10 Best Outdoor Flower Pots 2021

Top Rated Outdoor Flower Pots

The warmer months are just around the corner and now it’s time to get our yards looking nice and pleasant. Mother nature is calling for all the beautiful flowers and plants to start blossoming again. First, that means we have to look for some beautiful outdoor planters.

Below, the Seasonal Preferences Team has efficiently reviewed the best outdoor flower pots that are aesthetically pleasing for the new year. The main elements we looked for were quality, construction, and affordability.

Are you starting to vision where you can place some planters around your home? The porch is one of my favorite places for my plants. It gives your home this welcoming decor that your guests will love. Next, the backyard is where I complete the look. It is usually full of hanging planters as well as elevated and free-standing planters.

You will find various flower pot options ranging from differing materials and designs (freestanding, hanging, mounted, elevated) to different sizes from small to large outdoor planters to different colors. The options are limitless making the designs around your home embolden your personality all over it.

Take a look at the best outdoor planters we recommend below.

Best Flower Pots for Outdoors

10 Best Outdoor Flower Pots

Flower PotMaterialColor Options 
Mayne Fairfield Patio PlanterHigh-Grade Polyethylene3 (Black, Clay, White)
Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking PlanterPolyurethane (resembles terracotta)3 (Terracotta, Black, Stone)
Keter Hanging Planter SetPolypropylene Resin4 (Graphite, Oasis White, Espresso Brown, Sandy Beige)
Potter Patio Deck Flower Planter (2-Set)Stainless Steel with Rustic Copper Finish2 (Antique Copper, Rustic)
Water Hyacinth Rattan Wicker Woven 3-Set Plant PotWater Hyacinth Rattan Wire & Zinc Pot2 (Light Black, Natural)
CedarCraft Cascading Garden PlanterWestern Red Cedar1 (Wood - Cedar)
La Jolie Muse Flower Pots (2-Set)Natural Stone Powder & Polypropylene Resin1 (Speckled Gray)
La Jolie Muse Hanging Planting Flower Pots 2-SetPolypropylene Resin1 (Concrete Marble)
T4U Raised Garden Bed Planter 4-SetPolypropylene Resin1 (Espresso Brown)
Mayne Cambridge Tall PlanterHigh-Grade Polyethylene3 (Black, Clay, White)

1) Mayne Fairfield Patio Planter

Mayne Fairfield Patio Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Design: New England
  • Special Features:
    • Double-Wall Design that creates a water reservoir (requires less manual watering)
    • UV Resin Inhibitors promotes long-lasting look (fade-free)
  • Outside Dimensions: 20″L x 20″W x 20″H
  • Inside Dimensions: 15.5″L x 15.5″W x 13″D
  • Material: High-Grade Polyethylene (plastic)
  • Soil Capacity: Approximately 9.5 Gal.
  • Water Capacity: Approximately 8.75 Gal. (33L)
  • Container Capacity: 45.6 Qts.
  • Wall Thickness: 1/8 in.
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Our first recommendation is the Mayne Fairfield Patio Planter. This planter has an elegant modern look to it and actually comes in 3 different colors (black, clay & white).

It can contain a wide variety of plant types as you prefer. This square polyethylene (plastic) planter contains a built-in water reservoir that promotes healthy plant growth by allowing the plants to practically water themselves. This means this type of planter requires less water maintenance and routine due to its built-in reservoir.

Moreover, the UV inhibitors within the resin promotes that long-lasting look by preventing fade of the planter.

You can definitely place this one wherever you prefer. Personally, I think it would look beautiful on the patio or deck beside some of your resin wicker outdoor furniture. You can choose the color accordingly.


It is recommended for smaller flowering plants due to the size and shape of the container. The planter’s material as stated above is polyethylene so it is very long-lasting, lightweight, and durable that can provide many seasons of use. It is recommended to store the planter away in colder months due to its light weight that may not withstand harsh weather conditions.

