The 15 Most Beautiful Christmas Houseplants

Red amaryllis in bloom

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there are several beautiful Christmas houseplants you can grow that will add colors and life to your home.

These plants can bring in a touch of fresh and natural beauty to cheer up the chilly atmosphere of the winter season.

And by adding these beautiful houseplants inside, you’ll realize that even if you have the smallest of homes, you can lift the spirits of the holidays even on a budget.

Although winter is a time when the colors of beautiful flowers are compromised, that should not stop you from celebrating the holidays full of joy and life.

These houseplants complementing greenery and traditional blooms associated with the season will help cheer up your home’s chilly environment. Such beauties will make you feel festive and have a joyful season.

15 Beautiful Christmas Houseplants To Decorate Your Home

Every year, typical families most often go out and buy a plastic conifer tree from the local market.

There are pint-sized, fully decorated ones that sit on a side table and in some cases are the larger-than-life trees with the tips of the leaves covered in fake snow.

But if you’re like me and prefer natural trees over synthetic, then you won’t have to worry about bringing in even the least amount of harmful chemicals by using fake plastic Christmas trees.

Of course, the options of synthetic trees available are endless. However, these trees are not sustainable. Besides, you’ll likely bring in harmful chemicals that may add toxins to the air inside your home.

Here are the 15 beautiful living Christmas houseplants you can decorate your home and create colorful and joyful holidays in a sustainable and relatable fashion.

1) Poinsettia

Red poinsettia

Poinsettia is the most popular and favorite Christmas plant in the US. The reason is apart from being attractive in its vivid reds and strongly contrasting dark green leaves, this gorgeous Christmas houseplant is humble and modest when it comes to maintenance.

This beautiful house plant becomes the festive favorite. Its delightful deep color sings with Christmas cheer, making the plant a great alternative hostess gift instead of bringing a bottle of wine.

A poinsettia is a tender plant that prefers temperature ranging from 16°C – 22°C with minimal watering. So find the perfect location to keep them blooming and beautiful the whole festive season.

Besides, available now are the newest varieties with colors white, pink, and light orange that are also becoming more common, providing you with a lot of options to choose from.

2) Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus with pink flower

Christmas cactus is a pretty stunning houseplant that often blooms just in time for the holidays. It features hanging branches made up of flat, glossy green that can grow up to 3 feet long.

It blooms in red, white, yellow, pink, or purple, hanging at the tips of branches with several tiers of petals. The plant’s entire flowering period lasts up to several weeks, but each bloom often lasts up to several days only.

However, to keep these plants looking beautiful throughout the holiday season, keep the plant in a cool place following their blooming period.

When buds begin to appear, introduce to a warmer temperature, keeping the soil just barely moist, and don’t forget to feed with appropriate fertilizer.

3) Cyclamen

Cyclamen blooms in pink.

This beautiful cool-season plant is popular in the winter months. Its bloom can last up to eight weeks or more when placed in the right conditions.

Cyclamen is an excellent addition to your house decor to help cheer up the spirits of the festive season. This beautiful Christmas plant comes with delightful scents and blooms in several colors.

And what makes the flowers more appealing is the elegant marbled texture that looks delicate yet tough and cold-hardy that fascinates everyone with its beauty and unique fragrance.

Overwatering, extreme heat, and light can cause the plant to an untimely death. So place the potted cyclamen in the chilliest part of the house for the plants to be happy and do well.

Besides, this plant develops a tuber when placed on the right location and comes back year after year up to a century when given proper care.

4) Rhododendron (Azalea)

Azalea with pink blossoms.

Azaleas are one of the delicate yet cheerful plants and all-time favorite Christmas houseplants to cheer up the wintry environment of the holiday season.

The beautiful house plants come in arrays of pretty pink, rosy red, and soft white flowers, making them great gifts. And because the plant prefers cooler weather, position them inside the house away from direct sunlight.

