57 Stunning Bird Bath Garden Ideas

A single bird scanning for danger before cooling off in a stone birdbath.

Are there no feathered friends visiting in your beautiful garden? Maybe because they don’t feel welcome there.

If you miss their sound and want to hear them singing, you can show them that they are welcome to visit your garden by setting up a birdbath.

A birdbath isn’t just a place for birds to drink and refresh themselves while visiting. It also adds a wonderful style to your garden and shows your feathered friends that it is a beautiful haven for them. Believe me, having a birdbath sitting in your garden might just add the final touch. They truly do look quite fabulous.

Before we get into some tips on where to place your birdbath and how to attract birds into your garden, let’s take a look at some beautiful DIY birdbath ideas that you might want to try.

57 Bird Bath Garden Ideas You’ll Love

Considering a backyard corner dedicated to your lovely birds will make for a delightful sight where you, your family, and guests can admire. You can get a simple piece or luxurious one and make it the spotlight of your garden.

Here are some creative ideas you can try which will spruce up your garden.

Tree Stump Bird Baths

1) The Classic Trunk

A tree stump birdbath with a water dish at the top.
Image by: hgtv.com

Instead of spending a ton of money to remove a tree stump, why not experiment and enhance the natural beauty of your yard by modifying the stump into the trunk of a classic and easy-to-build birdbath.

With the help of an inexpensive industrial plow blade, this garden birdbath will not only draw birds into your yard, but it will also intensify the charisma of the landscape in which your family and friends will admire.

2) Timeless Pine Stump

A tree stump birdbath with a wooden bowl nested at the top.
Image by: moccasinlanding-flicker.com

This pine stump will undeniably spruce up your garden. The wooden bowls nested atop the trunk accentuates its timeless charm. The basin, which looks like a tiny pool will allow your feathered friends to swim and paddle.

3) The Shower Fun

A tree stump birdbath with a gallon of water nested at the top.Tutorial: westcoastnotebook.com

Instead of swimming and paddling, these tiny robins are having fun taking showers as they perch on the twig attached to the stump. Birds love getting in and out of the bath, just like us.

4) The Carved Stump

A carved out tree stump turned into a birdbath
Image by: cdn.morningchores.com

If you have woodworking skills, then it would be easy for you to turn this tree stump into an awesome birdbath. This bath has an exceptional design and birds will truly love it. Not to mention, you might get more than a few compliments by your guests when they come over.

5) Just A Stump

A tree stump birdbath with a ceramic bowl nested at the top.
Image by: morningchores.com

Are you thinking about utilizing a tree stump in your garden but don’t know what to do? Then why not try this simple tree stump birdbath idea.

Go and get a planter saucer and set it on the top of the stump. Place a stone inside the dish for birds to smoothly land into the bath.

 Stone Bird Baths

 6) Rock On A Pedestal

Sculpted stone birdbath placed at the top of an iron stand.
Image by: houzz.com

This water basin shaped-rock nested on a pedestal illustrates the concept of nature, exuding its strength and elegance. Birds will definitely love to swim in this rock basin, due to the fact that they think the structure is totally natural.

7) The Essence Of Natural Touch

Stacked stones with lids birdbath.
Image by: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com

You can turn anything that holds water into a nice looking birdbath. These spacious shallow lids are ideal for the birds to perform their bathing routines. Also, birds prefer shallow water so they can quickly escape when predators approach them while they are bathing.

8) Stone Basin Bird Bath

Sculpted stone bowl birdbath.
Image by: insteading.com

Sculpted out of granite boulder, this oriental-inspired birdbath will harmoniously blend into your garden. 

9) Zen-Inspired Bird Bath

Zen-inspired stacked stone birdbath.
Image by: insteading.com

This Zen-inspired birdbath will give visiting birds the comfort of nature when they go to drink and freshen up. Aside from the birds loving this one, I’m sure your guests will also find this particular bath quite beautiful.

10) Sculpted Stone Pillar Bird Bath

A chair and a birdbath in the garden's corner.

This sculpted stone birdbath placed in a corner makes for a perfect spot for feathered friends to splash, drink, and preen after having a little bit of fun.

It enhances the atmosphere of serenity, which makes birds feel like they are in their natural habitat. It makes a perfect haven for birds in which you, your family, and guests can admire.

