6 Best Concrete Flower Pots

Best Concrete Planters

Today we are going to review the best concrete flower pots that can make your outdoor surroundings absolutely beautiful. Concrete flower planters are extremely diverse and can take on many styles, shapes, and sizes. They can give you a more traditional classic look or an elegant contemporary look depending on what you get.

There is a wide variety of flower pot materials used today such as plastic, terracotta, wood, and metal. Concrete is another great material for planters and many people love adding concrete flower pots to their outdoor decor.

However, you may see less of these types of planters nowadays. Don’t worry though, concrete planters are definitely not out of style. It is just a less common material used for flower pots because there are easier, lightweight options available now. Does that mean you shouldn’t get concrete planters? Of course not, they can make your yard look astonishingly gorgeous and better yet, if taken care of, they will last you decades.

6 Best Concrete Flower Pots

 Best Large Outdoor Concrete Planters 
Repose Cubo PlanterConcrete
Abbott Classic PlanterConcrete
Kasamodern Planter PotConcrete

 Best Small Outdoor Concrete Planters 
MyGift Planter Pot (Set of 2)Concrete

 Best Faux Concrete Planters 
Southern Patio PlanterPolyresin
Fox & Fern Modern PlanterFiberstone

Best Large Outdoor Concrete Planters

1) Repose Large Cubo Planter

Repose Cubo Succulent Planter, Large

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Repose
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 10″
  • Material: Concrete
    • Cement Mixture
    • Natural Fiber
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Location of Use: Outdoors

The next large outdoor concrete planter on our list is the Repose Cubo Planter that displays a classic square design. You could nicely place this anywhere among your backyard.

The dimensions are 10″ x 10″ x 10″ as stated above which makes it a large concrete planter for you to grow any of your desired flowering plants. However, you have the option of purchasing 3 different sizes:

  • Large (10″ x 10″ x 10″)
  • Medium (8″ x 8″ x 8″)
  • Small (6″ x 6″ x 6″)
Construction & Features

With the cement mixture and natural fiber construction, this concrete flower pot is considerably lightweight. You won’t have any problems moving it to your desired location.

However, once all of your soil and other foliage is in the planter, it will be heavy. It is advised to just keep it in one location for the growing season. After the growing season, you can clear the planter, wash it out, and then prepare it again for another growing season in a different or the same location.

The natural fiber construction along with the cement mixture makes the overall resilience and durability of the planter extremely high. In fact, it is all year round weather proof so there is no need to store it away during the winter months as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it is recommended to treat and seal the planter before use and between seasons (see below).

This planter also consists of a rubberized base. This is beneficial for placement – a rubberized base will not stain the surface of where the planter rests, nor will the surface of the planter itself get scratched. Simply place it on any surface and the rubberized base will protect that surface and protect the planter itself.

This planter also comes with the drainage hole and the accompanying drainage plug. Therefore, you can place this pot indoors by using the plug to prevent water draining on your floors. Water accordingly depending on if the plug is in (indoors) or out (outdoors). The advised location is outdoors however.

Pros Cons
- Efficiently made material (durable & resilient)- Heavy (after added soil and other foliage - best to keep in one location for growing season)
- All year round weather-inclined- Recommended to treat and seal with liner before use
- Rubberized base (will not scratch or stain the surface pot rests on nor scratch or stain surface of pot itself)
- Affordable
- 3 different size selections
Recommendations & Customer Reviews

It is recommended to have an idea of what types of plants you would like to grow in this planter. This is so you can effectively pick the right size of pot (see above). If you are growing smaller flowering plants and not many of them, then perhaps the small or medium size would be better. However, if you plan on growing a larger plant like a small tree or an abundance of smaller flowering plants in the pot, then it is definitely recommended to get the larger one.

A rule of thumb is to always go bigger than smaller because you will run into fewer problems with a pot that is too large for the plant compared to a pot that is too small for the plant.

Reviews are mostly positive. Customers love the overall look, texture, and quality. Some customers have complained about the product damaging easily over one season. That is why it is recommended to treat and seal the planter before use even if this has already been done before purchase (see the buyer’s guide below).

2) Abbott Classic Planter

Abbott Collection Cement Classic Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Abbott Collection
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 10″ x 9.5″
  • Material: Concrete
    • Cement Mixture with Pebbled Effect
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs
  • Drainage Holes: No
  • Location of Use: Outdoors or Indoors
Basic Info

This large grey concrete planter is a contemporary cylindrical flower pot that can be placed outdoors or indoors. Yes, it’s indoor approved! This is a great option for you if you would like to locate it outdoors during the hotter months and then when the cold comes, bring it inside and place it somewhere among your home.

