103 Cheap DIY Planter Ideas

colorful bucket planters hanging on a white wooden fence

When decorating your backyard, it’s easy to just place a flower pot anywhere but what fun is that. If you want to spice it up a bit then this cheap DIY planters list is definitely for you.

All 103 garden planter ideas are easy to make and costs hardly anything or nothing at all.

You can scroll through this list to see what might work best for your garden and backyard.

So, let’s get to it!

5-Minute Planters

1) Light Bulb Planters

three light bulbs with purple flowers sticking out and each one is hanging from a branch

Now this is really cool and really simple to create. All you need is some light bulbs and rope or something to hang your planters with. You can fill your bulbs up with water and make the perfect planters. This will definitely “light up” your garden and it only takes a couple of minutes, so give it a try.

2) Seashell Planters

a large white seashell sitting on a silver table with plants coming out

If you want something super easy that looks good and has an adventurous touch, then try out some seashell planters. If you have a bird bath or pond in your garden then seashell planters are the perfect fit for you. Your guests will most definitely give you a compliment.

3) Paint Can Planters

a blue and gold striped paint can and pink and gold striped paint can with green leaves coming out of them

If you’re looking for something creative but small then you might want to make some paint can planters. They are really crafty and look quite neat in small gardens. They are also very fun to make, I know it sounds funny but you can paint the paint can to mix and match with your other garden decor.

4) Jar Planters

three jar planters placed next to each other on a white stand with grass behind in the background

Are you looking for something small that hardly takes any work to create? Then how about a few jar planters! All you need to do is get your soil and you are good to go. This idea seems small but it really can be quite creative. You can hang your jars, place them in a pattern, or make them the centerpiece of your patio table.

5) Watering Can Planter

a silver water can with colorful flowers placed on a brown wooden table

source: homebnc.com

Having a watering can planter is quite ironic for the garden and it really brings out a neat touch. With drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses these days, watering cans are hardly used anymore to water gardens. With that being said, why not use your old metal watering can and turn it into a planter which looks fabulous as you can tell from the image. This requires hardly any work also.

6) Rain Boot Planters

several rain boot planters with pink and yellow flowers coming out of each one

source: freshpatio.com

You might think this is a little odd but it looks quite nice, doesn’t it? If you grab several different rain boots and place some colorful flowers in and around them, it really brings out a beautiful touch to your garden. This is very easy to do and if you really want to be creative, you can paint the rain boots yourself.

7) Teapot Planters

an isolated white teapot sitting on brown mulch with a green flower popping out of the top

If you are looking for something to really give that eye-catching effect then I recommend placing some tea cups in your garden. Your garden’s aesthetic appeal depends a lot on your flowers but if you hang or place some teacups throughout your garden, it will really bring out a surprising touch that won’t go unnoticed.

8) Coffee Bag Planters

a coffee bag with soil and green leaves coming out of it placed on a brown wooden table

source: homedit.com

A coffee bean bag planter is a quick and simple way to create a neat looking planter. If you make 2 or 3 of them you could make it the centerpiece of your backyard dining table or place them on some sort of wooden piece in your garden which would really make them stand out nicely.

9) Pitcher Planter

a white pitcher placed on a wooden stand with green and pink flowers coming out of it

source: themicrogardener.com

Instead of using a traditional flower pot, why not be more creative and use a pitcher instead. If you have a glass pitcher somewhere in the kitchen that you don’t really use then grab it and take 5 minutes to create this flower piece. If you really want to be creative you can paint it to match the style of your garden.

10) Hat Planters

four hats nailed to a green wall with yellow and purple plants on each one

If you want a garden container that is fun, simple, and shows some personality then hat planters might just be the thing you’re missing. It certainly does bring out a pleasant appeal. All you do is slide the hats over already existing planters and cut a hole in the hat if it doesn’t already have one.

11) Tea Kettle Planter

a silver tea kettle planter sitting on a brown wooden table

This is another quick and simple DIY garden container that takes just a few minutes and looks fabulous. A tea kettle planter will really bring out that antique style if that’s what you’re going for. Of course it depends on the material and color but nonetheless, they really do look great.

12) Cup & Saucer Planter

a cup and saucer planter placed on a black marble table

Now this planter is extremely simple. A cup and saucer planter adds some elegance into your garden or wherever you feel like laying this planter. If you really want to get creative then place this planter beside your tea kettle planter which will create sort of a tea planter party which could bring out quite the display.