Mosaic Bird Baths

11) Mosaic Flower Pot

Mosaic terracotta planter birdbath.

Add art to your backyard by incorporating this mosaic birdbath into your garden. Its unique and delicate design can make a focal point in your garden.

12) Mosaic Square-Shaped Bird Bath

Mosaic square-shaped birdbath.
Image by: houzz.com

This mosaic piece will surely attract and entice your cardinal friends to come and visit your garden. Fill it with some water, and you will experience the pleasure of seeing a bunch of birds gather into the birdbath to refresh.

13) Simply Mosaic

Mosaic circular dish birdbath.
Tutorial: happinessishomemade.net

Many people prefer simple objects to decorate, and this low to the ground mosaic terracotta bath for birds is a perfect addition to your garden.

Just get a terracotta planter and paint it to your liking. Attached  coloured marbles on the saucer and apply the grout to fill all the cracks to achieve a mosaic look. Let the grout dry and attach it onto the base planter after.

Voila! You now have a colorful bird bath ready to welcome all your lovely birds.

Concrete Bird Baths

14) Mushroom Inspired Bird Bath

Pedestal mushroom-inspired birdbath.

A solid concrete mushroom bath is an excellent addition to your garden. Its mushroom inspired basin is spacious enough for feathered friends to flock together, wade together, and swim together, all while relieving themselves from the hot summer temperature.

 15) Square-Shaped Concrete Bath With Brick Pattern

Square-shaped concrete birdbath.

This square-shaped solid concrete bath will help you welcome visiting friends. Its large and stable structure will give the birds a smooth landing.

Its firm structure will avoid accidental tipping as you maneuver around your garden. You also don’t have to worry about strong winds as its robust structure can counter heavy winds. However, due to its weight, you will need assistance when you need to move it around.

16) Winter Balcony Bird Bath

Ceramic birdbath mounted at the balcony.
Image by: insteading.com

If you’re looking for a heated birdbath that is easy to install on your balcony during winter, this idea is perfect for you. It will attract and welcome winter birds to approach closer to your windowpane.

17) Square-Shaped Concrete Bath

Square-shaped concrete birdbath.

Just like the stripe patterned square-shape solid bath, this one is also sturdy. Its simple design isn’t overpowering, yet it enhances the natural charm of your garden.

18) Luxurious And Elegant

Concrete birdbath with modern design.

Aside from giving a warm welcome to your visiting feathered friends, the modern design of this concrete bath highlights the elegance of your garden.

19) The Goddess In The Garden

Sculpture of a goddess mounted in a coconut tree.

No ground space available isn’t a hindrance for you to experience the joy of watching birds as they perch, wade, and paddle into the birdbath.

You can mount this two-piece goddess sculpture on your balcony if you have limited ground space.

Mounting this two-piece sculpture in your garden is easy as well. The cupping hands that hold the water show the birds they are welcome every time they pay a visit.

20) The Concrete Stump

A tree stump inspired concrete birdbath.

This stump-tree inspired concrete bath is also an excellent addition to your garden. Its classic design will allow you to focus and enjoy watching various bird species visiting your garden.

21) The Big Green Leaf

A big green leaf concrete birdbath.
Image by: owntheyard.com

This leaf pad birdbath would make a great addition to your garden. The spacious leaf basin could accommodate various avian visitors to drink and freshen up into your garden.

Glass Bird Baths

22) Dragonfly Bird Bath

A glass dish with colourful dragonflies birdbath.

This glass garden birdbath can make a focal point in your garden. The spacious bath featuring colorful dragonflies can accommodate cardinal friends and you definitely won’t have a problem with running out of the water as the basin is quite large.

Aside from its size and purpose, it also brings out some fun into your backyard. The dragonfly design and different colors really give off an adventurous touch.

23) Mountable Glass Bowl

A glass bowl mounted in a deck birdbath.

If you live in a building where there is no garden, you can still enjoy watching the charm of the birds by mounting this mountable glass birdbath in your balcony. It will invite birds to drink, bathe, and perch as they preen. Although it is quite small, it still does the trick.

24) Angel In The Bath

An angel inside the glass garden birdbath.
Image by: morningchores.com

This angel in the glass birdbath resonates with your love towards nature and to all birds. It enhances the ambiance of your garden’s kindness towards your visiting birds.

