7 Best Potting Soil For Indoor Plants

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One of the most common misconceptions in the gardening hobby is that indoor potting soil is just the same as typical soil, which is definitely not true.

As the name suggests, indoor potting soil is basically soil that is integrated for indoor plants. A lot of gardeners say that indoor soil is just a mere gimmick and a waste of money, and some would question if there really is a difference or if it even matters in general.

For starters, the short answer here is – yes. It matters greatly since indoor plants are known to be more sensitive when it comes to their soil requirements compared to outdoor plants. There is no denying that some indoor plants will do well in ordinary soil, but the difference in terms of plant growth between using regular soil and indoor potting soil is very recognizable.

Basically, indoor plants prefer an environment that is specifically suitable for them in order for them to thrive and grow to their full potential. With that being said, if you are a gardener who has a collection of indoor plants in the house, then I highly recommend looking into these 7 Best Potting Soil For Indoor Plants to achieve a healthy and beautiful collection of thriving indoor plants.

7 Most Nutritious Potting Soil For Indoor Plants

Top Pick

Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix6 qt.
6 qt. (2 Packs)
16 qt.
Plant Care Bundle

Other Great Options

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Indoor Potting Soil1 Pack
4 Pack
Espoma AP8 8-Quart Organic Potting Mix8 qt.
Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix51.4 qt.
Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil2 cu. ft.
12 qt.
FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil1pc 8 qt.
2pcs 8 qt.
3pcs 8 qt.
4 pcs 8 qt.
Miracle-Gro Potting Mix1 cu. ft.
2 cu. ft.
8 qt.
16 qt.
Single Pack
2 Packs

1) Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix

A clear image of the Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix packaging.

  • Over 27,000+ Ratings
  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars Customer Ratings
  • Amazon’s Choice Product in Garden Soil


Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Miracle-Gro
  • Size
    • 21 x 12.75 x 3.88 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 21 pounds
  • Key Features
    • Specifically blended to be versatile and usable on different kinds of plants
    • 6 months supply of food
    • Prevents gnat infestation and other kinds of insects
    • Does not contain compost or bark that are infamous for sheltering fungus gnats
    • Consists of Coconut Coir that hold and release water
    • Used in containers
  • Ingredients
    • Perlite
    • Coconut Coir
    • Sphagnum Peat Moss
    • Plant Food
    • Wetting Agent
    • Aged Barks
  • Variants
    • 6 qt
    • 6 qt (2 Pack)
    • 16 qt

Top Manufacturer

If you have been gardening for a long time, chances are, you have heard of Miracle-Gro! They are a gardening company that is famous for producing never-ending high-quality products that gardeners are dying to get their hands on! In this case, Miracle-Gro manufactured an indoor potting mix that has currently over 27,000+ ratings on Amazon alone!

Suitable For Almost Any Kind Of Plant

The Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix was blended to be as versatile as possible because as you know, some indoor plants suffer from low-quality indoor potting soil which Miracle-Gro has carefully thought of before they started to create their masterpiece. However, this potting mix is not suitable for plants that prefer low humidity and adequate amounts of water only. Since the ingredients are mostly made out of pure organic matter, it is expected that water retention is high.

Although the majority of indoor plants love this, there are simply other indoor plants out there that prefer to stay in an almost close-to-dry condition. Nevertheless, if your indoor plants love high humidity and can handle water for days, then this potting mix is without a doubt suitable for them!

Fast Plant Growth

It was very unbelievable when I used this potting mix for the first time. I was astonished at how my seedlings started to grow in just 3 days, and after 2 weeks my plant was already a juvenile! I have never encountered such quick plant growth with other indoor potting soils. After some contemplation, I realized that this was all possible due to the effective ingredients of the Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix.

  • Highly Effective
  • Fast Plant Growth
  • Feeds Up To 6 Months
  • Affordable
  • Prevents Gnats
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Not Suitable For Succulents
  • 2 Quart Variants Only
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2) FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil Mix

A clear image of the FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil packaging.

  • 1,400+ Ratings
  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Fox Farm
  • Size
    • 15.98 x 12.99 x 5.98 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 10.94 pounds
  • Key Features
    • This potting soil has everything that your plants need
    • pH level is adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 for better fertilizer absorption
    • Aerated texture great for both indoor and outdoor plants
    • Comes with a security bag for shipping protection
  • Ingredients
    • Premium earthworm castings
    • Bat guano
    • Seagoing fish
    • Crab meal
    • Composted forest humus
    • Sandy loam
    • Sphagnum peat moss
  • Variants
    • 1 pack
    • 4 pack

Promotes Stable Growth

Although the ingredients may seem unusual since it involves water elemental ingredients, these are actually great for indoor plants, especially if you were planning on providing extra nutrients to your soil’s status. FoxFarm recommends that you use this potting soil along with their FoxFarm fertilizers to further boost your plants’ growth and development.

