41 Clever DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Three easy DIY wooden garden tool storage ideas.

When you store your tools after use or for the winter season, it’s quite easy to just throw them somewhere in the garage but that isn’t the smartest idea. If you want a neat and clever storage section for your tools, then this DIY garden tool storage list is definitely for you.

All 41 storage ideas for your tools are easy to build and costs hardly anything or nothing at all.

You can scroll through this list to see what might work best for your storage shed.

So, let’s get to it!

Easy-to-Build Garden Tool Storage Ideas You Can Try

Organizing various garden tools is one task that you’ll always have to keep up with if you’re a gardener.

Sometimes we end up buying tools, thinking we lost what we already have, only to find it while cleaning and arranging stuff in the garage. Let’s not let that happen again!

Regardless of your availability and space, your level of expertise and budget, here are some exceptional ideas that will inspire you to organize your garden tools with materials you most likely already have.

1) All-Embracing Garden Tool Rack

Wooden rack mounted on the wall full of long-handled garden tools.
Image by: instructables.com

If you are a newbie and have no idea how to store your garden tools, then why not try this idea to help you tidy up your space.

This fun little task will allow you to build this project for just a short time and works well with limited space.

To create one, you can take scrap wood and make some notches out of it so that hanging your tools becomes easier. Then, screw it to the wall and Voila! You now have a storage wall for your large tools.

2) Repurposed Old Rake

Repurposed old garden rake organizer full of short-handled garden tools.
Image by: 1001gardens.org

Quality garden tools are an investment for most garden lovers. Anyone who experienced working in a garden knows the importance of reliable garden tools. They can make time spent on garden tasks fun and productive.

Repurposing an old rake like this can help keep your smaller gardening tools organized, all while spending absolutely no money. And this is helpful for gardeners with a limited budget.

 3) Simple Rack

Single shelve wooden garden tool rack with long-handled garden tools.
Image by: stanleytools.com

Are you tired of long-handled garden tools that quickly get jumbled in your garage? If so, you can get them organized in less than an hour with this idea.

Customize the rack appropriate to the tools you want to store and position it at any comfortable height you need it to be.

4) Fabulous Tool Storage PVC Pipe

Garden tool organizer made out of plywood painted with grey and 2" PVC cuttings.
Image by: essentialhomeandgarden.com

PVC is a versatile material that you can use in various ways.

You can build a planter and tool storage out of PVC pipe, particularly with various long-handled garden tools that you can customize to your preference.

Cut a 2-inch PVC pipe about 6-inches in length. Pre-drill a hole so you can mount them on the wall and install with screws or nails. Attach on the wall and neatly store long-handled garden tools like the concept above.

5) PVC Tool Holder

Garden tool PVC holder mounted on the wall full of long-handled garden tools.
Image by: homestoriesatoz.com

This PVC tool holder is an easy DIY project to keep your garden tools organized, all for a very minimal cost.

If your garden tools consist of rakes, shovels, and lots of other free-ranging tools piled randomly in the corner of your garage, you’ll appreciate this tool rack design made out of PVC material.

6) PVC Tool Rack

 Small size PVC rack mounted on the wall with shovels, garden forks, and loppers.
Image by: nextluxury.com

Taking appropriate measures to keep gardening tools in excellent conditions and make them last for many years to come is essential.

Garden tool storage ideas like this make storing come in handy. Replicate the rack by using a small PVC tube.

It can accommodate each tool up off of the ground, preventing them from getting damaged.

7) Clay Pot With Sand Tool Organizer

Claypot full of sand with short-handled garden tools.
Image by: balconygardenweb.com

Have you ever thought that a clay pot filled with sand is a potential storage ideas for your garden tools? Probably not but yes, it is.

If you want to keep your smaller garden tools near the garden beds so that you don’t have to walk to the garage every time to get your specific tool, then why not try this idea.

Just stick the tools in the pot to keep them sharp and organized. You can also paint the pot to make it aesthetically appealing.

8) Sand Bucket Tool Storage

Stainless steel bucket full of sand with short-handled garden tools.
Image by: gardenbetty.com

Novice gardeners often buy tools when they garden without considering tool storage at first. With that being said, small hand tools like shears and pruners are among the most abused in your garden.

