7 Best Garden Hose Water Timers

Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Garden hose water timers offer various benefits to many property owners with gardens and lawns of all sizes.

If you care for your home then you most likely want to keep your lawn looking fresh or need to water your garden frequently. With that being said, an automatic hose timer provides you with that comfort when hydrating your plants.

A water timer, also known as hose controllers, comes in many configurations. But unfortunately, choosing one that best suits your needs can be overwhelming and confusing.

That is why we have put together a list of various garden hose water timers so that you can decide for yourself which timer is best for you. So, let’s get to it!

The 7 Best Garden Hose Water Timers – Water The Right Way

Best OverallMost Cost-EffectiveHighest Performing

Other Recommended Hose Water Timers

Nelson8 ounces
Raindrip1.04 lbs
Gideon1.19 lbs
Gilmour1.28 ounces

1) Orbit 62061Z Single-Outlet Hose Watering Timer

Orbit 62061Z Single-Outlet Hose Watering Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Orbit
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 3.11 x 10.24 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Rain delay for water conservation
    • Heavy-duty weatherproof material
    • 4 hours of watering run time
    • 6 hours intervals once every seven days
    • Manual override switch to keep programming
    • Allow flexible manual watering
    • LCD screen
    • Easy to read & dial

The Orbit 62061Z Single-Outlet Hose Watering Timer is a programmable hose timer that is inexpensive, easy to use, and simple to understand.

This model is ideal as a starting point for any gardener who wishes to keep their lawn and garden fresh-looking at all times.

Attaching a  garden hose to a water timer makes watering easier. All you need is to program the built-in system, switching on and off, eliminating the need to do it manually.

It also features an impressive option where you can schedule watering as often as every six hours during the day or just once a week.

The built-in rain delay pauses your scheduled program up to 24, 48, or 72 hours while the manual button allows you to interrupt the pre-program schedule if you wish to change the settings according to your preference.

Setting the device for how long the water should run makes it handy for you to provide the right amount of water your lawn and garden needs. This feature is especially useful for large-scale property owners.

With this device, your plants are safe from over or under watering with timed and programmed watering.

The programmable on/off switch allows you to save water during rainy days while keeping your lawn and garden fresh-looking in drought conditions.

Installing your 62061Z Single-Outlet Hose Watering Timer from Orbit is easy. All you have to do is attach the device to your outdoor faucet, set the start time, frequency, water duration as you prefer, and you’re ready to go.

  • Easy to install
  • Programmable on/off switch
  • No more over or under watering
  • Timed programmed watering
  • Built-in rain delays up to 24, 48, or 72 hours
  • Interrupt program manually
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to understand
  • Retains program while changing the battery
  • Batteries not included

2) Nelson 856604-1001 Water Mechanical Timer

Nelson 856604-1001 Water Mechanical Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Nelson
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.63 x 1.75 x 2.75 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Manual timer
    • Automatic switch OFF
    • Dual switch functions: Timed automatic “OFF” manual “ON”
    • 120 Minutes watering duration
    • Brass ergo swivel coupling with ergonomic grip
    • No batteries required
    • Hardwearing design

The Nelson mechanical timer is more compact and requires no battery to operate, making it perfect if you happen to be one of those people who forget things often.

Its dual switch functions allow you to set and adjust the time to your desired watering schedule. Switching the timer manually ON makes it easier for users who prefer old school technology.

And you don’t need to worry about the water bill because of water waste. You can program the timer and take advantage of the automatic switch OFF function.

The water timer runs for about 120 minutes, and you can turn it on for just a specific amount of time. If you need deep watering, you can turn the circular handle and it will turn the water off when it’s supposed to.

A huge advantage is the easy to swivel brass ergo coupling with an ergonomic grip. It allows you to rotate the timer to your desired angle. This feature helps when adjustment is necessary to water hard to reach areas.