- Self-Watering (due to double wall design that creates water reservoir)- Not suitable for larger plants
- Durable & Lightweight- Recommended to store away during winter months due to lightweight material
- 3 Different Color Options
- UV Inhibitors within Resin prevents fade & promotes long-lasting look
- High-Grade Polyethylene material allowing for many seasons of use

Check out our full Mayne Fairfield Patio Planter Review.

2) Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter

Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Garden Supply Inc.
  • Material: Polyurethane (molded plastic that resembles Terracotta)
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 13.5″ x 6.5″
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  •  Features:
    • Self-Watering System
    • Multi-Tier Set (3 tiers of planters, 3 patented self-watering grids)
    • Tray (for stacking)
    • Chain with swivel for hanging
  • Design: 3-Tier Stacking Presentation

The next outdoor planter that makes it onto our list is the Terracotta Color 3-Tier Stacking Planter. This one is an entirely different style than the one above. This terracotta colored planter fits the more traditional look compared to a contemporary look, however with a unique stacking design. If you have other terracotta flowering planters, then we strongly recommend adding this one to your collection.

Why terracotta color? As stated below in our buying guide, you literally can’t go wrong with terracotta because the material is practically made for flower pots. The material has outstanding drainage so your plants can quench themselves and any leftover water will nicely drain out.

However, what is neat now, is that manufacturers are making molded plastic flower pots that resemble the terracotta color like this one. So it is not actually terracotta, but molded plastic that is high quality with features very similar to terracotta. This makes the planters a lot more affordable for the average consumer.

This planter may seem a bit complicated but fear not, it is actually very easy to assemble. And guess what? You can keep stacking and stacking them if you have more than one, so it looks very tall and pretty. Follow the instructions (diagrams are very helpful) and you will have no problems.

Self-Watering Is The New Normal!

The Self-Watering system here is why this is a favorite. When assembled, you will have all of your terracotta colored flowering pots stacked in the correct way, so all you have to do is water from the top and let the water trickle down through the water grid system.

All of your flowering plants will get equal water treatment through the pots’ self-regulation system. How cool? And no need to worry about over-watering because all excess water will simply drain out at the bottom. Self-watering aids with distributing moisture throughout the system and keeps the plants replenished because of the consistent water supply.

It gets better! They offer 3 colors!


So what does it consist of? You have the 3 tiers of planters that stack on-top of each other in correct fashion (read instructions and look at helpful diagrams), 3 self-watering grids, and a tray for stacking. Also included is the chain and swivel so you can hang this planter if you prefer that over having it free-stand.

Over 430 Customer Reviews with an Overall 4 Star Rating! Click above to read many customer reviews.

As for plants, any flowering plants, vegetables, or herbs are ideal to grow in this one. The best part is like I said, you can keep stacking and stacking these planters in correct fashion and they will all self-water once you water the top one. You can fit many plants in little space due to this spacious, tall design. It’s very ideal anywhere space is limited.

- 3 Different Colors- Not Suitable for Larger Plants
- Durable, Lightweight & Inexpensive- Should Store Away for Winter
- Self-Watering- Hanging Hook Not Included
- Included Chain & Self-Watering Grids
- Great for Limited Space

3) Keter Hanging Planter Set

Keter Hanging Planter Set

Next, we have our first recommended hanging planters. Although, free-standing planters seem almost always necessary to get that elegant design you want, hanging planters compliment the overall design with their foreshadowing presence. I love hanging planters.

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Keter
  • Material: Polypropylene Resin
  • Dimensions: 13.78″W x 8.66″D x 13.78″H
  • Weight: 5.15 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • Sealed inner bowl and drainage plug that allows for outdoor and indoor use
    • Stainless Steel triple chain with black-finishing hook that provides support when hanging
    • Self-Watering
  • Loading Capacity: 33 lbs

This set of two hanging planters is a strong recommendation if you prefer a modern elegant style. With the drainage plugs, you can easily hang these indoors to give your home that contemporary nature vibe.

This wicker-style designed, resin planter set is durable to withstand various weather conditions including high winds and storms. It is recommended to store these away when the colder months arrive instead of leaving them outside. Or better yet, simply move them indoors for the winter months.

What Furniture Does It Accompany?