13) Eggshell Planter

six brown eggshell planters inside an egg carton

source: makezine.com

This is another quick and simple planter that could get done in about 5 minutes. If you want to do a little arts and crafts time with your kids then try having them make some eggshell planters. These look quite nice sitting up on your kitchen window ledge.

14) Toy Truck Planter

a beat up yellow toy truck filled with green plants

If you have a fun and adventurous backyard with kids always playing, then this small planter might be for you. Try making a toy truck planter for a tower piece which might go well with the style of your backyard.

15) Cork Planters

three wine corks placed next to each other with a tiny flower piece sticking out of them

This is something tiny but rather creative. If you’re a wine drinker then this shouldn’t be hard for you. You could scavenge as many corks as you can get and dig some tiny little holes for some small flower pieces to place in. If you really want to get creative, try placing your corks in a pattern to see what kind of display you get.

16) Flip Flop Planters

a pair of blue flip flops nailed to the wall with flowers coming out

source: dollarstorecrafts.com

If you’re going for a tropical looking backyard style, or have a pool, or you might even be lakeside, then flip flop planters will really suit your style. It’s not the most elegant looking planter, but it really does bring out a fun touch.

17) Crushed Tin Can Planters

three crushed golden tin can planters on a black night stand

source: hometalk.com

This is another quick 5-minute planter that gives off a certain appeal that is rather interesting. If you mix and match these crushed tin can planters and place them on an old beat up stand or tower then it just might blend right in.

18) Burlap Planter

a burlap planter placed on a silver table

Burlap canvas can actually make the perfect DIY planter. It is very simple and looks beautiful. If you can get your hands on some burlap, try creating this planter which will look perfect on your outdoor table furniture.

19) Pallet Planters

a brown wooden pallet sitting upright in front of a green hedge with green leaves coming through it

source: lovelygreens.com

This is one of the most common and easiest types of planters. A pallet planter really looks good beside any garden element and brings out that casual and natural touch. You can even be creative with this one, you can hang your pallet, paint it if you wish, or position it in a certain direction. Trust me, your guests will be sure to compliment you as soon as they walk into your backyard.

20) Plastic Bottle Planter

a plastic bottle planter hanging down with green leaves and yellow flowers surrounding it

source: hickory.macaronikid.com

This might not be the most elegant or beautiful looking planter, but it is quite creative. In fact, if you have children at home and it’s arts and crafts day, this could be a fun little project.

21) Muffin Tray Planters

a muffin tray filled with beautiful looking succulents

This is another planter that makes for a great creative crafts idea. Just like the eggshell planters, this one too would look quite nice sitting up on your kitchen window ledge.

22) Croc Shoe Planters

a pair of pink croc shoes hanging from a branch with flowers inside them

source: suzyhomefaker.blogspot.com

If you’re looking for something silly and fun then croc planters might be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t give off the most aesthetic touch but it is simple and takes only a few minutes to create.

23) Suit Tie Planters

five different color suit ties hung on a clothes hanger with small plants in the pocket of them

source: blog.modcloth.com

These are just too witty to not include. Tie planters are fun, adventurous, and creative. They take just a few minutes to make so if you find a good spot to hang them then I strongly recommend giving it a shot.

24) Yogurt Cup Planter

a white yogurt cup placed on a white table with a green plant sticking out of it

This is another fun little 5-minute planter that your children could try out for an arts and crafts day. You can always place them up on your kitchen window ledge or beside your kitchen sink tap which will make for the perfect fit.

Small & Creative Planters

25) Book Planters

a book opened up with a red and green flower planted on the page with unlit candles behind it

source: handimania.com

If you’re a reader then this planter idea will touch the heart. Having a book planter placed on your garden rock or a stone stand will really portray a beautiful but personal touch. You can even place multiple book planters with a planter on the cover, one on the page, or having the book laying up with flowers throughout it. Get creative!

Making a book planter is quite simple and will look fabulous in your garden. Also, a bird bath or garden fountain looks absolutely stunning next to a book planter if you do decide to create one.

26) Tool Box Planter

a tool box placed on mulch with flowers coming out of it

Doesn’t this look quite interesting? A tool box planter is neat, it’s creative, and it is rather eye-catching. You can really get creative with this one depending on the size or color of your tool box. A rustic, beige tool box looks absolutely beautiful on mulch or even on your garden soil. It will bring out that adventurous style to your garden. The good news is that they take hardly any time to create.