Plus, keep the soil moist with compost to avoid the possibility of untimely death. The plant loves a humid atmosphere and will wilt if left to dry out.

However, do not overwater and fertilize the plant lightly. Azalea usually stores all essential nutrients in the leaves, and feeding the plants too generously will give you lush growth with no flowers.

5) Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchids)

Three flowers of moth orchid

Moth orchids come in a wide variety, but phalaenopsis and cymbidiums are the two most popular to make beautiful decorations at this time of the year.

Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular ornamental house plants producing long-lasting flowers and growing well in heated homes.

While cymbidiums, the native to the Himalayas, will find you cheerful spirits of the holidays. The plants do well with cooler night temperatures.

Water once every few weeks and position in place with access to sunlight. Also, make sure to add compost and mulch to enrich the soil and retain adequate moisture. Doing so allows you to enjoy beautiful flowers for several months.

6) African Violets

Red and purple blooms of the African violet

African violets are small plants that produce attractive clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves.

It is one of the most popular Christmas house plants you can use to add colors and cheer up the chilly environment of your home, particularly in this cold holiday season.

The plants prefer low or medium indirect light to bloom. This beautiful Christmas houseplant loves loose and well-drained soil planted in small pots.

This beauty grows best and blooms well when repotted once a year to enjoy fresh soil.

Don’t forget to fertilize the plant every two weeks with a high phosphorus plant food and make sure to keep the plants away from high humidity to avoid the probability of leaf rot.

7) Peace Lily

Potted peace lily near a windowsill
Image by:

Peace lilies are famous air-purifying plants that are easy to care for when you grow them indoors. The plant prefers growing indoors with indirect sunlight from the windows.

Besides, it is exceptional at neutralizing toxic gases like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde inside your home.

Plus, its velvety white flower that resembles those of calla lily brings life and elegance to your home, blooms after blooms. It also makes beautiful gifts for friends and family as you celebrate the joyful season.

Peace lilies can thrive in a room with no windows under fluorescent lights. However, these showy plants perform even better if placed in partial shade with conditions that are appropriate for the season.

8) Amaryllis

Red amaryllis flower

Amaryllis is known as beautiful Christmas blooms with festive bright red flowers that make a perfect match for traditional Christmas colors. These strikingly beautiful indoor plants come with strappy leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers with a delicate fragrance.

The plant has tall flower spires that add a touch of style to your home. Although typically bought as a plant, they became popular gifts at Christmas as they can bloom indoors, add colors, life, and elegance to your home as you celebrate the festive season.

Amaryllis plant produces flowers about six to eight weeks from the first day of planting, and to help the blooms stay fresh once they begin to appear, move the pot to a bright but cool area.

9) Paperwhites

Paperwhites in blooms

Paperwhites are popular Christmas presents people give to their loved ones during the holiday season. This plant is easy to grow and requires no experience to get started in gardening.

This beauty makes cheerful additions to your windowsill or wonderful centerpieces as you celebrate the festive season.

Paperwhites can grow well both in the soil or water. But when considering growing in the water, weigh down the bulbs with either stone, washed gravels, or marbles to prevent the possibility of tipping.

However, make sure only half of the bulbs are covered. Doing so will allow the roots to anchor themselves on the stone.

10) Rosemary

Rosemary in circular ceramic pot.

Rosemary is one of the most popular festive ornamental plants during the holiday season. And if you live in a small apartment and don’t have the room for a full-size Christmas tree, considering this plant can be an excellent idea to decorate your space.

You can grow rosemary trees for Christmas outdoors to wait the following holiday season. The aromatic plant is disease and pest resistant, a culinary treasure, and the plant responds beautifully to pruning to maintain its tidy and attractive shape.

Rosemary is a herb valued for many reasons. Not only popularly used in wine, perfumes, and medicines, it is also exceptional as air-purifying houseplants. The herbs likewise can repel mosquitoes and flies when grown indoors, on patios, or among the terrace gardens.

