phlox, lavender, and pinks that will not only deliver a perfect aroma to your house but also bring a generous return during the entire year.

The garden usually features a layout of placing the tallest plants behind the shortest ones.

Pergolas, metal obelisks, wooden fences and columns are often the preferred structure in the English garden. These structures are useful to train and showcase the comeliness and charm of the climbing plants like wisteria, some roses, morning glories, clematis, and many others.

Adding birdbaths too are an effective way to emphasize the surrounding background and become the focal point of the lush landscape.

You will also find trimmed hedges in any shape, that signifies the gardener’s patience.

Also, adding paths throughout the garden will not only give you easy access, but it will also add more layers of texture and bring remarkable visual delight.  Besides, it produces an impression that there is an intriguing mystery waiting around the next corner.

Benches are exceptional additions to the English garden. They consolidate well with the existing elements. They allow you and your guests to sit and relax while viewing the grandeur of your garden itself.

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful visual list of English Garden Landscaping. Which one is your favorite?

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