  • Easy swivel brass ergo coupling
  • Automatic switch OFF function
  • Turn the timer on manual when desired
  • No batteries required to operate
  • Compact and inexpensive
  • Ease to use
  • Warranty is not available

3) Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Raindrip R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Raindrip
  • Item Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 10.7 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Easy-to-program
    • Attaches to any outdoor faucet
    • Standard garden hose
    • Solenoid and diaphragm valve
    • Switch control
    • Low battery indicator

The R675CT Analog 3-Dial Water Timer from Raindrip is perfect for you if you are a very hands-on gardener. It is one of the easiest water timers to program compared to other models, and you can attach it to any garden hose, standard drip tubing, or outdoor faucet.

Unlike a digital model or one with a single dial, the R675CT analog water timer has three separate dials, one with watering time intervals, one with frequency, and one with run time individual functions.

The featured battery life indicator allows you to monitor and replace the battery when it is close to dying.

It requires two AA alkaline batteries and an adequate PSI level for the timer to run correctly. However, get a PSI regulator and attach it to the outlet side of the timer to increase the water pressure and experience how it works wonderfully.

  • Easy to program
  • Has three separate dials, one for every function.
  • Features a battery life indicator
  • Durable material
  • You can program to water multiple times a day.
  • Batteries not included

4) Melnor 53280 4-Outlet Digital Water Timer

Melnor 53280 4-Outlet Digital Water Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Melnor
  • Item Weight:  1.28 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 7.9 x 7.2 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Flexible programming
    • Individual zone program
    • Water up to 24 times a day, or scheduled intervals
    • 2-Piece 4 Zone electronic programmable hose timer
    • Easily detach LCD screen
    • Easy to set up
    • Rain delay mode for up to 7 days
    • The watering program runs automatically after the delay period
    • Low Battery consumption
    • Saved watering program when batteries are replaced or between seasons.

The Melnor 53280 Four Outlet Digital Water Timer features four individual hose outlets with flexible programming in one faucet that allows you to program watering cycles in different areas.

You can program a watering schedule for four individual zones separately up to 24 times a day with the option to make it once a day or at scheduled intervals.

Another impressive feature is the detachable large LCD screen viewable from the valve and setting up the timer can be done anywhere. All you have to do is unplug the connection cord and program the timer to your preferred schedule.

A rain delay setting is also one of the most impressive features that this water time offers. Many models do not offer this feature which is quite surprising. That is why in this, we have included only models that feature a rain delay setting which is very important.

It allows you to skip the watering routine for up to seven days and runs automatically after the delay period. This feature will allow you to save a lot of money with your water bill.

The water timer requires two AA alkaline batteries (not included) to operate correctly. But you don’t need to worry, as the battery can last up to six months of use. Besides, the watering program remains in function when the batteries are dead and need to be replaced between seasons.

  • Versatile functions
  • Programmable up to different watering schedules
  • Waters different zones with one faucet
  • Dependable performance
  • Keeps the watering program in function when batteries are replaced
  • Rain delay settings help you conserve water
  • Large LCD screen
  • Easy to set up
  • Watering program options
  • You have to buy the batteries separately.

5) Gideon Dual-Valve Hose Water Timer

Gideon Dual-Valve Hose Water Timer Sprinkler Timer Irrigation Controller System

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Gideon
  • Item Weight:  1.19 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.46 x 5.43 x 3.11 inches
  • Product Features:
    • 2-Programmable valves
    • Manual watering
    • Rain delay setting
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Easy to use

The Gideon Dual-Valve Hose Water Timer features two programmable valves with maximum flexibility settings.

The timer accommodates two water hoses and can customize separate watering cycles to your preferred schedule. This timer provides all the conveniences of your watering needs in just one unit.

Aside from its impressive flexibility, this timer also features a swivel coupling and water sprinkler irrigation that allows you to set up the timer fast and easy without the need for any tools.

The large LCD screen displays easy to read detailed information on watering schedules, the remaining duration for current cycles and much more. It allows you to enjoy a fresh-looking yard without the need to worry about overwatering.