11) Foxtail Fern

Foxtail fern plant

Foxtail ferns usually multiply from seeds and won’t produce spores. This plant does not belong to the ferns family but the lily. However, the name foxtail ferns come from its clumping habit similar to that of a fern.

This fern-like plant is hardy and drought-resistant once established. This beauty features arching plumes of tightly packed, needle-like leaves that look soft and delicate. And the plant becomes more fascinating when it blooms with white flowers and red berries.

12) Winter Cherry

Winter cherry with small orange berries.

Winter cherry also known as the Jerusalem cherry is a popular ornamental plant to buy at Christmas time.

This small bushy plant produces star-shaped white and unscented flowers that usually appear in June or July. However, after the second or third year of growth, this attractive fruit starts to bear fruit.

It produces red-orange berries right after the end of the blooms around September to October. But when considering growing winter cherry indoors, you have to keep in mind that while the berries look tasty, these are mildly poisonous plants.

This gorgeous plant is easy to grow and produces shiny green leaves and stems. And when the plant reaches maturity, the green stems will start to turn brownish and become woody.

Jerusalem Cherry grows best for USDA hardiness zones eight and above both in bright light or partial shade.

And while this beautiful house plant tolerates direct sunlight, it enjoys mild lighting and temperatures about 70°F. Besides, it cannot survive the danger of frost.

13) Gerbera

Potted gerbera plant with orange flowers

Gerbera is a colorful variety of daisies that produces lots of large beautiful flowers you can use as an alternative color in winter. Its blooms have satin-looking petals that can brighten up the chilly atmosphere of your home for several weeks.

This fascinating plant grows well both in-ground or in indoor pots in a pile of lush green leaves. Gerberas are quite sturdy plants that do not require much attention.

It prefers temperatures between 70ºF and 75ºF, but this gorgeous plant is a frost-tender perennial that can tolerate temperatures as low as 30ºF.

However, remember that any frost can cause damage to the flowers. Moreover, the plant prefers direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon shade to thrive.

14) Hyacinths

Potted hyacinth with red, white and purple blossoms.

Hyacinths are one of the most loved flowers that brings color and fragrance into your home at Christmas. However, winter gardeners often force the bulb to flower early for a stunning Christmas display.

And to force the bulbs to flower, gardeners will mimic the natural conditions of winter and spring to fool the plant into flowering. First, the bulb is placed in a cool dark corner and then brings it to light in a warm area similar to spring weather.

15) Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy)

Potted kalanchoe with red blooms

Kalanchoe is an affordable houseplant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family closely related to the jade plant. When the plant is in bloom, it produces a gorgeous display of small, vibrant flowers.

However, those beautiful little flowers wilt quickly and often end up in the trash bin. But with little care and patience, these plants will reward you back another set of tiny flowers sooner than you think.

Flaming Katy usually blooms in late autumn, and to prolong the flowering period, place the plant in a cool place away from bright sunlight. And remove spent flowers from the cluster to help prolong the life of other healthy flowers.

The lovely 4-petal flowers come in vibrant colors from bright pink to dark red, orange, yellow, or white and usually come with over 50 blossoms at a time.

Final Thoughts

Christmas houseplants are necessary elements around holidays. These beauties lift the atmosphere by adding colors, life, and cheer even to the chilliest days of the season.

Gorgeous house plants such as potted cyclamen, poinsettias, azaleas, and Christmas cacti are traditional Christmas gifts that are known to lift the spirit of the festive season.

However, most of these beautiful Christmas houseplants are gifts to non-gardeners. They keep the plants while looking at their best, but once they start to go over, most of these houseplants end up in a bin.

But the truth is, all of these plants could last for many years when placed in the right conditions and taken with proper care.

And just like a garden in spring, you have to ensure your plant stays on top of the watering schedule, receives the light required, and is placed in a preferred temperature.

When you do, your holiday decorations will be full of vibrant color combinations of your favorite houseplants as you celebrate the festive season. Happy holidays, plant lovers!

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