Do you have any of that trendy rattan, wicker, or bamboo patio furniture? These planters are the perfect combination that will compliment these types of patio furniture in any color.

In fact, there are 4 different colors to choose from.

Oasis White
Espresso Brown
Sandy Beige

These planter pots look like wicker but in fact each planter is a solid molded piece for better durability and quality that just resembles a rattan wicker design. This way you won’t have to worry about any unraveling or peeling that may happen with actual wicker pots while still having your planters consist of that stylish wicker design.

Is the Keter Hanging Planter Set Good Quality?

Yes, the planters are made of resistant injection molded polypropylene resin. You won’t have to worry about any fading over time, denting, rusting, or staining like you may see from other materials when exposed to such elements.

You will no doubt get many seasonal uses out of these planters whether they are placed indoors or outdoors. If you are planning on hanging these indoors, make sure you put the drainage plugs in so when you water it, you won’t have water leaking from the bottom. Water accordingly when the drainage plugs are in. For outdoor use, simply remove the drainage plugs and water your plants.

Included is the sturdy stainless steel triple chain for hanging accompanied with the black-finished hanger.

This one has also been reviewed and rated by many customers – over 430 reviews and ratings! You will notice most of them are overwhelmingly positive.

- Outdoor & Indoor Use (due to included drainage plug for indoors)- Recommended to store away during colder months due to harsher weather conditions
- Included triple stainless steel chain with accompanying black hook- Not recommended for larger flowering plants
- Durable Quality (molded polypropylene resin that resembles a rattan wicker design)
- 4 Different Color Options
- Modern Contemporary style

4) Potter Patio Deck Flower Planter (2-Set)

H Potter Patio Deck Flower Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: H Potter
  • Material: Stainless Steel with Rustic Copper Finish
  • Dimensions:
    • Larger: 13″W x 35″H
    • Smaller: 11″W x 29″H
  • Special Features:
    • Custom metal planter liner insert to easily change your foliage
    • Included drip tray to use indoors (catches excess water)
    • Base includes large drainage hole and grate

This is one of my favorites. The name speaks for itself as it resembles that mystical Harry Potter look. It’s a multi-combo coming in a set of 2. The large planter is approximately 13″ wide and 35″ tall while the smaller planter is approximately 11″ wide and 29″ high.

The H Potter Planter can nicely accompany any patio furniture you may have, especially antique-like setups. Moreover, this planter set is indoor approved due to the included trays which could look fabulous in your home. Do you have any traditional, antique-like decorations in your home? These planters would compliment those so well.

Have an idea where you would place this yet? You could place these among your garden, patio, porch, deck, or any indoor space. Better yet, they come in 2 color options so you can choose which one would match your outdoor or indoor living space better. Take a look below.

Antique Copper

Each planter includes a custom metal planter liner insert with drainage holes in which you will insert before use. At the bottom of the actual planter, you will find an accompanying drainage hole and grate. With this neat feature, you can fill the base with rocks for stability while still permitting efficient drainage.

What if I Want to Use Indoors?

As stated above, the H Potter Planter Set can look beautiful indoors as well. So what about drainage then? You obviously don’t want the water draining all over your floor. Simply cover the grate with the included trays among purchase.

If you don’t want to purchase the trays with the planters, then you can do that also. But if you are planning on placing these indoors, then make sure you cover the grates with your preferred water catcher or simply purchase the planter with the trays.

The durable quality will allow you to use these planters over many, many seasons. They are stainless steel with a rustic, antique copper finish and hand-applied with clear lacquer topcoat. The planters are lightweight, easy to move, and weather resistant.

- Mystical-Antique look- Expensive
- Outdoor/Indoor Use- Large & Small Planters Not Sold Separately
- Included Drip Trays (Indoor Use)
- 2 Color Options (shown above)
- Excellent Quality

This one is more expensive than others unfortunately, but you are paying for quality and design.