27) Wicker Basket Planter

two wicker basket planters with purple and green flowers in it sitting on a brown wooden table

source: blackdownlifestyle.co.uk

Wicker planter baskets are easy to make and they look great. Odds are your patio furniture is constructed out of wicker so these planters will blend right in. Place one beside your patio chair, or even on the centerpiece table. They look natural, beautiful, and are quite appealing. Trust me, guests will be sure to notice these.

28) Boat Planter

a boat planter with yellow planters sitting on a white brick ledge next to an empty boat

source: fourseasonsgardenart.net

If you have a garden pond, or a fountain, or a pool then this planter idea will look great in your backyard. Placing a boat planter beside your pond or on a ledge close to some water really gives your backyard that correct style. It makes it look so natural but so beautiful at the same time. The boats can be small or even big depending on the size of your garden or backyard. A canoe works well too, so if you can get your hands on a small boat of some sort then I suggest giving this a shot.

29) Pocket Planters

three rows of black pouch pocket planters that are nailed to a gold brick wall

source: treehugger.com

Pocket planters are really one of my favorites. They are so simple but so beautiful. They look great laying across your backyard brick wall, or on your deck, or anywhere that brings out a popping effect. Placing a lantern beside your pocket planter wall looks absolute stunning at night. They aren’t difficult to make and cost hardly anything, so if you want to spice up your backyard then this might be a great option for you.

30) Hose Pot Planters

a brown hose pot with a green hose inside and a silver hose pot behind it with red flowers inside

Hose pot planters are actually really neat. Instead of just using a normal flower pot, you take another pot and turn it into a planter. Garden hose pots are a great way to store your hose and it makes your hose look good. But what makes it look even better is placing a hose pot planter beside your actual hose pot. This will really bring out some aesthetic value to your hose and your garden.

31) Purse Planters

a red purse and a green purse with white and purples flowers hanging out of them

source: flickr.com

Are you looking for a fun touch to add to your garden then this DIY planter might hit the jackpot for you. All you need to do is place a plastic bag inside to act as a liner and then you will be good to go with your soil. It really adds that summer taste to your garden. I recommend placing them under some shelter as rain might impact the longevity of this planter.

32) Hanging Colander Planter

a silver colander hanging from a brown wooden post with pink and purple leaves coming out of it

A colander planter is the perfect way to make your garden look stylish. Why not turn your old colander into a garden planter in a few quick minutes. Hanging this planter looks stunning, so if you already have a colander stuffed in your kitchen cupboard somewhere, then all you need is a chain.

33) Wine Barrel Planters

a brown wine barrel with yellow and purple flowers coming out of the top

A barrel planter is a neat way way to add some taste to your garden and backyard. It really makes your garden stand out and you can be quite creative with this idea as well. You can stack your barrels, place them accordingly, or even paint them to add some color.

34) Broken Garden Pot Planter

a orange broken garden pot with green leaves and small toy wooden bird houses inside

What happens if you accidentally brake your garden pot? Your first instinct is to clean up that dreadful mess and then throw it out. But what about just turning it into its original purpose with a little bit of a twist. Broken flower pots really do look quite neat and will give your garden a little bit of an adventurous touch.

35) Wine Bottle Planters

four wine bottles hanging from chains with green leaves and flowers hanging on each one

Wine bottles are a quick and easy way to make your garden look elegant and beautiful. There’s something about a plant in a bottle that really catches the eye and portrays a nice stylish look. You can do all sorts of things with this type of planter like hang it, lay it flat, or if you really want to be creative, you could bury half of it in soil which could resemble the whole message in a bottle idea but plant in a bottle instead.

36) Chandelier Planter

a blue chandelier hanging from a blue chain with plants in each part of it with green trees in the background

If you’re looking for something that is quite surprising but looks beautiful as well, then how about a chandelier planter. It will really give your guests that unexpected but wow reaction. It also doesn’t take too long to create.

37) Stair Rail Planters

five bucket planters hanging from a pink stair rail with a brick wall behind them

If you want some aesthetic touch on your patio staircase then stair rail planters can give you just that. If you really want to go all out, I suggest getting some stair rail lights which would make your staircase look fabulous under the night sky.

38) Old Washtub Planter

an old washtub with green leaves and soil inside placed on a brown wooden stand

This is another simple and quick garden container that might just look great in your garden. An old washtub planter can be placed in the corner of your garden which blends in quite well with your other garden decor. So, if you have an old washtub laying around the house somewhere, why not put it to good use.