Regulated pH Levels

If you are worried about the pH level this soil brings, you would be happy to know that this potting soil has its pH levels regulated for more efficient fertilizer absorption. Moreover, its ingredients already do well with intaking fertilizers which further feed your plants for up to weeks or even a month.

Good For Indoor and Outdoor Plants

When it comes to using this potting soil for outdoor plants, it’s actually decent when I tested it out. I mainly use this potting soil for outdoor plants that require more fertilizer than the others. Surprisingly, the plants that I used this product on are alive and doing well even up to date.

  • Fertilizer-Friendly Soil
  • Extends Plant Feeding
  • pH Levels are Regulated
  • Steady Plant Growth and Development
  • Only One Quart Size Available

3) Espoma AP8 Potting Mix

A clear image of the Espoma Organic Potting Mix packaging.

  • 5,100+ Ratings
  • 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars Customer Ratings

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Espoma
  • Size
    • 19.2 x 15.5 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 12 pounds
  • Key Features
    • Excellent potting soil
    • Good for all indoor and outdoor containers
    • Comes with Myco-tone water saving formula
    • Improves moisture retention
    • Reduces drought stress
  • Variants
    • 8 quart
    • 2 packs
    • 3 packs
    • 4 packs

Commonly Used

The Espoma Potting Mix is commonly used in the hobby due to its reputable manufacturers that are known for producing high-quality potting mixes. In terms of its effectiveness, the Espoma AP8 Potting Mix is a decent product that gets the job done. It is affordable, widely available, and good for both indoor and outdoor plants.

In general, if you are looking for potting soil that is 100% organic and widely available among garden centers, you can expect to find the Espoma AP8 Potting Mix to be readily available in your nearest garden center.

Enhanced With Mycro-tone

The unique feature of this potting soil is its Mycro-tone enhancement, which is a starter fertilizer that consists of both Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae that is basically beneficial to almost any kind of plant since these two carry more than 800 species of soil microbes, nutrient enhancers, and microbe food to provide your plants with good health without the use of pesticides.

Reduces Drought Stress

One of the most common problems that typical soil encounters is drought stress, which is the reduction of leaf water potential and turgor pressure among plants. This also involves stomatal closure, damaged plant cells, and many other effects. This could often lead or result in soil erosion as well. But with the Espoma AP8 Potting Mix, you won’t need to worry about that for indoor planting since it is secure enough by itself already.

  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • No Chemicals Involved
  • Suitable For Most Plants
  • Enhanced with Mycro-tone
  • Only 8 Quart Size Available
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4) Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix

A clear image of the Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix packaging.

  • 8,100+ Ratings
  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars
  • Amazon’s Choice Product


Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Burpee
  • Size
    • 4 x 16 x 12.6 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 20.1 pounds
  • Key Features
    • The Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix is enriched with Burpee’s own plant food for beautiful flower blooms and delicious vegetables
    • Suitable for containers and garden-raised beds
    • Feeds instantly
    • Slow-release of plant food to feed plants for up to 6 months
    • Consists of Coconut Coir to maintain moisture levels
  • Variants
    • 9 qt.

High-Quality Potting Mix With Plant Food

The Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix is one of the top potting mixes on Amazon because aside from its high-quality soil, it also comes with a plant food solution in it which is a unique feature that Burpee takes pride in. With over 8,100+ reviews, the Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix continues to be a reputable potting mix that settles along with other Amazon’s Choice soil products.

There is without a doubt that indoor plants will certainly thrive in this potting mix. Keep in mind that this potting mix also contains coconut coir, so if you put too much water in the soil then moisture levels will tend to retain themselves longer than usual.

If you have indoor plants that love high moisture levels, then great! However, if your indoor plants prefer adequate moisture, make sure to only add sufficient amounts of water to not drown them.

Compatible with Containers and Garden-Raised Beds

The Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix is not only limited to pots since it can be used in large containers and garden-raised beds as well! If you didn’t know, there are a lot of potting mixes out there that are not fit for large containers and garden-raised beds due to the lack of strength in its soil structure.

This is simply not the case for the Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix since they are capable of performing well in both large containers and garden-raised beds. This is the reason why Burpee made it 9 qt instead of the common 8 qt variant that you usually see with other potting mixes.