Moisture is the number one enemy for gardening tools. Storing in a dry and protected area is essential.

Similar to the clay pot idea above but with sand this time. A bucket full of sand is an excellent way to store smaller tools and an excellent trick to keep ones easily misplaced while gardening.

9) Easy Access Pallet Storage

Five colourful upcycled pallets garden tool storage full of organized garden tools.
Image by: bigdiyideas.com

If you love gardening and have a small home, chances are you also have limited space and almost no room for gardening tools.

Getting started with your gardening journey will require you just a few essential garden tools. But as you improve and become more productive, the number of tools also increases based on the demand for your particular task. And they need a suitable storage rack to keep them organized.

This smart idea is suitable for the increasing number of tools. Locate them outdoors next to your wall to conserve space. It gives you easy access to the tools you often use without the need to take out others from the storage.

Aside from being budget-friendly, these tool storage ideas built out of a pallet and painting them can turn the project into a visually appealing masterpiece.

10) Inexpensive Garden Tool Organizer

Painted in white, a pallet mounted on the wall used as a garden tool organizer.
Image by: raccoonenmedia.com

Garden tool storage is essential for garden lovers, and transforming an old pallet into a garden tool storage can help organize your gardening items while adding style to your backyard.

This simple pallet project above turns an old pallet into a pretty and useful garden tool holder.

If your budget is limited for costly storage, you can replicate the idea above. Attach some hooks for tools to hang and paint with the color of your choice. Let it dry, mount it on the wall securely, and you’re good to go.

11) Stained Pallet Tool Storage

Stained pallet hung on the wall as garden tool storage.
Image by: hgtv.com

Gardening always involves a lot of tools. And if you don’t organize your tools, then grabbing the one tool you need might cause you to grab them all just to get to it.

So, why not try this simple idea. All you need is a pallet. Usually, your local hardware stores have a ton of pallets laying around. Don’t be afraid to ask.

This project is quick to build. Stain the pallet and let it dry for a few hours. After the stain has dried, fasten some hooks you can use to hang your tools. Then securely place it anywhere you like around your shed.

 12) Double Door Cupboard Tool Storage

Double door wooden cupboard garden tool storage full of short-handled tools.
Image by: gardenista.com

This gorgeous cupboard made of solid wood with an attractive finish is perfect for gardeners who love to decorate their backyard.

To replicate this idea, you can conveniently store short-handled gardening tools into a cupboard.

You can mount this functional double door cupboard onto the wall easily and preferably in your backyard around a beautifully looking green wall design which will bring out a nice aesthetic touch.

13) Gardener’s Little Cupboard

Folded-down door wooden cupboard garden tool storage.
Image by: familyhandyman.com

Placing this cute little cupboard near your garden beds can save you trips back and forth to the garage. You can either mount them on the wall or set on the bench.

The cubby can hold essential hand tools and gloves for gardening. It also features a fold-down door you can use as a potting surface.

14) Hook Them All

Hanging garden tools on the heavy-duty hardware black hooks attached to the garage side wall.
Image by: lifehacker.com

Garden tools need storage, so they don’t get damaged, or else they won’t last over two seasons.

Most garden tools have a hole at the end of the handle so you can hang them efficiently, and if there’s no hole, you can create by drilling one.

You can get clips and brackets designed to keep tools secured against a wall. Position them suitable to your preference.

Adding multiple hooks will allow you to hang a few garden tools and the mounting brackets will provide you with lots of options.

Hanging baskets are also excellent for storing smaller tools like trowels and pruning shears.

15) The Garden Tool Cabinet

 Wooden garden tool cabinet full of various gardening items.
Image by: homecrux.com

Keeping your tools away from the ground by placing them on the cabinet can save your children and pets from potential hazards caused by gardening tools carelessly left unorganized in your garage.

If limited space concerns you for your storage needs, try to go vertical. Planning and using available space is the key to an organized tool storage.

Prioritize things that you often use in the garden. Try adding tool racks and metal hooks to conserve space and make sure long-handled tools like rakes and shovels have their place.