5) Water Hyacinth Rattan Wicker Woven 3-Set Plant Pot

Water Hyacinth Rattan Wicker Woven 3-Set Plant Pot

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Kan Factory
  • Material: Water Hyacinth Rattan Wire & Zinc Pot
  • Production Method: Handwoven with Zinc Insert
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 5.9″ x 5.9″ x 15.7″ (L x W x H)
    • Medium: 8.3″ x 8.3″ x 23.6″ (L x W x H)
    • Large: 11.8″ x 11.8″ 31.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Delivery: 5-8 business days depending on location

This is another multi-combo planter set that is a personal favorite. They are rattan wicker woven flower pots that come in a set of 3 (small, medium, large). If you have other rattan wicker flowering pots or patio furniture, then this is a strong recommendation for you. You can place these in any ideal setting to make your outdoors look that much more welcoming – patio, deck, garden or porch!

This rectangle water hyacinth planter set includes the 3 vases (shown in the image) as well as 3 removable inner pots that allow you to easily change your foliage. These luxurious flower pots are constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant water hyacinth rattan.

This one comes in the two colors as shown. The two offered colors can fit well with any of your patio furniture or accompanying flower pots.

Light Black

The removable inner pots are made of zinc which is extremely durable and stable. If you would like to change your foliage, simply remove the inner zinc pot, then change your soil and flowers etc. and then reinsert the inner pot. Nice and simple – perfect for seasonal changes.

Water Hyacinth Handwoven Rattan Wicker is a natural product. Therefore, these flower pots may be susceptible to surface color changes from exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight.

However, that is what makes these planters unique as they nicely age in time due to seasonal changes and varying weather conditions.

- Set of 3- Recommended to store during colder months
- Affordable- Susceptible to color changes (exposure to wind, rain, sunlight)
- 3 inner removable zinc pots
- High quality (water hyacinth rattan production)

6) CedarCraft Cascading Garden Planter

CedarCraft Cascading Garden Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: CedarCraft
  • Material: Western Red Cedar
  • Dimensions: 34″W x 38″L x 37″H
  • Planting Area per Tier: 12″W x 35″L x 6.5″D
  • Weight: 53.5 lbs
  • Soil Capacity: 2.4 Cubic Feet
  • Features:
    • 100% Rescued Canadian Western Red Cedar
    • Untreated, Naturally Rot & Insect Resistant
    • Includes Landscape Fabric & Instructions (no tools required)
  • Origin: Made in Canada

We have reached our first elevated flowering planter. How awesome? The CedarCraft Cascading Garden Planter is elegantly simple and can accompany any of your other flower pots or yard furniture. Place it among your deck, patio, or garden!

This one would look perfect in your garden among your other plants and flower beds. It takes up limited space and is recommended for smaller plants such as fresh vegetables, herbs, or flowers. If you like to garden in luxury, then this is for you. Grow your favorite flowers, fruits, veggies, and herbs. There is nothing better than growing your own food and then eating it after – so natural and delicious! You are a gardener and a chef.

How Is It Manufactured and From Where?

This one is actually manufactured from our Northern people (Canada) from sustainably sourced rescued Western Red Cedar. The construction process utilizes trim cuts to produce notably high quality, elegant mosaic cedar panels.

Guess what! You’ll be ecstatic to know that actually no trees were specifically harvested to produce this planter! It is 100% rescued Canadian Western Red Cedar. Better yet, this planter is untreated, naturally rot & insect free – crafted with precision to give you excellent quality that is built to last.

Product Perks

It is designed for limited space gardening due to its favorable size & vertical tiered design that maximizes growing space. The three different tiers offer an abundance of growing options and plant variations.

Moreover, the elevated planters will protect your plants from wild animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and gophers so you won’t have to worry about your nicely harvested veggies and fruits being devoured by mother nature.

The CedarCraft Cascading Garden Planter is very easy to assemble. Among receiving this garden bed, you will also receive accompanying instructions. The instructions are very easy to follow. There are absolutely no tools required – quick and easy assembly.

