8 Best Grow Lights For Seedlings in 2021

Countertop grow light for seedlings from Future Harvest

Grow lights are the most economical and convenient source of artificial light to help indoor plants thrive in the absence of sunshine.

However, with numerous types of grow lights and systems available in the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which features and benefits will best suit your preference.

Read on as our best grow lights for seedlings review will guide you on what you need to consider before making a purchase.

The 8 Best Grow Lights For Seedlings Reviews – Get Your Indoor Garden Started

Most Cost-EffectiveHighest PerformingFor Beginners

Other Recommended Grow Lights

Hytekgro LED Grow Light3.6 lbs
Future Harvest Grow Light1.0 lbs
Morsen Grow Light16.87 lbs
6.4 lbs
Advanced Platinum LED Grow Light
12.8 lbs

1) Hytekgro LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Seedlings

Hytekgro LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Seedlings

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Emasun
  • Item Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 1.4 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Compact grow light in full spectrum
    • The kit comes in 2 packs
    • Easy to install
    • Hanging brackets
    • 59-inch power cord
    • ABS plastic material
    • Square shape design
    • 3 x 3 ft area coverage
    • Lightweight and sturdy
    • 1-year warranty plus 30 days satisfaction guarantee

The Hytekgro LED Grow Light panel produces a full spectrum of color to support plant growth stages. It’s fewer watts consumption makes this grow light best for electricity savings.

The two-panel kit is lightweight and easy to install. And the package includes hanging brackets of high quality to easily mount and adjust the LED lights appropriate to the height requirements.

The panel provides even distribution of the full spectrum of lights specifically designed to your growing seedlings’ needs.

The full spectrum provides a group of colors based on wavelengths that trigger seed germination. It encourages the plant to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering.

  • Ideal for all indoor plant types
  • Low power consumption
  • Trigger seeds germination
  • Full-spectrum of colors to provide your plant needs
  • Encourages transition from vegetative to flowering
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Great value for the money
  • Both the 2 panels are in a plastic casing, so they are not waterproof.

2) VeRosky Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

VeRosky Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: VeRosky
  • Item Weight: 3.05 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.61 x 11.81 x 2.64 inches
  • Product Features:
    • 1000W LED plant grow light
    • 300pcs new SMD led chips
    • 90-degree reflector
    • Triple LED chips
    • Full-spectrum plant lamp
    • 3x more lumen/PAR
    • 2 high-quality fans
    • Thickening aluminum heat sinks
    • Sturdy mountable brackets

The 1000W LED grow light is the latest product of Verosky, featuring 300pcs new SMD led chips. The SMD LED chips can generate an even light distribution while the plant is in the cycle of transitioning into different stages.

This innovative grow light provides the ideal temperature your plants require to grow healthy. Besides, you need not worry about the plant burning, similar to traditional red and blue lights.

It is built with a 90-degree reflector and 3x more photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), a range of wavelengths that promote plants to grow vegetation or flowers.

Supplementing a more concentrated light with multiple settings to accommodate every stage of the plant growth helps reduce the possibility of light inadequacy by about 30%.

The featured triple led chips will help maximize the plant uptake for photosynthesis for healthier growth and flowering.

The full-spectrum LED grow lights come with 2 high-quality fans and aluminum heat sinks. These ensure a more conducive temperature similar to that of sunlight your seedlings need.

They offer optimum functionality and can dissipate heat to cover plenty of seedlings with 24 hours of use.

  • Full-spectrum design similar to that of sunlight
  • Generates heat distribution evenly
  • Promotes better transitioning in the plants growing cycle
  • Reduces the possibility of light lost
  • Provides a more conducive temperature
  • You can leave the light ON for about 24 hours
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Energy efficient
  • Covers plenty of seedlings
  • Comes with multiple light settings
  • Not really a con, but it comes with a plastic housing that is quite sturdy.

3) Future Harvest Developer Grow Light

Future Harvest Developer Grow Light

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: BFG Supply
  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Product Dimensions: 23.23 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Compact size grow light
    • (2) T5HO fluorescent tubes
    • NanoTech reflectors increase lumen availability
    • Curved reflective hood
    • Fully adjustable hood height
    • (4) Reusable segmented trays
    • Reservoir stand
    • Wick sheet for optional “self-watering” system
    • 100% Recycled materials
    • Full instruction manual

Future Harvest Developer Grow Light is a compact kitchen countertop used, perfect for microgreen productions. It is made of 100% recycled materials, with spacious segmented trays.