That is actually recommended because this concrete planter is not all year round weather-inclined. Due to its lightweight make, it may not withstand harsher weather conditions and it’s not frost proof.

If you don’t plan on bringing the pot indoors during the colder months, then it is advised to store away during this time period.

Construction & Design

It is constructed with a stylish pebbled effect, making it a very modern selection. The grey color can nicely accent any of your patio furniture or accompany your other flower pots. The overall construction of the pot is well-made. It is durable and resilient – however, thinner and lighter than most concrete planters. Therefore, it is not as robust. So be careful moving it around and you also don’t want anyone bumping into it.

As stated above, the planter is very lightweight making it easily movable around your yard. Weight will increase when your soil and other foliage is added to it. However, do not fret – it will not be extremely heavy like other concrete flower pots when the mix is added to them. You will still be able to move it.

Unfortunately, this one does not come with a drainage hole. You can always drill drainage hole(s) in yourself. However, this is not recommended due to the pot being susceptible to breaking or cracking. But you can always just place another pot (preferably plastic) with a drainage hole inside this one so excess water can drain out into the bottom of the concrete pot. Just make sure it is elevated from the bottom of the concrete pot.

Fortunately, without drainage holes, you will have no problems with water draining everywhere if you place this pot indoors. Just make sure you water accordingly, knowing that no water will be able to drain out.

- High-quality (durable & resilient - will last many years)- Not all year round weather-approved (recommended to move indoors during colder months or store away)
- Contemporary pebbled effect- No drainage holes
- Indoor approved
- Lightweight (easily movable even after mix is added)
- Reasonably priced
What Are Customers Saying About This Concrete Planter?

The reviews are overall mostly positive. Customers like the contemporary style, texture, and cylindrical design. They also say it’s not heavy and easily movable even when everything is in it. Unfortunately, some customers say the planter was cracked upon receiving it.

3) Kasamodern Modern Concrete Round Planter

Kasamodern Modern Concrete Round Gray Cement Planter Pot

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Kasa Modern Design
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 20″
  • Material: Concrete
    • Magnesium Oxide – 50%
    • Magnesium Chloride – 30%
    • Fiberglass – 20%
  • Weight: 27.4 lbs
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Location of Use: Outdoors
Basic Information

This large concrete flower pot takes on a more contemporary design that could look lovely in your backyard among your patio, deck, or garden. You can easily match this concrete flower pot with your outdoor patio furniture as concrete goes well with anything in my opinion.

The dimensions of the planter as stated above are 20″ x 20″ x 20″ and consists of a weight of 27.4 lbs. This is definitely not an overly heavy planter and will be easy to move in your desired location upon receiving. However, once the plant pot is prepared with soil and ready to grow its respective plants, the planter will be very heavy so it is best to leave it in one location for the whole season.

The formula of this Kasamodern gray concrete planter is made of 50% magnesium oxide, 30% magnesium chloride, and 20% fiberglass which gives the pot that rich concrete texture, resilience, and durability. The fiberglass addition helps with lowering the overall weight of the planter.

- Durable & robust concrete (will last many years)- Pricy
- All year round weather-inclined; resilient (no need to store away for Winter) - Heavy (after soil & foliage is added - best to leave in one location for the season until you change your soil)
- Lightweight (before added soil & foliage)
- Insulates & protects your plants from abrupt weather fluctuations (the pot will not over-heat and damage the plant)
Structure, Features & Recommendations

As for the design and structure, you will have no problems with the concrete lasting you many years to come. The concrete contains a well-made formula and so it is extremely durable and resilient. You don’t have to store it away during Winter like many other materials of flower pots because the robustness of concrete can withstand harsher weather conditions.

There are pre-drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the planter to easily drain out your pot in the case of over-watering. Many concrete planters actually don’t have drainage holes pre-drilled and so the customer is forced to do it themselves. Sometimes concrete flower pots can be prone to damage during this process so with this planter you won’t have to worry about that.

As for flowering plants, you can grow any size and type due to the spacious capacity of the planter. However, if you are growing smaller flowers in it, it is recommended to grow an abundance of them so the roots can fulfill the plant’s container. Sometimes with growing smaller plants in larger pots, the roots can be susceptible to drowning due to water-logging, therefore it is best to grow more smaller plants in a larger container.

Overall, this design can take on a beautiful contemporary design or a traditional design depending on how you style it with plants and its placement among your yard. It can elegantly accompany your patio furniture or gorgeously be added to your deck or even be a nice addition to your garden. The choice is yours.