39) Sorbus Hanging Planter

a round planter hanging beside a white couch in front of a patio door

What is sorbus you might ask? Well, it is a genus of trees and shrubs created into a lovely looking planter. Unfortunately, creating this planter would be quite the task and would require an expert but it’s just too beautiful to not put into this list. With that being said, they come quite cheap and are more than worth it.

40) Disco Ball Planter

green leaves surrounding a disco ball in front of a white wall

source: thehunt.com

Believe it or not, a disco ball can actually make quite the garden container. If you want to add a little fun to your backyard, then try creating your own disco ball planter. You could have a beautiful planter that even lights up your backyard.

41) Candle Pot Planters

two flower pots placed on a brown picnic table with lit candles inside them

Candle pot planters are great for the dark hours of the night. Place one of these as the centerpiece of your lounge spot with your guests and you will really create a beautiful looking atmosphere.

42) Letter Planters

a big letter M nailed to the wall and filled with flowers

source: sgplants.com

If you want to add some personal fun then try creating letter planters with your own initials or your family member’s initials. If you feel like being handy then try using wood to put together some letters. You can place these planters anywhere you like, although I recommend hanging them on your fence or brick wall as they do look quite stunning.

43) Mail Box Planter

a mailbox made out of a wood with green flowers on it

source: vanzelst.com

Yes, you sure can have some fun with your mail box. I bet if you looked outside and took a gander down the street, you would see a ton of plain looking mail boxes. Well, try adding some pretty little flowers throughout it and this will definitely show your neighbors up.

44) Drawer Planters

one red drawer and one blue drawer filled with flowers hanging on a wall

Drawer planters make for a perfect little DIY planter which is very simple. If you have an old dresser that you don’t use anymore, try taking the drawers out and creating them into small planters. You can even paint the drawers if it might add to your aesthetic appeal you’re trying to go for.

45) Twig Planter

a twig planter placed on a table with a white bow wrapped around it

Here’s something simple but neat. If you really feel like being crafty then try making a small twig planter. You can use a bow, rope, or even string to tie all the twigs together. You can really use your imagination on this one.

46) Picture Frame Planter

a picture frame filled with flowers nailed to a piece of wood

This is another small but very simple planter that is quite beautiful. If you have some old picture frames sitting in your junk drawers, then try creating some pretty looking planters that you can hang outside in your backyard.

47) Mosaic Pot Planters

two mosaic pot planters placed beside each other on a silver table

Mosaic flower pots are obviously the creative aspect to having a flower pot. If you’re tired of looking at your plain brown garden pots, then try turning them into something that looks beautiful, all while giving you some fun. If you can scavenge up some glass, metal, or tile, then try creating a cool looking design on your flower pot.

48) Rope Pot Planters

two flower pots wrapped with rope around them

source: housebyhoff.blogspot.com

This is another planter where you can take your boring traditional flower pot and turn it into something creative and beautiful. If you have some spare rope laying around, then trying wrapping it around your flower pot to see what kind of display it might give you.

49) Rustic Alarm Clock Planter

a rusty alarm clock planter placed on brown hard wood floor

Now this looks pretty fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, if you happen to have an old rustic alarm clock in the attic somewhere, then why not create it into an old looking planter. Your guests will be sure to leave you a compliment.

50) Cone Planter

an ice cream cone hanging down filled with a beautiful green plant

This is another simple planter that gives you a fun little project. They make for a real nice hanging planter that will look quite beautiful in your backyard. All you need is some string or rope to hang these planters and you will be good to go.

51) Fence Pot Planters

six flower buckets attached to a black fence with yellow flowers sticking out of them

Fence pot planters are a great way to decorate your fence. If you think your fence looks boring and you need something to spice it up, try placing some pot planters on it and see what kind of appeal it might give your backyard.

52) Fabric Pot Planters

four fabric pot planters placed on a brown wooden table

source: diyjoy.com

Here is another planter created from the old traditional flower pot. I am sure most of you have some sort of fabric cloth laying around your house somewhere. If you do, try decorating your garden pots to give them more of an aesthetic appeal. Your guests will definitely appreciate that.

53) Hand Planters

a pair of hands created into a shrub planter placed in the garden

Hand planters are also quite crafty. Creating hand planters can take some time but it is quite a fun task and looks rather neat in your backyard. Here’s how to make them!