Feeds Plants For 6 Months

When it comes to the duration of how long it feeds your plants, it is advertised that it is capable of feeding your plants for up to 6 months. I personally do not leave my plants unfed for more than 3 months, which is why I highly recommend feeding your plants regularly rather than just leaving them for 6 months.

  • Premium Quality
  • Popular
  • Has Plant Food
  • Suitable for Large Containers and Garden-Raised Beds
  • Feeds up to 6 Months
  • Single size only (9 qt.)
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5) Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil

A clear image of the Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil packaging.

  • 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars Customer Rating
  • Amazon’s Choice Product


Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Mother Earth
  • Size
    • 18 x 5 x 35 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 32.9 pounds
  • Key Features
    • Suitable for all plants including but not limited to: flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.
    • Moderate aeration
    • Holds moisture
    • Feeds plants after 2 or 3 weeks after planting
    • Creates the desired environment for plants of all types
    • Compatible indoors, outdoors, containers, and garden-raised beds.
  • Ingredients
    • Sphagnum peat moss,
    • Processed forest products
    • Perlite
    • Fertilizer
    • Yucca
  • Variants
    • 2 cu. ft.
    • 12 qt.

Comes With Fertilizer

Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil comes with fertilizer to promote faster growth and development to both your seeds and plants. This means that this potting soil is also one of those cost-effective products on this list since you no longer have to purchase fertilizers for a few months with this product.

As mentioned, I strongly recommend that you do not rely on this advertisement since this might risk the health of your plants. A few weeks up to a month is what I would consider a safe duration for the fertilizers in this potting soil to settle.

Excellent Water Retention

If you are looking for potting soil for your indoor plants that hold water retention decently, then the Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil is a great choice. The reason behind this is due to the organic materials that this potting soil is composed of (sphagnum peat moss, processed forest products, perlite, etc.).


One of the main features of this product is its ability to adapt to different kinds of plants and environments (i.e., garden-raised beds or large containers and even both indoor and outdoor environments). The Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil is a great choice if you are planning on using the same kind of soil for your outdoor garden and indoor plants.

  • Less Frequent Watering
  • Fertilizes Plants
  • Versatile (Can be used for All Types of Plants in any Environment)
  • Pure Organic
  • Not Suitable for Plants that Prefer Dry Environments
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6) FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil

A clear image of the FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil packaging.

  • 4,800+ Ratings
  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars Customer Ratings

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • FoxFarm
  • Size
    • 1.4 x 17.9 x 13.9 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 8 pounds
  • Key Features
    • Alive Soil (contains soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi)
    • Adjust pH for maximum nutrient intake
    • Well-aerated
    • Guarantees vigorous vegetative growth, boosted fruit and flower production, and aggressive plant feeding
    • Easy to use
  • Organic Ingredients
    • Perlite
    • Peat
  • Special Components
    • Mycorrhizal Fungi
    • Soil Microbes
    • Humic Acid
  • Variants
    • 4 Packs
    • 12 qt.

Living Soil

As seen on the key features of this product, the soil is basically alive since it contains soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. These two components are great contributors to your plant’s growth since the role of these two elements is to provide more nutrients to your plants as well as improve the nutrient cycle.

Adjusted pH Levels

In terms of the pH levels of this potting soil, FoxFarm carefully considered what to add to their mix in order to maintain the needs of your plants. This is what makes the FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil versatile.

Guaranteed Best Results

The FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil is known for showing the best results to its users – may it be vegetables, fruits, flowers, and typical plants. I personally use the FoxFarm Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil but only with a few of my indoor plants since I primarily use this potting soil for my outdoor vegetable collection.

  • Organic Living Soil
  • Regulate pH Levels
  • Moderate Aeration
  • Easy to Use
  • Guaranteed Best Results
  • Heavy Bag (12 qt.)
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7) Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

A clear image of the Miracle-Gro Potting Soil packaging.

  • 20,700+ Ratings
  • 4.7 Stars out of 5 Stars Customer Ratings
  • Amazon’s Choice Product


Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer
    • Miracle-Gro
  • Size
    • 3.87 x 12.75 x 21 inches
  • Item Weight
    • 8.08 pounds
  • Key Features
    • Easily double plant size
    • Feeds plants up to 6 months
    • Fast bloom results
    • Great for indoor and outdoor plants
    • Can be used in containers
  • Ingredients
    • Sphagnum Peat Moss
    • Aged Bark Fines
    • Perlite
    • Wetting Agent
    • Coconut Coir
  • Variants
    • 1 cu. ft.
    • 2 cu. ft.
    • 8 qt.
    • 16 qt.
    • Single Pack
    • Two Packs

Doubles Plant Size

The difference between this potting mix from the Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is that this one focuses more on fast growth and development. This is also the reason why this product is not my top pick but nonetheless, it is definitely a great potting soil to use for both indoor and outdoor plants.