Best Small Outdoor Concrete Planters

1) MyGift Succulent Planter Pots (Set of 2)

Modern 4-Inch Gray Unglazed Cement Succulent Planter Pots

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: MyGift
  • Dimensions: 4.6″ x 4.6″ x 4.4″
  • Material: Concrete
    • Unglazed Gray Cement Finish
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • Included Removable Saucers (drip trays)
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Location of Use: Outdoors or Indoors
Amazon’s Choice & Special Features

This is the only small concrete planter on our list as it is a fan favorite and is actually Amazon’s choice for cement planters. It is extremely affordable and comes in a set of 2! It is perfect for outdoors or indoors.

You can nicely place it on any surface top (patio table, a ledge, desktop, windowsill, counter-tops, and practically any other surface area). Included is the two removable saucers (drip trays) which is perfect for indoors so the water doesn’t drain everywhere.

There is a drainage hole drilled in the bottom of the planter which efficiently allows excess water to drain out so the plant roots cannot drown. As for plants, these planters are perfect to house cacti, other succulents, and various mini plants. Of course, you can grow whatever you wish out of them but make sure the plant is small. You don’t want to grow a larger plant because the size of the pot is too small to house large roots, and will thereby damage or kill them.

Well-Made Construction

The construction of this planter set presents a cute modern design. Smaller planters are definitely in-style especially as indoor decorations on desktops or counters. Better yet, the elegant cylinder finish would nicely compliment any other small accessories you have placed around your home or yard.

The cement mixture is very well-made and will last many years. It is durable and resilient. However, it is definitely breakable considering its weight and size. Be careful with it and you won’t have any problems. It is not all year round weather-inclined so if you do have it outdoors, it is recommended to bring the set inside for the colder season.

The unglazed grey cement finish and simple basin shape of this planter set can accent any industrial design scheme you may have around your home or in your yard.

Don’t feel like watering? Afraid that overflow of water may drain out onto your surface tops? That is fine, simply make a cute design with fake plants – maybe some pebbles, twigs, or other cool fill elements and then your fake plant on top.

- Extremely affordable- Recommended to bring inside for colder months if placed outdoors
- Included removable saucers (drip trays)
- Perfect for indoors (desktops, windowsills, counter-tops)
- Drainage hole
- Great for succulents (small cacti, jade plants, aloe etc.)

Customer reviews and ratings are overwhelmingly positive! Check them out!

Best Faux Concrete Planters

1) Southern Patio Polyresin Planter

Southern Patio 23" Metro Poly-Resin Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Dynamic Design
  • Dimensions: 25″ x 24″ x 21″
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Special Features:
    • Double-walled design crafted from durable resin
    • UV protectors within resin prevent cracking and fading and give long-lasting look
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Location of Use: Outdoors
What Is Faux Concrete?

Now we have reached the faux concrete planters on this list. This basically means the planters look like concrete but they actually aren’t. Something “faux” is just the art of simulation where you make one surface look like something else – very cool! See below for a more detailed explanation.

In this case, this planter is made of durable polyresin and the surface is finished to resemble an elegant concrete look. Polypropylene resin is a common material used for flower pots. It is basically single molded plastic that is extremely durable, resilient, and pretty much unbreakable.

You don’t have to worry about rusting, denting, cracking, fading with polypropylene planters and they will give you many seasons of use. Not to mention, they are environmentally friendly like concrete!

Better yet, they are extremely lightweight! This one is approximately 7 lbs and it is a larger planter. There is also 2 color selections!

Granite Brown
Design & Construction

This planter displays a more classic look with its texture that gives off an aged-stone appearance. It can compliment any of your outdoor decor and take a traditional or contemporary style depending on your design scheme. Overall, it is an innovative and attractive planter loved by many customers.

As stated above, the planter is polyresin which is carefully molded to be very durable and resilient. However, it is recommended to store away during colder months due to harsher weather conditions.

It is lightweight with a double-walled design for added protection and elegant style. Moreover, the resin consists of UV protectors so the planter will always keep its long-lasting look and never fade. As for plants, vibrant-colored flowers would look astonishingly beautiful with the monzonite gray or the granite brown color.

There is a drainage hole in the middle of the bottom surface to allow for excess water to drain out. You also have the choice of purchasing either a 20″ or 23″ planter along with your preferred color selection.

Customer reviews and ratings are extremely high and in fact, the granite brown colored pot is labeled “Amazon’s Choice” for large flower pots.