54) Spoon Hanging Planters

a beautiful jar planter with pink flowers coming out of it hung to a wall by a silver spoon

source: upcyclethat.com

I thought this one was rather interesting. A planter jar that is hung by a spoon really gives off a unique taste. They’re are also simple to make and they look beautiful with any type of flowers.

55) Fishbowl Planters

a glass orb with pink flowers in it hanging down from a thin brown rope

Now this one may have caught your eye. Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? Glass fishbowls do make for a stunning looking planter. Perhaps you have an empty fishbowl laying around that you can put to use.

56) Soccer Ball Planters

four soccer balls beside each other on a brick ledge with plants coming out of them

Now this is something that is simple and fun. If you have kids, I don’t think they’ll appreciate you ruining their soccer balls but if they’ve out grown them, then you are in luck. If you have a fun looking backyard then soccer ball planters might just add some more fun to it.

57) Address Planter Box

a 203 numbered address hooked onto a brown brick wall with white and green flowers in the pocket

source: thehonestasparagus.com

You may have never thought of this or maybe you’ve seen this at some point while staring out of the window driving down the road. Either way, if you’re looking to spice up your address then try creating it into a planter. Your guests will be sure to remember your house after looking at your address planter box.

58) Briefcase Planter

a brown briefcase placed on a desk with plants on top of it

If you have an old briefcase that just sits under your bed collecting dust, why not give it some use. Try making a planter out of it and see how it might look in your garden.

59) Basketball Planter

an orange basketball with green vines hanging down by a silver chain in front of a red background

source: bodegarose.com

How about some more sports fun? If you’re a big basketball person and don’t mind sparing one of your basketballs for some display, then how about a planter. You can hang this anywhere around your backyard patio or from your deck and it will give your backyard a fun little touch.

60) Pumpkin Planter

an orange pumpkin sitting on a rock ledge with pink flowers sticking out of it

Looking for the perfect outdoor autumn and Halloween decoration? Then how about a pumpkin planter. You can always still participate in the traditional pumpkin carving but a second pumpkin of different use will really make your front porch stand out. It will give your house a very festive touch!

61) Chalkboard Box Planter

a chalkboard box planter with green and white flowers sticking out of it and a red watering can behind it

source: gronomics.com

This is another fun little planter that will give your backyard a charming feel to it. You can think of something witty to write which could add some more happiness to your patio.

62) Bird’s Nest Planter

a bird nest planter on a branch with a blue flower in it

This is definitely one of my favorites. This planter just looks so beautiful and relaxing at the same time. A bird’s nest planter could really give your backyard that pleasing and stunning touch it might be missing. Not to mention that creating a bird’s nest is quite satisfying. I would really recommend trying this one out as it has really brought me joy and I’m sure it will for you too.

63) Toy Tricycle Planter

a pink toy tricycle placed on cement with green planters on it

A toy tricycle can really make for a pretty planter. So, if your child has out grown their toy tricycle then try making it into a planter. It could look great in the corner on your front porch or even on your deck.

64) Bucket Planters

several gray bucket planters hanging from a hanger stand outside on a back porch

source: potterybarn.com

Believe it or not, water buckets can turn out to be some beautiful looking garden planters. The good news is that they’re quick and easy to make. If you have some spare buckets laying around then try giving this a shot.

65) Lantern Planter

a gray lantern planter hanging by a chain in front of green trees

Got any lanterns in your backyard? Because if you do, you could always add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard and create some beautiful looking planters. If you can manage to keep it lit at night, I’m sure your backyard will look absolutely stunning under the night sky.

66) Umbrella Planter

a white inverted umbrella with pink and white flowers in it sitting in a garden

source: gardenandponddepot.com

An umbrella planter can really fit in nicely depending on the style of your backyard. I mean you don’t really use umbrellas for any other purpose besides protecting yourself from the rain. So, why not add a nice little touch to your backyard. If you have a pond or a bird bath, an umbrella planter will look fabulous next to it.

67) Umbrella Stand Planter

an umbrella stand filled with colorful flowers placed on white concrete in a backyard in front of a patio chair

source: hgtv.com

If you want to add a little bit of fun to your umbrella stand or umbrella base then try creating a garden planter out of it. It’s just going to continue to sit there as long as you have your umbrella up so why not add some beauty to it.