- 100% rescued Western Red Cedar- Strongly recommended to store away for colder months
- No trees harvested to produce this planter- Expensive
- No tools required - quick & easy assembly
- Designed for limited space gardening that maximizes growing space

7) La Jolie Muse Flower Pots (2-Set)

La Jolie Muse Flower Pots (2-Set)

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: LA JOLIE MUSE
  • Material: Natural Stone Powder & Polypropylene Resin
  • Color: Speckled Gray
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 20″
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • UV & Frost Resistant
    • 4 Raised Drainage Holes Inside
    • Stackable
  • Volume: 6 Gal. each

Here we have another set of two exquisite flower pots. These tall resin garden planters feature a modern industrial look to compliment any of your interior or exterior designs.

The La Jolie Muse planter set consists of a speckled gray finish and sphere-style design that would look lovely among your patio, porch, garden, or balcony.

The Finest Construction

It is constructed from limestone powder and polypropylene resin that makes the planter set lightweight, durable, and easily movable. The durable construction also reduces environmental impact and is considered more resilient than ceramic or fiberglass planters.

Bonus features include its UV & frost resistant construction! The UV inhibitors within the resin planter protects the flower pots from any color changes or fading. The strong polypropylene resin construction makes this planter set unable to rust, peel, dent, fade, or stain. Therefore, you will have several seasons of use with this set.

What else? The planter set is also super lightweight (7 lbs each) so you can practically move it wherever you want nice and easily. They are also easily stackable.

Raised Drainage Holes Inside

A lot of planters consist of flat holes on the bottom of the pots which sometimes gives inadequate drainage and makes the plants susceptible to drowning.

The La Jolie Muse Planter set designed the 4 drainage holes 2″ above the ground to allow for efficient drainage and to help reserve water in the case of over watering. The planter set will easily be able to filter out any excess water no matter where you locate it.

The pre-drilled drainage holes provide excellent growing conditions for your choice of plants as its natural porosity allows the plant roots and compost to efficiently breathe.

Recommendations & Water Suggestions

  • Water at least once a day in the summer.
  • Keep a look-out for dropping or crackly leaves (too dry) and yellowing leaves or rotting stems (too wet) and adjust your plant and watering frequency accordingly.

Top Choice for Freestanding Planters

This is the Seasonal Preferences Top Choice for a freestanding planter set. Why? Because of the elegant design, construction, and affordability!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Any problems after receiving the planters, you will get full refunds!

- Excellent construction- Not recommended for very large plants
- Unable to rust, peel, dent, fade, or stain- Only one color option (speckled gray)
- UV & frost resistant
- 4 raised drainage holes for efficient drainage
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

8) La Jolie Muse Hanging Planting Flower Pots 2-Set

La Jolie Muse Hanging Planting Flower Pots 2-Set

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: LA JOLIE MUSE
  • Material: Polypropylene Resin
  • Color: Concrete Marble
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 4.7″ x 4″
  • Weight: 1.95 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • Outdoor/Indoor Use (included detachable plug)
    •  Heavy-Duty Triple Rope Hanger (adjustable for different heights)
    • UV & Frost Resistant
  • Volume: 3 Gal.
  • Rope Length: 20.5″/rope (adjustable)

Here we have another La Jolie Muse manufactured planter. This one in particular is a set of beautifully designed hanging planters. These La Jolie Muse hanging planters are designed to illustrate a contemporary industrial look with their modern concrete marbling texture.

This planter set is used in a wide range of settings for outdoors and indoors! The detachable drainage plug allows the hanging planters to be a perfect decoration for your home. The unique marble pattern can accent any of your house furniture and decor. Hang them in your preferred location – your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

As for outdoors, you also have a wide variety of options – the patio, deck, garden, balcony. The options are limitless. Wherever you decide to place this set, make sure you allow for ample sunlight and water.

Special Features

Included with this planter set is a durable, heavy-duty triple rope hanger as shown in the image. This will allow you to hang your newly flowering set in any desirable location. What if you don’t like the height of the rope? No problem, simply adjust the height of the rope to your liking.

These hanging planters are extremely lightweight as they are made of polypropylene resin with a marble pattern design, as such you won’t have to worry about the planters being too heavy for the rope. Each hanging pot is approximately 2 lbs that can comfortably hold 3 gallons of water.