The trays sitting on a base stand covered by a sheet of absorbent cloth draws water from the bottom basin. It functions as a wick in capillary action for an optional self-watering system.

It also comes with 24W SunBlaster T5HO fluorescent tubes and a curved reflective hood dissipating the full spectrum light evenly into the growing area with less electricity than the traditional lighting system.

Moreover, this impressive grow light features a fully adjustable hood’s height. When the seedlings start to sprout, you can lower the hood about 4-inches from the top of the plant to encourage bushy and vigorous growth.

The grow light comes with a full instruction manual to help you start and grow seedlings successfully.

  • Ideal for cuttings and vegetative growth
  • Full-spectrum light similar to sunlight
  • Maximum output and cost-efficient lighting fixtures
  • More lumen availability to encourage vigorous growth
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Perfect for kitchen with limited space
  • Perfect for salad productions
  • Some users are concerned about the O-rings not holding the hood up after a while. Others use premium hose washers as a replacement, and that works well.

4) MORSEN Grow Light with Dimmer

MORSEN Grow Light with Dimmer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: MORSEN
  • Item Weight: 16.87 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 15.91 x 6.1 inches
  • Product Features:
    • (1) 2400W LED grow light
    • (1) Power cord (Length 1.5 M)
    • (1) Hanging hook
    • 6 Fans with vents (cooling system) all around the sides
    • All LEDs with a Zener diode
    • 3-years after-sale service warranty
    • 30-days money-back guarantee
    • Lighting Time Setup:
      • Vegetative Stage: 12-14 hours
      • Flowering Stage: 9-12 hours
      • Fruiting Stage: 7-8 hours
      • Suggest distance above plants: 1-2ft.

The 2400W LED grow light from MORSEN is one of the best-LED grow lights you can use for your seedlings.

All LEDs come with a Zener diode to ensure the lights are working efficiently. And this makes 97% of the luminous energy being absorbed by the growing plants.

The LED light works great with low energy consumption even if you run the lights on for up to 14 hours to meet the plants’ requirements. It is ideal for all phases of your plant’s growth, whether from starting seeds, vegetative stage, flowering, and fruiting.

Also, these grow lights are versatile to use for growing indoors. It helps boost plant growth in many greenhouses with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

It has dimmable functions with three different lighting modes. All are adjustable and with separate ON/OFF switches, based on the varying needs in various phases of your plant’s growth.

Plus, it can deliver 3x to 5x of more solid bright light than HID & HPS lights with a maximum coverage area of about 6 x 6.5 sq.ft.

The package includes a sturdy hanging hook and power cord, making the grow light easy to install.

And what makes this grow light more impressive is the 30-days money-back guarantee and 3-years after-sale service warranty.

  • Low energy consumption
  • 3-5x solid lighting than other alternatives
  • Ideal for all phases of plant growth
  • Luminous energy allows better absorption
  • Three different lighting modes all with separate ON/OFF switches
  • The lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Wide coverage area – 30 days money back and 3-years after-sale service warranty
  • The instruction manual was all about hanging installation.
  • Does not feature a daisy chain function.

5) VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified LED Grow Light

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: VIPARSPECTRA
  • Item Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Product Features:
    • UL Certified grow light
    • Full-spectrum with fire-resistant reflectors
    • Fire-resistant iron housing
    • The lifespan of about 100,000 hours
    • A trusted brand in the lighting industry
    • Sturdy and durable construction
    • Advanced high-speed, quiet fans
    • Daisy chain features
    • 3 Years US warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee

The VIPARSPECTRA Grow Light is UL certified that comes with a price range that is the best compared to other alternatives.

The lighting system features a reflector design that increases PAR by about 50% to keep the luminous output balanced to the entire coverage area.

This fire-resistant reflector provides an even distribution of lights similar to sunlight. It prevents the possibility of too much heat concentration in the middle that may likely result in plant sunburn and stunted growth.

The lights meet the varying spectrum demands of the vegetative and flowering stage of your plant growth. The vegetative and bloom lighting mode come in separate switch control.

And the daisy chain feature allows the system to use multiple lights together, requiring no additional cord.