Super Elegant Planters

68) Bird Cage Planters

two white bird cage planters hanging in front of a white wall

You’ve probably heard or seen this idea before but it really is too beautiful to not mention. Having a bird cage planter really gives your yard a beautiful touch and if you have seen one before from your friend’s backyard then you must know that I am telling the truth. It just looks so natural and appealing. Having the flowers and plants sway in and out of the bird cage is quite satisfying. You can always paint the cage to make it more appealing as well.

69) Ladder Planter

a brown ladder standing against a white wooden wall with jar planters and candles on each step

Do you have an old ladder that has no use anymore? Instead of having it just sit in the attic with piles of dust on it, why not make it the centerpiece of your garden. All you need to do is set up some flower pots on each step and have some flowers wrapped around the legs. Trust me, this will be the first thing your guests will cast their eyes on.

70) Tire Planters

six different tire planters placed on top of each other with plants and flowers in each one

Now this is quite neat! If you’re quickly scrolling through then I am sure this one has caught your eye. If you haven’t heard of tire planters then you are now, they have become quite the popular planters these days. There is just so much to do with them, you can paint each tire, hang them, stack them on top of each other, you name it! It really brings out a nice color to your garden and if you have spare tires laying around then there is no better use for them.

71) Dresser Planter

a pink dresser with open drawers placed in the garden and filled with all sorts of flowers and jars

source: topdreamer.com

Now this looks pretty cool, doesn’t it? At first, I was hesitant on the idea but now I am eager to try this out. If you have an old dresser that you plan on giving away, you might want to think twice about that. Having a dresser planter can bring out a vintage style to your garden and it really is quite the eye-catcher.

You can do all sorts of things with this planter. Place some flowers on top or inside the drawers, or even paint the dresser if you like. A dresser planter will really work nicely with the vintage chair planter which is just below. This is definitely one of my favorite planters, so if you have an old dresser then get to it!

72) Antique Bathtub Planter

an isolated rustic white bathtub with pink and yellow flowers in it placed on grass

This might not be the easiest planter to come across but if it’s an option for you, it really does look quite fabulous. It brings out that vintage style just like the dresser planter above. If you really want to go all out, then combining a vintage chair, dresser, or some vintage style looking dinner plates will definitely give your garden that antique appeal. So, if you happen to spot out an old bathtub up for grabs, then you might want to give this a try.

73) Trellis Planter

a beautiful white wooden trellis with a couple of pretty pink roses attached to it

Every gardener has heard of a trellis before but it’s too beautiful to not include. A trellis truly is a garden masterpiece. There are many different materials, colors, or shapes you can get a trellis in. However, if you want my opinion: a white wooden trellis with pink or white roses climbing throughout it is the key to this garden masterpiece. It really is quite the eye-opener once your guests arrive. Building a trellis is rather simple as well.

74) Rustic Chair Planter

a green and gold antique chair placed in front of a brown fence with a beige flower pot with pink flowers sitting on it

If you have a vintage looking garden then this might be the piece you are missing. Rustic and vintage looking chairs have little use nowadays so instead of throwing them out, why not place one in your garden to add some style. Metal chairs really bring out an elegant looking taste, so if this is the touch you are looking for, I recommend a metal piece.

75) Elegant Shoe Planters

a pair of silver high heel shows created as elegant looking planters placed on a brown ledge

If you’re a fashion lover then this might be just what you’re looking for. There really isn’t too much to say about this one besides that it looks elegant, beautiful, and it also brings out some fun. If you mix and match this planter with other fashion decor then you can create that whole fashion style which will most definitely catch some attention.

76) Bird Bath Planter

a bird bath planter placed in a garden in front of green trees

source: empressofdirt.net

A bird bath planter speaks for itself. They are quite beautiful and look good next to anything in your garden, especially a garden pond. So, if you have a pond then this might be the planter for you. They take hardly any work to create and if you happen to already have a bird bath that has lost its place then what better use is there for it. For those of you who don’t have a bird bath, gardeners are always trying to get rid of them so keep your eyes open.

77) Rusted Wheelbarrow Planter

an isolated brown rusted wheelbarrow planter placed on green grass with trees with white leaves behind it

You have seen many rustic or vintage style looking planters already and that is because they only continue to look better as the seasons go by. A rustic wheelbarrow planter is the perfect way to fish out an old garden tool out of the shed and turn it into something beautiful. Your guests will be sure to spot this one out when they walk into your backyard.