What makes this timer amazing is the watering session you can program to run up to 240 minutes. In addition to that, you can set the timer to repeat these cycles multiple times a day.

Another functionality that you will surely love is the rain delay setting, just like the Melnor timer has above. You can program the timer to skip watering cycles during rainy days without breaking the watering routine.

The timer skips the watering schedule and pauses temporarily, and when the delay setting is over, it gets back to its regular watering schedule automatically.

This high-quality timer is waterproof and rainproof that requires two (2) AA batteries (Not Included) to operate correctly. It also offers an option to click the manual button if you want to wash your car or water your garden manually.

  • Dual valves attach two hoses with separate settings
  • Flexible and easy to program.
  • Swivel coupling makes for easy installation
  • Manual settings button.
  • Rain delay setting to help you conserve water.
  • 240 minutes of programmable watering run time.
  • Four individual watering zones at the same time.
  • Four hose outlets in one faucet.
  • Batteries not included

6) Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Hose Timer

Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Hose Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer:  Orbit Underground/Sunmate
  • Item Weight:  4.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:  3.13 x 0.35 x 4.5 inches
  • Product Features:
    • 120 minutes of programmable watering run time
    • Automatic switch OFF
    • Easy to program dial
    • Ergonomic grip
    • High-quality and rust-free material
    • Swivel coupling for easy setup
    • Manual setting override
    • No batteries required

The Orbit 62034 Mechanical Watering Timer is without a doubt one of the easiest water timers to operate. You can easily program the watering cycles for up to 120 minutes. So, if you generally have trouble understanding how to use new gadgets, then this simple water hose timer is perfect for you.

And if you’re a gardener who often forgets things like switching off your water hose causing you an ample amount of money for your water bill, then this unit is your best bet. The timer features a programmable switch that will shut the water off for you.

It also features an easy to set dial with ergonomic grips, making it easy for you to program the device even with gloves or wet hands.

This high-quality compact water timer is rust-free and will surely last for many seasons. The ergonomic swivel coupling allows you to connect the timer easily onto your faucet to function efficiently with no batteries.

If you prefer manual watering, then turn the dial every time you water your garden. This feature is not programmable, so you have to switch on the garden hose yourself when you need to water your plants.

  • Easy to program timer
  • Inexpensive
  • High-quality and rust-free materials
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to connect ergonomic grip swivel coupling
  • Automatic switch OFF
  • Manual setting option
  • 120 minutes of watering run time
  • Multiple watering sessions are not an option in the program.

7) Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer

Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer:  Robert Bosch Tool Corporation-Water Gardening
  • Item Weight:  1.28 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:  2.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Product Features:
    • Single outlet to run a garden hose
    • Programmable start time
    • 360 Minutes – frequency and duration of watering
    • Easy to set up, no tools needed
    • Metal easy-swivel coupling for quick connects
    • 2-year warranty

The Gilmour Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer is a worry and waste-free watering timer that you can program whether you’re at home or away.

Some find watering a garden can be a consuming task. However, Gilmour’s electronic water timer makes watering a fun and comforting activity.

The timer can provide the right amount of water your garden needs throughout the day without overwatering. It will help you save time and conserve water. All you have to do is program the desired watering schedule and let the water timer do the rest.

To set up this electronic timer is quick and easy. It features a large screen LCD to provide easy-to-read numbers, making programming simple and fast.

The automatic switch OFF function provides convenience to your watering job. It shuts off automatically right after the program has elapsed.

In addition to that, the rain delay setting allows you to skip watering up to 24, 48, or 72 hours. This feature helps you conserve water, especially on rainy days.

Another impressive feature is the easy swivel coupling that connects onto your hose spigot in seconds. The unit is sturdy and durable with high impact plastic materials that allow you to pull a light hose around, without damaging the timer.

The programmable timer also features an automatic water switch off when the battery is displaying low power. It can also run watering up to a 360 minute duration time each watering session.