  • Recognized as one of the most durable LED grow lights in the market
  • Designed to provide high levels of PAR
  • Ideal for growing indoors
  • Less energy consumption
  • Optimal full-spectrum to boost plant growth
  • Cost-effective
  • Great budget grow light for beginners

6) Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light

Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: PlatinumLED Grow Lights
  • Item Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Product Features:
    • 100,000 hours of lifespan
    • 12 different bands of the light full-spectrum
    • 90-degree secondary focusing lenses
    • Dual light spectrums
    • Adjustable spectral output
    • LEDs made in the USA
    • 5-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee

If you’re looking for high-quality grow lights but with a limited budget, the Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light is an excellent option you can consider. This grow light features very similar performance compared to those expensive brands but at less of a price.

The grow light is ideal for compact grow areas with unique functions to provide separate coverage areas for vegging and blooming.

It addresses both the plant’s varying needs of light, less during the vegetative stage while more in the blooming period.

The platinum LED series features top-notch LEDs made by US manufacturers like Bridgelux and CREE.

It comes with a high-quality Zener diode protecting the circuit from over-voltage conditions or undesired surges.

Each diode features a 90-degree lens that provides optimal performance and a full spectrum of lights downward onto the canopy with less energy consumption.

These grow lights are easy to use. All you have to do is hang them with the bracket included in the package.

All you need is to plug the appropriate power cord and set the lighting mode based on your plant’s needs. Set the power switch on, and let your plant receive the light.

  • Provides separate coverage areas for vegging and blooming
  • Features similar performance to those expensive brands but at less of a price
  • Features top-notch LEDs made by US manufacturers
  • Comes with a Zener diode to protect from undesired surges
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for compact grow areas
  • Less energy consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • The coverage area is relatively smaller than other alternatives.

7) BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Light

BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Light

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: BXGD
  • Item Weight: 10.36 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.6 x 11.4 x 2.36 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Dual-chip(10W) LEDs
    • 100,000 hours of lifespan
    • Highest PAR/LUMEN output per watt
    • 9 Different bands of LEDs in full spectrum
    • 12-18 hours of lighting a day
    • 3mm thick aluminum plate radiator
    • Vents on the aluminum plate
    • Less energy consumption
    • 3 years warranty plus 90 days satisfaction guarantee

Serious growers definitely love the best product when it comes to growing lights. The BESTVA DC Series 3000W LED Grow Light makes it the top-notch as the best performing grow light with modest pricing in the market today.

It works great in providing the full spectrum of warm and cool light. The wavelengths help speed up vegetative growth, encourage the flowering process, and increase light absorption covering all different stages of your plant growth cycle.

It has impressive high-quality light coverage with dual chips series giving your plant a powerful boost.

The light features three large fans surrounded by vents for a better cooling system. The fans operate quietly, ensuring an ideal atmosphere for your growing plants.

The focusing angle and the even brightness distribution on your grow space area will result in bushier and healthier thriving plants throughout the entire growth cycle.

  • Cost-effective
  • Best-performing light with modest pricing
  • Provides full-spectrum of both cool and warm light
  • Comes in dual chips series giving the plant a powerful boost
  • A balanced light distribution for better light absorption
  • Not capable of daisy chain function

8) Roleadro LED Grow Light

Roleadro LED Grow Light

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Roleadro
  • Item Weight: 4.74 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 8.2 x 2.4 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Equipped with 200 (10w) EpiLED chips
    • An infrared grow light
    • Increased Red light up to 50% for better yield
    • UL approved fans with better heat dissipation.
    • High-quality Zener design to keep the lights working
    • Simulate Sunlight full spectrum
    • 50,000 hours of lifespan
    • 16 hours a day of continuous working
    • Daisy-chain connection function
    • Hanging rope and power cord (included in the package)
    • 2-year warranty plus 30-day money-back guarantee

The Roleadro LED Grow Light is an exceptional infrared light in high output yet comes at a modest price. The light is made of durable Epileds LEDs with less energy consumption and long life expectancy.

Also, the high-performing single-chip Epileds LEDs offer a wide range of lighting supplements perfect for your plant growth. It features all the bands your plant needs at different phases of the entire growth cycle.

It comes with ultraviolet light that can eliminate bacteria affecting the growth, especially the younger and weaker seedlings. And the infrared light helps improve the plant cell function during the vegetative and flowering phases.

The fans operate with excellent cooling systems and better heat dissipation. It works efficiently up to 16 hours a day, maintaining an ideal temperature and solid light for better absorption.

The daisy chain connection of up to five of these lights on a single circuit is another excellent functionality it offers. It does not require an additional cord yet expands the light coverage, saving energy and money.

The Zener design, on the other hand, ensures the light will keep working in case some of the LEDs get busted.