78) Bicycle Planter

an old rustic brown bicycle with colorful flowers on it placed in front of a brown fence

An old rusty bicycle can really turn into quite the garden planter. I’m sure you have an old bike somewhere that will work. You can even pin it to a fence which brings out a stunning display. So, if you have an outdated bike stored somewhere in the shed, you might want to think twice before throwing it out come cleaning day.

79) Desk Planter

a small isolated desk planter placed in brown grass with a pool in the background

Here is something that is quite pretty but very interesting. If you feel like being super creative then try out this rustic appeal with an old desk stashed away in your house. You can isolate this piece in the corner of your backyard on some mulch which would really make it stand out.

80) Wagon Wheel Planter

a metal wagon wheel placed in soil with yellow and pink and green flowers inside each spoke

source: thescrapshoppeblog.com

If you’re looking for something that’s real crafty then check out the wagon wheel planter. You can be quite creative with this one. Planting each spoke with different succulents will really bring out an imaginative touch. You could also mix and match with two different succulents which looks fabulous as well.

81) Vertical Planter

a vertical colorful planter with a shovel standing next to it

Vertical planters are quite beautiful but not many people are in the mood to create one. It does take a fair bit of work but it’s fun and worth it once you’re finished. So, if you want a tall planter with some color to it then why not build a vertical planter.

82) Wagon Planter

a brown planter wagon placed in front of a green barn door

If you have an old wooden wagon stored somewhere in your shed then you’re in luck. Instead of throwing it out or giving it away come clean out day, try turning it into a wagon planter which will really give your garden that adventurous touch.

83) Toilet Planter

a white toilet planter placed in a garden with yellow flowers sticking out of it

This one might seem a little weird, huh? Perhaps you have a toilet sitting in your storage room or backyard and you just don’t know what to do with it. Well, instead of throwing it out, try making a garden planter out of it. You never know, it might just look good.

84) Tire Swing Planter

a white tire swing with flowers inside it hung from a brown tree

Got an old tire swing that your children have grown out of? Instead of cutting it down, turn it into something beautiful. A tire swing planter looks stunning when it sways back and forth in the wind.

85) Piano Planter

an old piano placed against a brown wall with plants and flowers swaying out of it

If you can get your hands on an old piano that no one uses or one that is even broken then you could really turn your garden into something quite fascinating. An old rustic piano could give your garden all sorts of different appeals. I think with the correct flowers, you could even go for an intimidating but pleasing touch, if of course that’s what you might be interested in. If not, a piano can make for an elegant and welcoming feel as well.

86) Wooden Chevron Planter Box

a wood chevron planter box placed on small rocks in a backyard

If you have a wooden chevron box, you might want to consider turning it into a planter box. They really do make for a nice looking garden piece and if you isolate it from your other backyard accessories, this planter will stand out perfectly.

87) Headboard Planter

a black headboard placed against a brick wall with orange and purple flowers going through it

If you’re going for an elegant looking garden then a headboard might be a great fit. I thought this one was gorgeous, so if you have an old headboard out of use stored somewhere in the house, consider creating it into a planter. It could be fairly easy.

88) Old Car Planter

an old yellow car placed in a garden with purple flowers on top of it and yellow and orange flowers around it

source: thegardeningcook.com

I really liked this one. Unfortunately, if you don’t have an old car then you’re probably out of luck. Although, if you like the idea then maybe the rustic bike or tricycle might be easier to come across. For those of you who have an old car that will never hit the road again, then a planter might be of good use. I am sure your guests will take a good look at it.

89) Mirror Box Planter

a mirror box planter sitting on a gray table with green flowers sticking out

source: diy.weddingbee.com

Mirror box planters make for the perfect little table centerpiece. Instead of just placing a regular flower pot in the middle of your patio table, why not try a mirror planter! It will really give your patio a nice touch to it.

Professionally Done Planters

90) Log Planter

a large brown log planter placed in the garden with rocks in front of it

Do you have a log laying around? Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Doesn’t this planter look like a fabulous idea? Well, it really is. Creating a log planter really brings out a beautiful but natural touch to your garden. Trust me, you are almost sure to get a compliment once your guests arrive. Making a log planter requires a fair bit of work but it isn’t too difficult, and is quite worth it in the end.

91) Tree Stump Planter

a large tree stump planter that has all sorts of different colors of flowers on it

source: thisoldhouse.com

Do you have a tree stump just sitting in the middle of your yard? Instead of spending a ton of money on grinding it down and getting it removed, why not turn it into a planter. You can fill it with plants and create a beautiful piece to your yard. Creating a tree stump planter requires a good amount of work but once it’s finished, you can thank me then.