  • Programmable water timer
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Water duration up to 360 minutes
  • Swivel coupling connects to hose easily
  • Automatic switch OFF function
  • Rain delay setting
  • Large screen LCD
  • Easy-to-read numbers and text
  • Programming is fast and simple
  • Waste-free watering
  • Batteries not included

Things To Consider When Buying A Garden Hose Water Timer

As you know, different timers and systems are available and all come with impressive features and functionalities.

Considering which features might be the best for your garden can be a tough task. So, let’s break down what you need to consider when buying a water timer for your garden hose.

Know What To Water

Before investing in a garden hose water timer, try to look around your garden and see what needs water, when it’s needed, and for how long. Does your yard need lots of watering in different areas?

If so, you should consider a timer with multiple functions on the program like the Raindrip water timer above which has 3 separate dials for three different functions.

Conserve Water

Using a water timer helps you save water, and this is very helpful, especially if you live in an area where water usage is limited.

The system is also ideal for people who pay based on how much water they have used. It also means your plants and lawn get the right amount of water without a drop more.

Adjusting the right amount of water your garden gets isn’t hard with a timer. You can monitor your watering and ensure your plants get the right amount of hydration without wasting a drop.

With that being said, if you are on a tight budget then consider a water timer with rain delay settings as you won’t have to adjust the program every time it rains so you don’t waste water.

Programmable Watering Schedule

Most water timers feature a system where you can program the amounts of watering per day. The typical timer waters up to six times a day, but you can set some timers to water up to eight times per day.

Knowing the amount of water your garden needs will help you decide which model to consider.

Say, for instance, you live in a hotter climate, and you need to keep your garden damp the entire day, then getting a six setting system is a suitable timer for your garden.

Analog or Digital? What’s Better? 

The analog watering system is ideal for a garden that needs watering once or twice a day. Aside from being inexpensive, this device works with a clockwork mechanism and is less likely to break down.

A digital system is simple to use with LCD-displays and allows you to program the device up to how many times you want a watering routine. With that being said. it all depends on the amount of water you need for your lawn or garden.

Do you need to water different zones?

Some timers feature an impressive functionality in which you can program different watering schedules and patterns for different areas. Typically, the more expensive water timers.

If your lawn needs watering only once a day while the raised bed requires about four times the watering, then you need to get the model that caters to your needs.

Is the timer a weatherproof material? 

Most timers are placed outdoors, exposed to elements like frost and sunshine. They have to be hard wearing to give you the best value for your money, so get a system made from a durable and sturdy material that can withstand the outdoor environment for some time.

Final Thoughts On The Best Garden Hose Water Timers

Investing in an exceptional water timer allows you to enjoy features and functionalities that will make your lawn and garden looking fresh and productive.

As you know, water timers come with a programmable system that allows you to set and pre-program watering routines to your preferred zones and schedule.

This feature is especially beneficial if you’re planning a vacation and expect to be away from home for a few days or weeks. All you have to do is program the water timer to your desired schedule and let it take care of your garden and lawns while away from home.

One of the primary benefits of a water timer is the rain delay setting. It allows you to skip the watering routine for up to 72 hours on rainy days.

It also automatically gets back to its pre-program schedule when plants and lawns need watering again. This feature helps you conserve water and helps you save an ample amount on your water bill.

And for gardeners who enjoy and prefer manual watering, some timers are designed with manual settings. It allows you to enjoy watering your lawn and garden manually without interrupting the pre-program watering schedule.

Another impressive functionality of garden hose water timers is the multiple outlets with a watering system where you can pre-program watering schedules to different zones separately.

This is useful for gardeners who love to grow different plants that require different water routines. You can run a hose to your succulents while the other one to your tomato plants.

Innovative water timers will handle your plants without you worrying about over-or-under-watering while away from home.

Overall, whether it’s digital or analog, the efficiency of a water timer will help keep your lawn and garden fresh-looking without worrying about overwatering.

With a timer, all you need is to pre-program the watering system and let it handle the rest while you enjoy the beauty of a well-hydrated garden. That wraps up our list and tips on water hose timers. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask below.


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