25) Seashell With A Lamp Post

Seashell-inspired birdbath.
Image by: diyideacenter.com

Re-use the bottom post of the lamp you no longer use as the pillar of the bath. Glue a seashell formed glass dish on the top and position in your garden visible to birds. Fill with water, and soon birds will come to cool off and relax. This is a great DIY idea that hardly takes any work.

 26) Peacock-Inspired Solar Dish

Peacock-inspired glass birdbath.

This peacock-inspired solar birdbath brings pleasure into your garden. You will admire its elegance while charging from the sun during the day and be mesmerized by its soft glow at night.

Terracotta Planter Bird Baths

27) Pebble Upside Terracotta

Pebble upside terracotta birdbath.
Image by: morningchores.com

Get three sizes of terracotta planters. Paint and stack it upside to make a sturdy base. Set the dish at the top and attach pebbles both to the bottom and the saucer. Then fill it with water and you will have a beautiful looking birdbath.

28) Bright Terracotta Bird Bath

Two birds perched on the dish of upside terracotta birdbath.
Image by: morningchores.com

Using the concept of the upside terracotta birdbath, you can paint and make it as bright as you want it to be. Different colors can add a joyful feeling to your garden. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

29) Dragonflies On Red Terracotta

Upside red terracotta with dragonflies birdbath.

This is another example of the upside terracotta which is an all red dragonfly design which really makes the bath standout.

30) The Finger Print Terracotta

Upside terracotta with fingerprint birdbath.
Image by: morningchores.com

Have any kids? Try making a family hand print bird bath which will leave quite the memory as the years go by.

31) Simple Terracotta

Upside terracotta birdbath with its natural colour.
Image by: morningchores.com

This unpainted terracotta birdbath brings the natural charm of nature into your garden. It is a natural way to incorporate your garden with the accent to your liking without spending much.

Stylish Bird Baths

32) Gnome-Inspired Bird Bath

Fairyland-inspired birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

This pedestal fairy birdbath is an excellent addition to enhance the beauty of your garden. Its design blends quite well with other garden elements and will without a doubt attract many birds.

33) Fairy Garden In A Birdbath

Fairies garden birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

This birdbath is more for the aesthetic side rather than the actual purpose of having a birdbath. Nonetheless, it will still attract birds here and there and looks quite fabulous while doing so.

34) Fairy Town In A Birdbath

Fairy garden in a birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

Another great addition to your garden is the fairy town in a birdbath. It will create a paradise-like atmosphere in your yard where your family and guests will surely love.

35) Classical Statues Of The Fairies

Classical statues of thefairies birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

This magnificent statue of the fairies where one holds a water basin is perfect for your feathered friends to come and freshen up. It is truly an art piece that can’t be beat and looks beautiful for both your garden or patio.

36) Sculpted Stone Gnome Bird Bath

Elf-inspired concrete birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

This sculpted stone birdbath is an elegant addition to your garden. It features carved statues of embracing gnomes which would be perfect for the focal piece in your yard or patio. Not to mention, the exceptional design that will surely draw birds to your garden.

37) The Pride Of The Garden

Four-tier waterfall ceramic birdbath.

A birdbath like this will definitely attract various species of bird friends to flock into the bath to perch, wade, paddle, and preen. Its lavish design becomes the pride of the garden.

38) Angel In The  Garden

Angel with a concrete birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

This birdbath features an angel protecting the water basin. Positioning the bath in the garden will definitely draw many feathered friends as the angel with wings seems to assure the avian visitors to be at ease, telling them there is no danger for she will protect them. It is really quite beautiful.

39) Gorgeous Blue Bird Bath Fountain

Fish in a blue fountain birdbath.
Image by: birdcageideas.com

If you prefer a modern concept fairy-inspired birdbath to add to your garden, then why not try setting up this blue fish fountain.

The water gently flows from the mouth of the fish down into each tier, creating bubbling fresh water for birds to drink and flap their tiny wings around.

40) Bird Bath At The Lavender Garden

A metal pedestal birdbath with three birds perched on the brim.

This metal birdbath features birds perched on the brim, and the bath itself contrasts the blooming lavenders making the water appear to be cool and inviting. You will surely experience the joy of watching birds as they draw onto the spacious bath to drink, bathe, and preen.

