14 Best Vegetables To Plant In Containers

A container filled with sweet pepper seedlings.

Vegetable containers are quick and easy and are now increasingly popular. Lots of vegetables are easy to grow and can produce a lot of harvests, even in containers.

If you’re someone who loves to grow vegetables and preserve your food but may not have the outdoor space that you need for a large garden, then we’ve got great ideas for you so you can easily grow your vegetables in containers.

14+ Best Vegetables To Grow In Pots

 1) Lettuce

Green and purple lettuce for healthy salads.

Lettuce is the container growers’ favorite when it comes to fast-growing vegetables. This best crispy salad green offers several qualities you will love. 

This vegetable is rich in water, fiber, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Lettuce contributes many medicinal benefits that are perfect for those who have intestinal problems as well as other physical health issues.

Almost all types of lettuce thrive well in containers, and they do best in wide and shallow ones. Using any materials can do, but it must have drainage holes at the bottom.

Lettuce is a cool-season crop, and if you’re growing in a container in a warm climate, it is best to use heat-resistant materials like terracotta.

In summer, it is best to keep your lettuce plant in a shady and cool spot, as the lettuce tends to shrink when the weather begins to heat up.

Lettuce is continuously productive when you do successive planting. You can sow seeds every two weeks in the entire growing season.

2) Arugula

Ready to harvest Arugula.

Arugula is a fast-growing leafy green. This fragrant, peppery flavored salad green is available for harvest in 21 days for new growth leaves, and suitable for shallow and spacious containers. It requires enough moisture and a moderate amount of sun.

3) Spinach

Japanese spinach raised in containers.

Spinach loves both shade and sun and can thrive indoors on a windowsill. 

You can sow seeds on a seed tray or plant straight into containers. Seedlings will start to germinate in 5-14 days after sowing. But others will start late depending on growing conditions. 

If you’ve sown seeds in a seed tray, wait until two or more leaves appear on each plant before you transplant them carefully into their original pots.

Choose one at least 6-8 inches deep with a quality potting mix when growing spinach. You can either plant each to many small pots, or wooden boxes or crates are fine too.

4) Beets

Beets is one of the best plants to grow in containers.

Growing beets doesn’t require a large container for planting. All you need is soil rich in compost and at least a 6-8 inches deep container. You can enjoy the greens in two to three weeks, while it takes 45 days for the roots.

5) Radish

Red radish for salad.

Radish is one of the fast-growing vegetables and suitable for container vegetable gardening. Some of the radish variety is ready for harvest within 24-60 days.

A plant’s container that is 6 inches deep is sufficient for this type of plant. You can even grow them in smaller pots. 

6) Asian Greens

Bok Choy is one of the best plants to grow in containers.

Asian greens are also known as Bok Choy in Asia and grow fast even in pots under shady spaces. 

It grows well in pots that receive 3-4 hours of sun. They can thrive best when fed with organic fertilizer and plenty of moisture.

It takes about 30 days for new growth to get ready for harvest.

7) Green Onion

Green onions fresh harvest from a container garden.

Growing onions even in limited spaces like a windowsill can bring you enough harvest. Stalks are ready to pick after 3 to 4 weeks.

These can be a crispy and delicious addition to your salads and sandwiches.

8) Sprouts

Mongo sprouts ready for breakfast sandwiches.

You can grow sprouts almost anywhere in your home. If you’re excited about harvesting, it can be a good option. 

You can place a few tablespoons of sprouting seeds in a container with water, and in a week, healthy sprouts are ready to enjoy.

Sprouts can be a  great addition to salads, sandwiches, and can even be tossed on soups. There are many healthy recipes for sprouts.

9) Fenugreek

Fenugreek in a container.

Fenugreek spreads quickly at a warm temperature, especially during summer. Just like spinach, you can sow a seed of it.

10) Peas

Peas can be an excellent addition to multiple recipes.

Growing peas is super easy even in containers if growing conditions are optimal with the right variety. Peas are ready to harvest within 60 days after planting.

11) Kale

Kale is a plant preferred by many container growers.

Kale is a heat-tolerant type of vegetable, but planted from early spring to late summer gives you the best flavor. Winter is the ideal time for growth.

12) Okra

Okra is a vegetable that is very low in calories.

Okra is a vegetable that is very low in calories and rich in vitamins A, C, P, and many more minerals. This slimy, warm, weather tropical vegetable is also known as Lady’s finger and is a favorite of many other parts of the world. 

There’s no other vegetable that tastes like okra! Some of its varieties start to produce pods in 50 days. Its foliage and delicate blooms look awesome that add beauty in your container garden.

In choosing a container pot for your okra plant, it should be at least 3-5 gallons that are 10-12 inches deep for one plant alone. Also, pick black colored pots as okra loves the heat. 

13) Mustard Green

Mustard in a container can make a great addition to your salads.

Mustard is a fast-growing vegetable that is easy to grow. It prefers warm weather and its tender leaves can be used in salads, and many other curry recipes.

14) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are, without a doubt the most productive vegetable you can grow in containers. They can grow easily even in limited space.  