If you are planning on fast growth over integrated elements, then this potting soil is for you. But if you want potting soil that is specifically made for indoor plants, then the Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is the best option here.

6 Months Feeding

This potting mix is capable of feeding your plants for up to 6 months, but then again, I do not recommend not feeding your plants for 6 months since outside elements matter as well. Frequent rain, dry weather, and other outside elements might affect the plant food in the potting mix, which is why I highly recommend feeding your plants regularly instead of letting the potting mix do all the work.

This is to prevent nutrient deficiency in your plants. But if you let the plant food in the potting mix settle for a month or two, then there would be no problems at all. Just keep in mind the outside elements (this only applies to outdoor applications). For indoor plants, the one to two-month rule still applies.


The Miracle-Gro Potting Mix is known for its excellent results and adaptability when it comes to different containers and environments. The same with other potting mixes, the Miracle-Gro Potting Mix can be used indoors, outdoors, and in containers.

The difference between this potting mix compared to the others is its performance. It simply outperforms other potting mixes when it comes to plant growth, soil structure, and many other factors.

  • Doubles Plant Size Fast
  • Long Feeding Period
  • Versatile
  • Reputable
  • Excellent Aeration
  • Not Specifically Made For Indoor Plants
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Buying Guide For Indoor Potting Soil

Before you purchase potting soil, it is important that you consider these factors first so that you will know what truly fits for your indoor plants. Understanding the basics is just as important as prioritizing soil quality, which is why you should not practice impulsive buying to protect your plants’ health.

To begin with, here are the elements that you should look into thoroughly before making a purchase decision.

A collection of indoor plants.

1) Figure Out What Soil Is More Suitable

If you have a variety of indoor plants in your collection, chances are, their soil requirements are different from one another. If you did not know that already, this means that you will have to research what the preferences are of each kind of indoor plant.

This is because the ingredients, water retention, and other soil elements from the potting soil you randomly purchased might have a negative effect on your plants.

Factors You Should Consider:
  • Ingredients

Basically, you need to know what type of ingredients your indoor plants prefer, whether it should be pure organic, non-organic, or a mix of both. The ingredients alone are a major contributor to your indoor plants’ health. This means the ingredients are fundamental components that you should definitely look into before purchasing a bag of potting soil.

  • Water Retention

Water retention is also another element you should consider before purchasing. Some indoor plants prefer dry environments, which means that these types of plants do not do so well in forest ingredients since this results in high water retention. On the other hand, if your indoor plants prefer this type of environment, then you can expect them to thrive all throughout their lifespan.

  • Fertilizer

If you prefer your potting soil with mixed fertilizer, then go for the products that come along with it. However, the price of these bags could be higher but this depends on the manufacturer of the potting soil you are purchasing from.

  • Specifications

As you can see from the list above, there are potting mixes that are suitable for different environments; namely indoor, outdoor, containers, etc. If you are planning on using the potting soil for various environments then I suggest purchasing potting soil that is versatile.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing potting soil that is solely for indoor plants, then I strongly recommend going for indoor potting soil directly since this type of potting soil is specifically manufactured for indoor plants.

2) Look For A Manufacturer With A Good Reputation

A manufacturer or company with a good reputation is guaranteed to produce premium products since that is basically the foundation of their reputation. Manufacturers that are popular in the gardening industry are basically those companies that have been producing high-quality products for many years. This should be one of the elements you should consider when you start looking for indoor potting soil.

A woman showing the soil from the Miracle-Gro Potting Mix.

3) Consider The Size You Want To Purchase

As you can see from the list above, there are several sizes available. If you are planning on saving money on shipping by purchasing a large bag of potting soil, then go ahead! This is a great way to save money from the shipping fee. Make sure to not purchase a bag that is too large since this might get affected if not stored properly.

Bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil.

Final Thoughts

I bet most of you can agree when I say that indoor planting takes less effort compared to outdoor gardening. Besides, indoor gardening is good for our mental health.

However, it can be frustrating if you are doing things wrong, which is why I highly recommend following this buying guide religiously to start your indoor gardening journey on the right track.

Once again, if you prefer potting soil that can be used both in outdoor and indoor gardening, then choose ones that are adaptable or versatile. On the other hand, if you prefer potting soil that is specifically made for indoor gardening purposes only, then go for indoor potting soil.

Regardless, this list of potting soil in this article is guaranteed premium quality. If you have any experience with any of these products, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us! If you have any questions or clarifications, you may write them down in the comment section as well.

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