  • Works continuously even when a few other LEDs get busted
  • The daisy chain allows up to five connected lights in a single circuit
  • It comes with large heat sinks that work efficiently
  • It comes with ultraviolet light that eliminates bacteria
  • The infrared light improves plant cell functions
  • Cost-effective
  • Less energy consumption
  • The light tends to heat up considerably when you keep them ON for more than 16 hours.
  • The wavelength ratios are not in full-spectrum. It is too red-heavy, and if you prefer adjustable lighting modes, this is not for you.

Your Grow Lights Buying Guide

Plant lovers always find ways to enjoy the benefits of growing plants. You can either squeeze a container of vegetables or herbs into the corner of your kitchen, build a walled garden to grow greens or just simply place some houseplants around your home.

The use of the right equipment like grow lights will help you grow plants indoors successfully.

Indoor gardeners use LED lights to ensure the plant’s entire growth cycle from seedlings up to the fruiting phase receives an adequate amount of supplemental artificial light in the absence of sunlight.

  • Check how customizable the full-spectrum light is

One of the essential factors to consider when growing plants indoors is the spectrum of lights. You want to ensure you are providing the right amount of light for optimal growth.

Plants vary in how much light they require to thrive, from starting seeds to the vegetative stage to the fruiting phase. Look for grow light featuring a full PAR spectrum, offering wavelengths similar to the sun.

  • Consider the size of your growing area

The size of your growing area allows you to choose the right LED lights appropriate for your plant needs.

Consider an indoor grow light with output coverage ideal for the size of your grow area. Providing an adequate amount of luminous energy helps your plants achieve optimal growth.

  • Look for a grow light with adjustable height and lighting modes

Look for flexibility when opting for a full-spectrum LED light – be it for small or large areas. It should feature different lighting modes to provide the varying needs of your growing plants.

Of course, you don’t want to purchase one light for seedlings and another for plants in the fruiting stage.

But burning in the foliage may likely happen if your lighting set up is not capable of height adjustment.

Seedlings tend to grow fast when provided with adequate lighting but end up scorched when it gets too close to the plant.

  • Consider LED lights that run quietly

Grow lights usually feature built-in fans to stay cool while running continuously for longer hours during the day, making some fans are too noisy.

You can go with models that feature a thick 3-millimeter aluminum heat sink to keep the unit cool.

This heat exchanger runs without generating a sound. It works by transferring the heat to cooling vents before dissipating it and protecting the light from unwanted surges.

However, some full-spectrum lights can get too hot to touch after they’ve been ON for a while.

Always use caution when adjusting the lighting modes. Besides, don’t keep the light running for hours longer than necessary.

  • Choose one with less energy consumption

Of course you want to choose a full-spectrum light that is energy efficient. There are models in the market that use 50% less electricity than other alternatives.

Innovative grow lights feature design with LED technology that functions exceptionally and is less expensive to run.

Take time to look for these types of lights if you want to keep your electric bill manageable.

  • Use eye-protective gears

If your preference for full-spectrum light is infrared or ultraviolet, make sure to use eye-protective gears. These types of grow lights have the potential to hurt your eyes.

  • Consider a propagator kit

When considering grow lights to start from cuttings, you should choose the propagator type set-up. The lighting set-up with a seedling tray and hood retain humidity and warmth to accelerate growth.

  • Consider a reasonable price

When you look closely, some lights have a more moderate price tag, while others are a bit more expensive.

Look for models that offer features and benefits that best suit your preference, and consider one with modest pricing.

If you would like more information on how to properly start your seedlings indoors under grow lights, then I recommend you read the following article: “How To Start Seeds Indoors With Grow Lights”

Final Thoughts

For gardeners, colder temperatures also mean starting seeds indoors. Raising healthy plants indoors is not only rewarding, but it will give you a great time to enjoy fresh herbs in the winter months.

Starting seeds is easy to learn, but it requires time and a bit of effort. Although the process of germination varies, the basics are relatively the same for most types of plants.

Understanding the basic needs of the seed you want to grow along with the right equipment is the key to success in starting seeds indoors.

The support of grow lights when starting seeds indoors, particularly in winter, is the best way to increase success. It is the best solution for newbies to deal with seedlings growing leggy and weak.

Grow lights were designed to mimic the sun’s natural spectrum to provide your seedlings indoors with a supplemental light they require to thrive.

Besides, seedlings cannot tell the difference of wavelengths between the grow light and the sun. All they need is to receive an adequate amount of required lights.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience of the best performing lighting set-up with your seedlings, feel free to drop a comment below.

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