But, container size matters on what variety of tomatoes you are growing.  So yes, choosing the right container for your tomatoes is essential to ensure a successful harvest, along with its taste.

Here are some of the best tomato varieties for containers that you can try!

  • Big Boy Bush Tomato

While these plants are only half the size of their prototype, this variety can produce a more substantial crop of tomatoes with the same flavor.

It requires moderate staking and takes 72-80 days to mature. Also, it performs best when you cage them well.

This variety is suitable for a small space garden. It is easy to grow, disease-resistant, aromatic, and flavorful.

  • Bush Champion

Bush Champion is a low-maintenance type of tomato that has compact growth and a desirable trait of bearing early. This heat-tolerant variety attracts gardeners who love to grow tomato plants in containers or raised beds.

It grows around 2-feet high with bigger and meatier tomatoes compared to other early-bearing species. Moreover, it takes 65-70 days to mature, and the harvest usually lasts several months.

Aside from having an average taste and being disease resistant, it also yields high output, allows low maintenance, and is best for growing in containers.

  • Bush Goliath Tomato

Delicious and meaty tomato produce from a container garden.

This plant grows up to a maximum of 3 feet tall and bears large sweet tomatoes, packed with flavorful meat and adequate sugar content. It produces continuously up to the frost but needs an occasional shaking from time to time. 

This variety is specifically for patio gardeners and those with limited garden space. However, this variety needs a few stakes, and growers should be aware of pests’ problems.

  • Celebrity Tomato

The Celebrity Tomato cultivar usually reaches 4-feet high. This generally-tolerant sturdy plant produces clusters of round, healthy, and crack-resistant tomatoes.  It is one of the growers’ favorites for its exceptionally delicious flavor. 

Though they need the support of stakes to stay upright, it does not sway under the weight of its fruit. However, this disease-resistant variety of tomato requires a larger container to grow.

  • Early Girl Bush Tomato

This type of tomato doesn’t grow large and is suitable for medium-sized pots. It takes 54-62 days to reach maturity, so this hybrid variety is perfect for those who want a quick harvest.

It can yield 100 tomatoes or more from a single plant without the need or support of stakes!

  • Patio F Tomato

Patio F Tomato is a dwarf variety of tomato that is also an excellent choice for container gardeners. Its fruit is just a little bit bigger than a cherry size, and you can grow 2-3 plants together in larger ones.

This compact type of tomato has an average taste but can thrive even in smaller pots without the need of a stake.

  • Window Box Roma Tomato

The Window Box Roma Tomato is an early-maturing breed with the sole purpose of growing in pots, window boxes, and containers. 

This dwarf type of plant grows up to a height of no more than 2-3 feet and produces a pear-shaped crop of 2-3 oz. 

They can last long on the shelf and is sweet, delicious, and perfect for salads and sauces. It is also suitable for growing indoors.

  • Tumbling Tom

Tumbling Tom is a variety of tomato to produce hundreds of fruits from just one plant.

Tumbling Tom is an excellent choice for small balconies! This variety is best for hanging baskets and small containers. This easy to grow variety bears sweet cherry tomatoes in red to yellow color and can produce heavily too.

  • Sun Sugar

Sun Sugar is one of the cherry tomato varieties that is easy to grow, disease-resistant, and has a long growing season that can last until frost

It provides hundreds of tomatoes from just one plant. It also earned positive reviews from growers due to its sweet and delicious flavor. However, this plant can reach up to 6 feet tall and requires a large container and some support.

  • Carmello

When it comes to flavor, Carmello variety is remarkably delectable. This variety maintains a positive growth despite the changing weather and can manage to produce a sweet, rich flavor even in the coldest part of the season.

This type of tomato is one of the most highly recommended for container growing.

  • Sweet 100 Tomato

Juicy cherry tomatoes from container garden.

This variety of tomato bears scarlet and juicy cherry tomatoes. It is a favorite for garden plots but equally works well in big containers with a stake and regular pruning. Sweet 100 Tomato produces fruits in large clusters consistently that last until frost. 

Overproduction is the gardener’s sole issue with this heat-resistant variety. Also, it requires large containers and support due to size and spread.

  • Sweet Baby Girl Tomato

These bite-sized red tomatoes with vine-like stems can reach up to 70-78 inches high and spread 20-25 inches when left untamed.

It also has an exceptional flavor and long-harvesting season, aside from having the potential to produce delicious tomatoes with a long shelf life.

  •  Sun Gold

Like the Sweet 100, this variety is enormous and requires large containers and support. It takes 55-65 days to mature and is the only tomato plant that remains orange.

It has become one of the most favorite varieties of many growers due to its extra-sweet taste and is best for gardeners that have a large balcony.

Final Thoughts

Everyone can grow vegetables, even those who don’t have enough space for cultivating a traditional garden.

The only way you’re going to experience the fun and joy of harvesting vegetables fresh from your garden is to grow it yourself. And what better way to do this than growing your vegetables easily in garden pots.

That sums up our lists for the best vegetables to plant in containers. If you have suggestions in mind and would like to share, please leave a comment below. We’re always glad to hear them. Happy container gardening!

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