As stated above, also included is the detachable drainage plug. If you decide to hang this set indoors, make sure you insert the plug so the water will not drain all over your floors. Simply take the plug out when the pots are outdoors. Water accordingly depending on interior/exterior use so you do not drain the plant roots.

Top-Notch Construction

The material of this set is bound to last you many seasonal uses. It is unbreakable and extremely durable and resilient. In fact, it actually passed a 36″ vertical height drop test that proved its superior strength.

High quality polypropylene resin is constructed to be UV and frost free as well as fade-proof and rust-preventative. Moreover, the set is stackable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

100% Satisfaction or Money Back

Just like the above planter on this list, the La Jolie Muse hanging planter set is also 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems upon receiving your product, you will be compensated in full.

  • Amazon’s Choice for Hanging Flower Pots
  • Rated 4.5 Stars with Plenty of Customer Reviews

- Indoor/Outdoor Use (drainage plug)- Small in size
- Excellent quality - Not recommended for medium to large sized plants
- Included heavy-duty triple rope hanger (adjustable)
UV & frost free, fade-proof, rust-preventable

9) T4U Raised Garden Bed Planter 4-Set

T4U Raised Garden Bed Planter 4-Set

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: T4U
  • Material: Polypropylene Resin
  • Color: Espresso Brown
  • Dimensions: 19.7″L x 19.7″W x 15.75″H (for one set)
  • Weight: 21.1 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • Self-Watering
    • Different Design Options
    • Enhanced Material
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Free return & exchange within 120 days

Our next recommendation is the T4U Polypropylene Raised Garden Bed which comes in a set of 4. The coolest thing about this one is the possibility of different designs based on how you would like to assemble the set. Assembling the set is also very easy.

So no, you don’t have to have the exact same design that is shown in the image. You can assemble them so they are in a horizontal line right next to each other or you can even put two of the beds next to each other and then stack the other two on top. There are even more possibilities than that. How awesome?

Special Features

The T4U Garden Bed Planter Set has a couple special features that you will appreciate. The set is self-watering. This is completed through the self-watering disk that provides extra space to reserve excess water when your plants are fully quenched.

Instead of your plant roots drowning in excess water, the self-watering disk will nicely reserve it out of harms way for the roots to drink when they are ready again. Moreover, this feature helps oxygen to easily permeate plant roots and shields the roots from rotting.

As stated above, you have numerous installation options with this set. Better yet, you won’t have to fret about piecing the beds together because assembly is super easy. This new installation design provides you with a very convenient assembly procedure. Simply piece together the card frame and sheet and you will have a firm garden bed. Repeat the process to assemble them together.

Material and Purchasing Options

Next, the material is hard to beat. Polypropylene resin is a durable, weather-resistant, and high quality plastic that will give you many seasons of use with these garden beds. Also, the crafted texture provides you with that natural rattan look. If you worry about harming our environment, no need as this material is also environmentally friendly.

Don’t want to purchase four beds? That’s fine, you have the option of purchasing one, two, three, or four. Take a look below. Prices vary depending on the number of beds you would like to purchase.

Purchasing OptionsPlanter Image

The beds are absolutely perfect for gardening smaller flowering plants, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Yup, you read that right. The T4U Raised Garden Bed Set is 100% satisfaction guarantee. You have free return and exchange within 120 days of purchase.

- Different design options when assembling- Only one color option
- Self-watering disk- Recommended to store away in colder months
- Do not have to purchase all 4 together (can purchase just 1,2 or 3 beds)
- High-quality material
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

10) Mayne Cambridge Tall Planter

Mayne Cambridge Tall Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Mayne Inc
  • Material: High-Grade Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 16″ x 28.5″
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • 15-Year limited warranty
    • UV Inhibitors within resin provides fade-free performance
    • Weather proof construction allows for all seasons of use
    • Self-Watering system creates sub-irrigation system
    • Paintable
    • 3 color options
  • Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the USA
  • Water Capacity: 6.5 Gal.

This is the final recommended outdoor flower pot on our list and for good reason. Here, we have an elegant, modern mixed traditional design that can nicely accent any of your outdoor furniture with its curvy, timeless look. The material on this one is single wall molded, 100% high-grade polyethylene which is pretty much indestructible. Obviously, still take good care of the planter.