41) Stylish Garden Bird Bath

Concrete birdbath with turtles and dragonflies design.

This stylish garden birdbath features an artwork of turtles and dragonflies which will definitely look great in your garden.

The built-in pump in the bath makes the water bubble softly, creating a perfect bath for bird friends during the dry hot summer.

Homemade Bird Baths

42) Stacked Stones & The Lid

Concrete dish birdbath nested on stacked stones.                           Tutorial: dailykos.com

This birdbath nested on top of the stacked stones will add a natural look to your garden. An easy DIY project to give your feathered friends a drink and bath when needed, especially during the summer months.

 43) Stacked Bricks With Ceramic Dish

Ceramic dish birdbath nested on stacked bricks.
Tutorial: robinsnestingplace.blogspot.com

This DIY stacked bricks birdbath is economical and can withstand all season long. A perfect bath for birds to come in droves and sit to cool off during the heat of the summer.

44) Simply Shallow-Terracotta

Ceramic dish birdbath nested on an elevated platform.

For this elegant looking birdbath, just take a shallow terracotta basin and place it in an elevated platform in your garden. Then fill it with water after. It will make an inexpensive birdbath where friendly cardinals can come to drink and bathe.

45) Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

Glass lid hanging bird bath.
Tutorial: sadieseasongoods.com

A glass lid can make a beautiful and inexpensive birdbath because it is shallow and durable. You can hang it under the tree with partial shade.

Do not expose this birdbath into the full sun as the glass can scorch the entire lid after soaking a couple of hours in the sun. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and cheap birdbath then this might be for you.

46) Vintage Inspired  Hanging Bird Bath

Metal plate hanging birdbath.

If you have the budget for a fancier birdbath, then why not pick this vintage-inspired hanging birdbath. It has a shallow dish so you don’t need to worry about your birds drowning. You can set them up close to your windows and enjoy watching birds from there.

47) The Inexpensive Cookie Pan

Cookie pan birdbath.
Tutorial: hometalk.com

Creativity and resourcefulness has no boundaries. With that being said, if you want to be as creative as you can be and have some fun with it then this birdbath could make for a great idea. You can place this bath in the corner of your garden where birds can come to drink and refresh themselves.

48) Satellite Dish Bird Bath

Satellite dish birdbath painted with blue.
Tutorial: instructables.com

Transform an old satellite dish that no longer serves its purpose into a beautiful bath. This cheap yet functional bath will not only add a nice touch to your garden, but it will also welcome all sorts of lovely birds who love to refresh and have fun.

49) Satellite Dish On The Trunk

Satellite dish birdbath attached to the tree trunk.
Image by: homeisd.com

Another idea you can try by using a satellite dish is by mounting it to the trunk of a tree.

The dish already has a perfect shape as a birdbath. All you need to do is attach it to the tree and give your garden a welcoming atmosphere for your cardinal friends to drink and freshen up.

50) Birch Twigs With Ceramic Bowl

Birch twigs with ceramic bowl birdbath.
Tutorial: theartofdoingstuff.com

Don’t want to spend money on a birdbath? Then this idea might be for you. Go out into the backyard and grab some twigs or go find some at the park.

Then cut four pieces of twigs, about 12 inches and hammer them into the ground. Place and secure a ceramic bowl at the top of the twigs.

Fill with water, and you now have a birdbath ready to welcome cardinal friends.

51) The Messy Log Bath

A birdbath structure with three colourful bowls and branches.
Tutorial: birdsandblooms.com

Utilizing branches into a birdbath is an excellent idea. It will attract bird friends to come and refresh in its natural and alluring structure so you can watch them on their joyful daily show.

52) Flower Bird Bath

A blue flower birdbath.
Tutorial: littlehouseinthesuburbs.com

This attractive, inexpensive, easy to clean birdbath is an excellent piece to invite and attract more species like hummingbirds, robins, and many others into your garden.

53) In-ground Bird Bath

Ceramic dish with three small stones in the ground birdbath.

If birds are looking for water to drink and to freshen up, but you haven’t prepared a birdbath yet, get a dish you no longer use and place it on the ground. Preferably on some mulch sitting next to trees or stones so that it blends in with your other garden elements.