92) Crate Planters

three brown wooden crates placed in a triangle with red and white flowers coming out of each one

You may have seen some crate planters before and they truly do look great. They really do go well with any type of garden style. You can be quite creative with this idea too, you can position your crates anyway you like, paint them if you wish, or even place them on any type of backyard accessory and it will look stunning.

93) Brick Planters

a single red brick with three green flowers on it placed on a brown coffee tab

source: decoist.com

Now this looks pretty neat, doesn’t it? If you’re quite handy then this could be something you might be interested in. A brick planter garden looks absolutely beautiful. I’m not going to lie, it does take some work but if this really catches your eye then why not give it a try. Trust me, building a brick planter box will be more than worth it in the end. However, if you just want to create a single brick planter then that is a much easier task.

94) Cinder Block Planters

a cinder block fence with different color planters on it

Maybe it’s time to step up your creativity ego a little bit. If you’re up for a challenge then concrete block planters will give you just that, all while being worth it after you’re finished. There are a couple different ways you can go about displaying cinder block planters, so use your imagination. Making cinder block planters definitely takes a little bit of work so don’t be afraid to try it out.

95) Garden Fountain Planter

a garden fountain with pink and green plants inside placed in front of green bushes

Unfortunately if you don’t have a garden fountain then you probably won’t be able to create this planter, unless you get one installed. But if you do and the water no longer runs for some strange reason and you’re tired of just looking at an empty fountain, why not turn it into a planter? Instead of having a blank centerpiece, just fill it with flowers to create something you and your guests will appreciate. Also, if the water does run then placing beautiful flowers around it will make it look even better.

96) Pipe Planters

four white pipe planters hanging horizontally on a brown fence

source: topdreamer.com

Pipe planters are a great way to decorate your fence. It does require some work but if you’re up for the challenge then give it a try. They really do blend in well with your other backyard decor and it’s quite the aesthetic touch to your patio. Here’s how to build a pipe planter.

97) Bench Planter

a wooden planter bench placed on small rocks in front of a shrub hedge

source: gleebirmingham.com

A wooden planter bench can really add some aesthetic value to your backyard. Even if you don’t plan on using it for sitting purposes, it still gives your garden and backyard that valuable appeal. If you have a bench already then try hanging some planters on both ends or build planters on to it and see how it looks. You might just end up leaving it. Here’s how to build your own bench planter.

98) Slide Planters

four sloping slides filled with rocks and plants in a backyard

source: houzz.com

These planters are a little more complicated than usual. However, they do look quite amazing. If you really want to nail this one out yourself, then you can always try with a swing set slide and go from there. Otherwise, you might need some professional assistance with this one.

99) Log Box Planter

a rectangular log planter box with green plants in it

If you’re good with construction, then this might be something you want to try out. It is a little time consuming but just like making any wooden construction, it is quite fun. So why not spend the day with your saw, hammer, and nails and create a log box planter which makes for a perfect backyard garden container.

100) Cement Planters

three cement planters with green plants coming out of them

source: reshareworthy.com

If you’re looking for some planters that blend in perfectly with your other backyard construction, then you might want to try out some cement planters. It definitely isn’t an easy task but it is more than worth it once it’s finished. Creating concrete planters will most likely need to be professional done but the good news is that they last a life time.

101) Bark Planters

three oak bark planters beside each other placed on a gray table

source: notonthehighstreet.com

Now this is a pretty neat one! If you’re looking for something really creative to do then try out some bark planters which look absolutely fabulous in a forestry backyard. They take some time to make but it seems quite fun.

102) Wooden Train Planter

a wooden train laying on green grass with purple flowers in it

source: pixabay.com

Yes, if you have a wooden train of any size, you can always create garden containers out of the pieces. It can also give your garden a festive touch which your family and guests will appreciate.

103) Wishing Well Planter

a large wooden wishing well placed on grass with flowers coming out of it

Wishing wells do look quite beautiful as a garden planter. So, if you have one in your backyard and you’re tired of looking at a blank canvas then try giving it a little bit of style. It’ll become the standout piece in your backyard.

That’s A Wrap!

Well I hope you enjoyed this amazing list of the most creative DIY garden planter ideas. Now, it’s time for your creativity! Please let me know if I missed any clever planter ideas that I could add to this list by leaving me a comment below. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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