The polyethylene construction makes the planter weather-proof efficient so you can enjoy this planter all-year-round; no need to store it away in the colder months like a lot of the other planters on our list. Improvise and do something with it in the cold to make your yard look welcoming among the Winter.

Moreover, the UV inhibitors within the resin give you a fade-free performance. Not only that, the construction is anti-frost, dent & crack free, and rust-preventable. You will be enjoying this planter for a long time.


There is a 15-Year Warranty – Residential Application in the event of something happening to your planter. You can’t beat that!

Special Features:

We have already covered some of them like the ultra-enhanced construction (4 seasons use & fade-free etc. performance) as well as the 15-year warranty, but guess what? There is more!

You have 3 color options with this one. Don’t like black? That’s fine! Take a look at the other options.


Next, we have the unique self-watering system. The self-watering tray insert creates the sub-irrigation water reservoir at the bottom of the planter. The capillary action allows the water in the reservoir to crawl upwards, constantly keeping the soil and roots moist. Furthermore, there is an overflow hole drilled through the outside wall that protects the roots from over saturation and allows excess water to drain out.

Regular watering of this planter is needed for the first few weeks in order to have the root system nicely develop. After that, the sub-irrigation system will take over and frequently watering this planter will no longer be needed.

Not interested in the self-watering system? Simply reverse the tray to support a potted plant instead or completely remove the tray so the planter can be fully accompanied with soil.

Lastly, if you do not like any of the three offered colors, you can easily paint over this material to achieve your desired look.

- Self-Watering (sub-irrigation system)- Drainage holes to be drilled by customer depending on desired use of planter
- 3 Color Options
- 4 Seasons Use (ultra-tough & weather-proof construction)
- Paintable
- 15 Year Warranty
- UV Inhibitors within resin (fade-free performance)

That wraps up this list of the best flower pots for outdoors. Below, we provide you with a quick buyer’s guide of the main elements to look for when purchasing an outdoor flower planter.

Outdoor Planters Buying Guide

Outdoor Planters Buying Guide

So what do we have to take into consideration when buying different planters for the outdoors of our homes? There are definitely a couple factors you should keep in mind. However, most of the selection comes down to personal preferences.

Materials of Planters

There are a wide variety of materials for planters, all with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Below are some of the different types of materials for planters. You can easily mix and match depending on what you prefer. Some will require more maintenance than others. Some are easier to damage than others. Most importantly, choose what’s most aesthetically pleasing to you and take good care of your planters.

Plastic/Fiberglass- Lightweight
- Long-lasting
- Inexpensive
- Attractive (variety of styles)
- Ecologically-friendly
- Prone to tipping over
- Not robust
- Not Weather-inclined
- Poor drainage
Ceramic- Retains water well
- Variety of colors & designs
- Will not tip over
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Can chip or break easily
- Expensive
- Heavy
- Potential waterlogging (need drainage holes)
Terra Cotta- Great drainage
- Variety of shapes and sizes
- Attractive
- Affordable
- Used widely for planters
- Prone to cracking & crumbling in cold weather
- Requires extra watering (due to moisture absorption)
Metal- Modern & decorative selection
- Ages over time
- Extremely attractive
- Large variety
- Affordable
- May rust (unless liner applied)
- Can overheat easily (damages soil)
- May dent easily
Wood- Traditional & decorative look
- Inexpensive
- Ages well
- Excellent drainage
- Buy exactly what you want
- Not as durable (prone to rotting - unless liner applied)
- Heavy

Personally, one of my favorite materials is concrete flower pots. They can display a pretty contemporary look or a classic antique-like look. They also last many, many years and are all year round weather-inclined so no need to store them away during the colder months!

However, make sure you seal concrete planters before planting in them so the concrete doesn’t degrade.

Size of Planters & Plants

Size of Planters

This obviously matters. Size definitely comes down to personal preference and what will look better in your yard. But size of the planter is also important for the size of the plant you will be growing in it.