Then fill it with water and some stones for secure footing. It will allow them to drink and freshen up whenever they like.

54) DIY Copper Bird Bath

Two-tier copper birdbath.
Tutorial: hallmarkchannel.com

This easy DIY copper birdbath is an exceptional addition to your garden. Also, this project is a budget-friendly idea.

55) Shower To Freshen Up

Two-tier shower birdbath.
Image by: bobvila.com

Some species like hummingbirds prefer to shower rather than swim and paddle. To attract them into your garden, you can create a shower stall for them to enjoy by using some readily obtainable supplies such as a metal tub, terracotta saucer, and a solar fountain.

56) Upcycled Wine Barrel

Upcycled wine barrel birdbath.
Image by: insteading.com

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your bird-loving friend, this upcycled wine barrel can add elegance to their beautiful garden.

57) Stone Bowl Bird Bath

A single bird scanning for danger before cooling off in a stone birdbath.

The concept of this stone birdbath draws birds naturally. The lush foliage and pretty flowers surrounding the stone bath captivates birds to come drink and freshen up. The stone tub is sturdy, and birds are safe from predators.

Where Is The Best Spot To Place Your Bird Bath In The Garden?

Three birds are trying to cool themselves off in a square-shaped birdbath.

Setting up a birdbath in your garden requires a few essential aspects to consider. You want to set one up in the perfect spot so that it will attract visiting birds to drink and preen.

Here are 10 factors you need to consider when setting up your birdbath:
  • The size and weight

When choosing the right spot, consider the weight and size of the birdbath.

For example, a large concrete birdbath is tough to move. You may need to ask for some help every time you consider relocating which can be quite the hassle.

On the other hand, a smaller and lighter birdbath might fall over with strong winds causing damage to your bath or your delicate plants. With that being said, be mindful of how heavy your birdbath needs to be.

  • An ideal location

In regions with frequent wet and colder climates, a sunny spot is best to keep the water tolerable on colder days.

However, in regions with warmer climates, the shady spot keeps the water fresh. It also helps reduce bacterial growth in the water due to the hot temperature.

  • The ground surface

A stable and level surface is necessary to avoid the bird bath from falling or tipping easily. The basin should be level to maximize the water capacity. You can also use a paving stone to help the bath secure into the ground.

  • Visible to other watching birds

Seeing birds having fun in the bird bath attracts other birds too. Pick a location that is visible to other birds from all sides of your backyard.

  • Keep the bath water clean

To ensure the water in the bath is always clean, avoid setting up your birdbath under trees that shed blooms, fruits, and seeds.

Also, place it several feet away from the feeding plates to keep spilled seeds, hulls, and bird feces from dropping into the water.

  • Keep the basin full

It is essential to keep the bath clean and full. If it’s a bit further away from the house, make sure to refill the basin regularly by using a long garden hose or any garden buckets available to fill the water.

  • Ensure birds are free from the risk of collisions

Avoid setting up the bath too close to the window. It will give the birds a harder time maneuvering around which will put them at risk of dangerous collisions.

  • Do not position the bath in a vulnerable location

Birds aren’t too comfortable in the birdbath when it comes to vulnerable locations. Placing the birdbath in a spot where they can see the surrounding area may relieve their fear.

Position them near a bush or tree where birds can easily escape when they feel threatened. However, place them in a spot where your house cat might have a difficult time fetching its dinner.

  • Choose an appropriate design

Everyone has a preference when it comes to setting up a birdbath. Considering every design is essential to its specific purpose.

For example, a solar birdbath requires full sunlight to function well, while a birdbath fountain should be connected to the power source to work precisely. Choose a design appropriate for your garden.

  • Position many birdbaths in your garden

If you want more than just one birdbath in your backyard then try positioning several birdbaths in a different location. This will attract more species of birds into your garden.

10 Tips To Attract Birds Into Your Garden

To attract more birds in your garden, here are some additional points to consider when setting up your birdbath:

1) Keep the basin on the ground.

Position the basin either on the ground or mount it on a cinder block. It is best to keep only a distance of one foot from the ground if you decide to raise the birdbath.

Birds mostly use natural sources of water, either on or near the grounds. Yes, a birdbath looks best on a stand, but it’s not the best way to give water to the birds. Why?