Obviously, to replicate this idea you need a wardrobe or cabinet, but a dresser will also do the trick. Just take the drawers out and you’ll have yourself a nice, looking tool cabinet.

 16) Minimalist Rack

Two wooden racks mounted on the wall, each with two hanging shovels.
Image by: cutediyprojects.com

These simple racks can work wonders to keep your garden tools well organized. You can store different tools such as shovels, hoes, rakes, brooms, and many others.

All you have to do is create and attach a few hooks according to your needs. Secure them on the fence or to the back wall of the house.

17) Big Bolt Garden Organizer

Four pieces of big bolts screwed on a wood stud attached to the wall where a watering can is hanging.
Image by: remodelista.com

A simple, functional hanging rack made of large heavy-duty bolts is easy to build.

All you have to do is screw about four bits of bolts into a piece of salvaged wood. In a few minutes, you now have an excellent tool organizer and shelf. Definitely one of the more simpler ideas.

18) Easy Wheelbarrow Rack

A man hangs the blue wheelbarrow up on the wall stud with hooks and metal plates as the tool organizer.
Image by: familyhandyman.com

A wheelbarrow is an essential garden tool often used to transport mulch, compost, and soil into your garden.

Believe it or not, wheelbarrows will get damaged over time when exposed to moisture and heat so storing it is imperative.

And also, hanging up the wheelbarrow to conserve floor space is a smart idea. You can tack 2feet 1×4 wood above the floor and attach some metal mending plates by driving 3 inch screws into the studs.

Leave ¾ inch of the plate to catch the rim as you drive through the screws. Rest the wheelbarrow to get the exact position of the hook in the studs. Then, twist the hook to hold the wheelbarrow in place.

19) The Wonder Of A Sliding Bolt Latch

 A DIY wheelbarrow wall storage with a pair of sliding bolt latches.
Image by: makezine.com

This multi-purpose sliding bolt latch can be a smart solution to get your wheelbarrow up off the ground and stored against the wall. If you find this idea easier than the method above, then go for it!

 It’s an inexpensive and easy solution to conserve space and is perfect for lightweight wheelbarrows. 

For a bigger and heavier wheelbarrow, you can apply the same concept but with another heavy-duty hardware item able to support heavy materials.

20) Tuck Hose In The Pot

Upcycled hose concealer pot with a green garden hose inside.
Image by: blog.gardenloversclub.com

Unruly garden hoses are quite an eyesore. But often, we leave them in a pile by the water spigot. 

This recycled container displays undeniable attractiveness and function by tucking in the unruly hose, and the small hole will ensure you can quickly uncoil it, making the look of your garage tidy.

21) Gorgeous Hose Concealer With Lid Planter

Stained wooden box hose concealer with lid planter.
Image by: idealhome.co.uk

Storing and coiling hoses can be challenging if you have no idea how to keep them from becoming an eyesore to your backyard.

The concept of this multi-purpose planter can be the perfect solution with your concern. It is an easy DIY that you can build for your garden tools.

It has a lid where you can fill with beautiful plants while the base conceals the hose you want to hide inside. This hiding box does not take up much space and can add style to your backyard’s overall look.

22) Hang  Up Your Hose With Coat Hook

The orange garden hose hangs with a yellow plastic chain on the coat hook.
Image by: craftsbooming.com

Using a sidewall to store and display garden tools by attaching metal hooks, and various holders are popular.

Replicating the idea of using an extension cord like this can provide tidy storage for your unruly hoses. Hanging them up in a coiled manner can also keep them from getting damaged. It is considered one of the cheapest and best ways to keep hoses in order.

23) Heavy-Duty Bracket Hose Holder

Heavy-duty metal bracket holding a green garden hose on the wood post.
Image by: moderncottageblog.blogspot.com

Garden hoses can be a nuisance if you do not know how to store them properly.

Trying to keep them unruly and from getting damaged is a good reason to provide storage. But sometimes, you can’t find one suitable for your taste or you might be on a budget.

It is easy to install and suitable for people who are looking for a tidier look. You can get them at any hardware or garden store near you.