What size will the plant grow to? You don’t want a small plant in a large planter or vice versa. That will just look wrong. The worst is when your plant is getting too big for the chosen planter and you have to transfer it to a larger planter.

Moreover, a planter that is actually too  small for the plant can cause damage to its roots and cut off moisture causing inadequate growth and can lead to the plant dying. While a planter that is too large for the plant can become waterlogged, thereby drowning your plant.

Before you buy a planter, have an idea of what plant you will grow out of it and where you will most likely place the planter. It will need enough space to grow and enough exposure to sunlight.

A general rule of thumb is that larger planters are better in the end. This is because a large outdoor flower pot will better retain moisture and you can always add plants to it if you have extra space. Also, during the warmer months, small planters are quicker to dry out.

A helpful tip is to choose a planter with a diameter measuring 1.5 times larger than the diameter of your plant’s roots. This will ensure that there is comfortable space for the plant to grow.


The placement of your planters is the most fun part in my opinion. This is where your creativity comes into play so the overall finish of your design looks amazing.

Where to place your outdoor planters

Why is this important to consider though when buying outdoor planters?

Basically, you don’t want to just buy a ton of planters and plants and then figure out all this stuff after. You should have a layout beforehand. Your layout should include:

  • Different placement possibilities (large & small spaces – freestanding, elevated, and hanging positions)
  • Different planters you will use (material, size & color)
  • Different plants you will grow in these planters (type, size & color)
  • Location and placement of each planter

It’s as simple as that. In summary, just plan beforehand before you start to make purchases that you may not need. Placement is important for your own personal taste as well as the health of the plants.

Design of Planters

We have already covered the different types of materials of planters. Now it’s time to briefly go over what kind of designs planters can showcase. These include:

  • Freestanding: The most common choice but also the most needed. Everyone has freestanding flower planters. They are needed to finish the look of the decor. Placement is extremely easy with freestanding planters. They come in a huge variety of sizes, materials, and colors.
  • Hanging: Also a common selection but not as needed as freestanding – though they can be extremely aesthetically pleasing. Usually hanging planters are smaller and vary in color and material. They are usually hung from a matching chain. The chain is then connected to a plant bracket that is mounted on a surface (deck, tree, concrete etc.)
  • Mounted: These look very contemporary. Mounted planters are simply planters that are mounted onto an elevated surface, usually a wall. There are a variety of mounting options. Some are directly mounted onto a wall while others have a surface that is mounted onto the wall and then the planter rests on the surface.
  • Elevated: These types of planters are elevated from the ground up. One portion of the planter will start on the ground which will contain a plant, while another portion will lay higher than that portion and so on – something like raised flower beds.
  • Multi-Combo: This design is personally my favorite and the most contemporary. It’s when you have the exact same planter but in different sizes – usually in two or three and you place them together.

Maintenance of Planters

Everyone hates the word maintenance. Unfortunately all of our luxurious items require it. Maintenance of your planters is quite simple.

Maintenance of Flower Planters

Some tips to nicely maintain your planters include:

  • If you choose a material that is more prone to crack during very cold weather, it is recommended to wrap your planters in bubble wrap and of course store them in a secure spot for the colder months.
  • Choose a surface for your planter that will not stain easily. If your surface may stain easily, it is recommended to elevate your planter (this also makes water drainage easier).
  • It is very important that you install drainage holes in the base of your planters if they don’t already have them. This allows for the survival of your plant, better growth, and better drainage. If it doesn’t have holes, the roots can easily drown.
  • Dark colored pots will absorb more heat than lighter colors.
  • As for the plant’s health, since they are container-bound, it is very important to frequently water your plants and provide efficient sunlight.
  • It is recommended to purchase fresh soil (not garden) that is formulated for the specific planter.
  • Overall, take good care of your planters and plants. Maintenance and care is important and will keep your planters and plants looking great all summer long.

If you would also like some great information on how to grow plants in a flower planter, then check out this video.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of outdoor flower planters for the new year as well as the accompanying buyer’s guide. Enjoy the warmer months and make your yards welcoming and extravagant for not only your guests but for yourself too! A beautiful backyard is something to be extremely proud of.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave our team a comment below.

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