Birds cannot fly when their feathers are wet. This is why most people position their birdbaths on pedestals in the center of their garden. It allows them to check their surroundings and quickly fly if they feel threatened.

2) Keep the basin shallow.

Birds love to paddle and splash around in the water but usually only if your basin water is about 2 inches deep or less.

If your basin is too deep for them, you can place gravel or a large flat stone at the bottom so birds can opt to the level of water of their choice. It will also prevent the birds from drowning.

3) Reduce the feeling of discomfort while in the bath.

Check the surface of your basin when filled with water. Glazed ceramic is quite slippery which is one of the main materials due to its beautiful aesthetic appeal.

The best way to address such a problem is to add gravel or a flat stone to make it easier for your visiting feathered friends to dock.

Adding stone or gravel at the surface of the basin can give bathing birds better footing and reduce the feeling of discomfort while in the bath.

4) Position in a visible location.

The purpose of setting a birdbath in the garden is to see birds while spending time in the living room or looking through the kitchen window.

However, some birders also place them on a deck or terrace, particularly people who live in a building with no garden but have a balcony. There are many types of birdbaths that you can directly mount onto the railing of a deck, which will eliminate the use of ground space.

Also, position it for easy cleaning and refilling. Place it within reach of a garden hose or near an electrical outlet. Always use an outdoor electrical outlet with ground fault interrupter (GFI) to prevent electrical shock.

5) Provide shelter.

Although you want to position the bath where you can easily see it, the birds need to have some protective cover to feel secure. A bush or a tree will give birds an easy way out when they feel unsafe.

6) Place the birdbath in a shady spot during summer.

Birds bathe to refresh themselves from hot temperatures. In the summer, place the birdbath in a shady spot in your garden which will help birds cope with the heat. A birdbath exposed under the full sun will have warm water and evaporate more quickly.

7) Mount a piece of stick next to the bath for birds to preen.

To make the bath more approachable, place a stick next to it to give birds a smooth landing.

Reserved birds such as thrushes and warblers sit on the stick to check the surroundings for possible danger before bathing.

Also, they love to preen their feathers while resting after an enjoyable wading and paddling. Avoid placing the stick directly over the basin as the birds like to poop while sitting.

8) Keep the bath clean.

Aside from their poop, some leaves, seeds from the trees near the bath, sticks blown from the trees, severed feathers, and many other things accumulate in the basin.

Clean and scrub the basin thoroughly when necessary, using an abrasive cleaner to remove hard sticking algae. Sanitize using a diluted bleach solution.

9) Use a water heating device.

By using a temperature-controlled water heater, you can provide a continuous supply of drinking water for your visiting birds. Also, birds love a heated birdbath.

The device will keep water in the birdbath free from freezing solid. However, remember to use an electrical outlet with ground fault interrupter (GFI) to avoid possible mishaps.

10) Entice birds with flowing water.

A birdbath with water in motion is more enticing to the birds compared to still water. It sparkles when hit by sunlight catching the bird’s attention more easily.

A strainer fastened to your garden hose will make the water flow gradually. Also, installing a water pump attached to a large reservoir-basin is even better.

A device like a water pump has a filter to keep the water clean which prevents the reproduction of mosquitoes. As we already know, mosquitoes thrive in still waters.

Final Thoughts

Like any other creatures, birds need fresh and clean water for drinking, bathing, and preening. Aside from the pleasure of having these cute little feathered visitors, there are many reasons why birds are beneficial to you.

They’re an excellent aid in your garden pest control and help aerate the soil as they hunt for insects in your garden. Also, birds play an important role in boosting your crops with cross-pollination.

In addition to that, setting up a birdbath in your garden attracts wasps which is the natural predator of insects. They hunt all sorts of insects such as cabbage worms which are one of the top insect crop killers.

For all these reasons, picking the appropriate birdbath is essential. It is necessary to pick a design and style that is easy to clean or having a water pump is quite convenient. Just remember that the water should only be about 1-2 inches deep so that the birds can safely do their thing in there without having to worry about drowning.

If you’re on a budget then try one of these cheap DIY birdbath ideas above or if you want to go all out then give it a shot. Either way, I’m sure I missed some pretty cool birdbath ideas so feel free to share your creativity in the comments below.

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