24) Tidy Shovel Rack

An easy DIY wooden rack in the colour grey with organized garden forks and shovels.
Image by: waltons.co.uk

This tidy shovel rack looks simple, and yes, it is. It will give you an idea of how to organize spades, forks, brooms, and hoes the simple way.

You’ll be able to free up space conveniently, as it can accommodate long-handled tools out of the way giving you more room to spare.

25) Crisscrossed Garden Tool Rack

Wooden crisscrossed box garden tool storage with long-handled shovels, rakes and broom.
Image by: bigdiyideas.com

An unorganized pile of shovels, rakes, and many other tools can cause hazards if you leave them disorganized and don’t deal with them.

Of course, you want to store your long-handled garden tools, and you would like it in a way that offers easy access.

Well, this crisscross wooden box is quite easy to create and will make for a great storage item.

26) No-Hook Garden Tool Rack

A no hook wooden garden tool rack full of garden tools and one gardener's hat.
Image by: instructables.com

This easy to build garden tool rack can help you organize your garden tools, keep your garage tidy, and everyone safe.

The garden tool rack is designed to hold garden tools with no hooks. All you need to do is lean the shovel and other long-handled tools on the upper rail of the rack.

27) Kitchen Rod Garden Tool Organizer

Two kitchen rods attached to the wall with hanging short-handled garden tools.
Image by: countryliving.com

This simple tool organizer makes for excellent storage for your light and smaller garden tools.

It will save you time searching for a misplaced tool and also it is very convenient when you have to put your tools back after use.

28) Keep Garden Tool At Hand

Gardener wearing yellow gloves storing garden tools onto the metal mailbox.
Image by: familyhandyman.com

Garden lovers collect various tools to make each task quick and easy. And making sure that the right tools are always close at hand is the key to productive gardening.

The mailbox garden storage helps organize and stores your gardening tools, aside from adding style to your garden’s landscape.

Once spring arrives, why not try this idea and make your garden look prettier. Also, make your outdoor space a place where you and your family can bond as you do this project together.

29) Functional Wood Art

A wooden mailbox with garden tools inside and an open door labelled with chalkboard.
Image by: houzz.com.

This DIY mailbox will only take a couple of hours from scrap wood.

Adding a chalkboard onto the mailbox to write a message or a reminder to yourself for another day’s task can make it look even better.

Aside from the beauty of it, building it will allow you to showcase your skills and creativity. It will also provide you with the pleasure of turning a few scraps of lumber into a functional wood art.

30) Elevated Boot Rack

Two pairs of boots on a wooden boot rack mounted on the wall.
Image by: makezine.com

Wearing a regular pair of shoes for your gardening tasks can get them filthy and ruined.

However, boots are a pair of footwear you can use to help protect your feet from harmful thorns, sharp sticks, sprayed chemicals, spiders, and other things that might harm you when you’re in your garden.

Keeping your garden footwear dry and tidy is essential. This rack is robust enough to mount even on your sidewall. You can customize the structure to ensure all boot sizes fit correctly, even with children’s footwear.

31) Mobile Garden Tool Cabinet

Mobile garden tool cabinet painted in yellow with pegboard sidings.
Image by: hallmarkchannel.com

If you are looking for extra storage to organize your garden tools, why not build one that exactly meets the look and the size that you need.

You can paint it with a color of your preference, and add some hooks for you to hang smaller tools for easy access.

Building your storage cabinet with materials at hand is satisfying. It will even impress your visitors who will notice it.

32) Mobile Tool Caddy

Unpainted DIY pallet garden tool trolley full of garden tools.
Image by: owntheyard.com

A mobile caddy like this is especially helpful if you do a lot of gardening tasks, and you want your garden tools to always be at hand.

This DIY project is easy to build, and you can customize the structure for all the tools you have. Also, it’s easy to move aside after your gardening tasks are complete.

33) The Mobile Garden Tool Cart

Unstained DIY garden tool cart made out of plywood, PVC and caster screws which is full of garden tools.
Image by: ryobitools.com

This mobile garden tool cart can keep your garage from getting cramped with shelving and other garden materials. If your backyard has limited space and you can’t find a suitable place to store your gardening tools in order, then why not mimic this idea.

Building the cart on your own is do-able and isn’t that hard with materials at hand. All you need are plywood, PVC, casters screws, and then it will take you about two hours to cut and assemble.

The cart structure can fit oversized tools and will save you a lot of room in the garage, aside from being handy, and can also move around conveniently.

34) Simple Seed Organizer

Packets of seeds clipped on the ribbon that is attached to the wall.
Image by: idealhome.co.uk

Are you excited to grow your favorite flowering plants like foxgloves or beetroots and other vegetables this summer? This seed organizer will not only remind you when to get planting but will also add style to your storage shed.

Adding a few ribbon strips to the wall is all you need to do. Label the ribbons with the month and peg the seed packets you’re considering planting the entire month.

35) Hide Them Beautifully

Two plastic bins in green and black inside a wooden garbage storage.
Image by: owntheyard.com

Hiding your trash bins in easy to build storage boxes like this will not only make them look pleasant around your garden but you can also use them to store your garden tools if you have a spare bin for your garbage.

You can customize them in different sizes and layout the structure according to your preferences.

36) Inspiring Garden Tool Shed

A small garden shed built out of wood with an opened door.
Image by: thespruce.com

Are you dreaming of a garden shed? This concept will definitely inspire you. It will provide you with an excellent storage place, ideal for securing your garden tools, garden accessories, and outdoor equipment.

Doing it yourself will allow you to customize the structure of your choice, get materials, and build it in precise size according to your preference.

37) Fresh & Functional

 Wooden bench with a garden tool storage base and a lid painted in white.

A garden bench can serve as a perfect storage for various things, such as garden tools and backyard toys. It also adds style to your home and allows you to rest comfortably after tending to your gardening needs.

The wooden bench with the base box can be accessed by opening up the lid and is big enough to store and protect your garden tool investment.

38) Beautiful Bucket Tool Storage

 Plastic bucket with tailored pockets and jean pockets full of garden tools.
Image by: gardens.theownerbuildernetwork.co

Using a bucket as a garden tool organizer is like hitting two birds with one stone. This concept showcases old pairs of jeans sewed, and placed in the bucket.

This idea will give you a beautiful, indispensable garden caddy where you can slip small garden tools like pruners on the pockets and long and bulk clusters inside the bucket.

This project is easy and involves simple cutting and sewing. You can also do it by hand if a sewing machine is not an option for you.

39) Customized Container Pot Tool Storage

Stainless container pot with tailored pocket and jean pockets full of garden tools.
Image by: gravetics.com

Getting all your gardening tools to where they’re needed can be tiring. It involves multiple trips back to the storage area to get that tool you’ve forgotten to bring.

Customizing a bucket garden tool organizer is a great way to make things easier. The pocket storage can be a practical organizer for consistent gardening tools.

Using a customized bucket to store smaller garden tools is not only efficient, but it will also provide you with essential tools at hand as you work on your garden tasks. The bucket storage is easy and handy to bring them back with you once you’re finished.

 40) Pegboard Garden Tool Display

Two grey metal pegboards

These handy and durable metal pegboard panels are easy-to-use garden tool storage ideas for your garden shed. You can install them easily into walls or flat surfaces with pre-drilled mounting holes on 16″ centers.

It offers both slots and holes perfect for hooks and multiple options with tool board accessory selection.

41) Farm House Style Potting Bench

A DIY unpainted farmhouse style potting bench with a bottom shelf where the watering can, clay pots and potting soil are stored.
Image by: epicgardening.com

This rustic bench is a simple farmhouse-style potting bench project even beginners can build.

It features a lower storage shelf that can fit larger pots, potting mix, and watering cans, making them always accessible at hand. If you’re a crafty person, then try building it.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this DIY list of garden tool storage ideas. Now, it’s time for your creativity to begin. Pick one of these ideas that suit you best and try creating it. It will only make your gardening tasks that much easier. Or if you have come up with a clever idea on your own that I have missed, then leave me a comment below!

Just remember, a storage area for your garden tools will only bring you more convenience, longevity, and a better gardening experience.


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