- 2 color selections- Recommended to store away during colder months
- 2 size selections- Faux concrete (not real concrete if that's what you want)
- High-quality resin (double-wall design & UV protectors)
- Drainage hole
- Extremely lightweight

2) Fox & Fern Mid-Century Planter

Product Specifications:
  • Manufacturer: Fox & Fern
  • Dimensions: Vary depending on choice (see below)
  • Material: Fiberstone
  • Special Features:
    • Drainage Plug
    • Lifetime Warranty (100% money-back guarantee)
  • Drainage Holes: Yes
  • Location of Use: Outdoors or Indoors

Well, this one looks a bit different. However, it’s quite simple. Shown in the picture is actually a smaller pot inside a bigger one because it comes in a set of 2. However, you don’t have to get the set of 2. There is actually tons of options to choose from ranging from different sizes to different color choices.

ColorDimension Choices (Diameter) 
Matte White- 8 inches
- 10 inches
- 12 inches
- 12" & 15" (Set of 2 Combo)
Black-Gold Top- 8 inches
Concrete- 10 inches
Glossy White- 8 inches
- 10 inches
Stone Black- 10 inches

Fox & Fern Fiberstone Construction

Each of these planters are made of beautifully constructed fiberstone. Fiberstone is a new and contemporary material that is commonly used for planters.

It is similar to fiberglass in the sense that it is extremely durable and resilient, however fiberstone provides a more solid feel because of the significant amount of stone powder added to its production. Therefore, the planters are heavier and more robust than fiberglass planters but still easily movable.

Fiberstone is 70% lighter than concrete. You will have no problems with denting, cracking, fading, or rusting due to its high-quality construction.

Special Features & Offers

Included with each of these planters is a drainage hole and drainage plug. Therefore, you can easily locate your planter indoors – simply cover the hole with the drainage plug. The drainage hole allows for excess water to drain out in the case of over-watering.

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty – 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Yup, you heard that right. If you have any problem with your Fox & Fern planter or just don’t like it, simply contact them through their amazon listing with your order ID and you will receive full refund or replacement.

Lastly, these planters fit perfectly in a Mid-Century Plant Stand and that’s what they were designed for. Whatever the diameter of pot you choose, that planter will fit in a plant stand with the same diameter!

In fact, if you purchase both a Fox & Fern Plant Stand and a Fox & Fern Pot, you will get 10% off your set (discount is automatically applied in your online cart). Scroll down to “Frequently bought together” to do this.

- Tons of size & color options to choose from- Recommended to store away or move indoors during colder months
- 100% money-back guarantee- Faux concrete (not real concrete if that's what you want)
- Drainage plug & drainage hole
- 10% discount if purchase plant stand with pot

What Should You Look For When Buying a Concrete Flower Pot?

Concrete Planters Buyer's Guide

Concrete flowering planters can add a lovely powerful vibe to your backyard. They can take on varying styles and designs, making it easy for you to select which exact planter would go perfectly well with your overall design.

You can also mix and match different materials of flower pots. You don’t just have to go with concrete. Mix it up a bit. You have choices from polypropylene planters to terracotta, metal, wood, and other ceramics. There is a wide variety of flower pot materials to make your outdoor surroundings look stunningly diverse.

Concrete planters are one of my favorites though. I love their classic, antique-like look in my backyard. However, there are some things you should know about concrete planters before you purchase one.

Concrete – A Sustainable Building Material

Concrete is used widely for many building purposes as it is a sustainable building material used in many eco-friendly buildings. You do not have to harm the environment to obtain concrete as it is made from waste byproducts derived from manufacturing facilities. So no, nothing like wood where you have to chop down trees to acquire it.

Concrete can be made from silica fume, fly ash, and slag cements, which again are all waste byproducts from manufacturing processes. The primary raw material used in the creation of concrete is limestone, which is actually the most abundant mineral on our planet.

In the modern day, many homes, schools, and other buildings now use concrete as the primary building material due to its abundance, sustainability, and eco-friendly properties. Concrete is extremely durable and resilient; it cannot rot, rust, or burn. As such, it is the smartest choice for building materials.

concrete - sustainable building material

What Are The Benefits of Concrete Planters?

Flower pots made of concrete deserve recognition for their benefits. There are many advantages of having concrete planters that you may not be aware of such as:

  • Concrete is extremely heavy. As such, the planters will be very durable and robust. You won’t have to worry about knocking over your concrete planters or them ever tipping over (obviously depending on the size of the planter).
  • Concrete is excellent at insulating plants against abrupt temperature changes. For example, a metal flower pot can heat up extremely high in very hot temperatures and your plant roots and soil could be damaged because of this. With concrete, you will not run into this issue. Concrete’s ability to absorb and radiate heat will protect your plant roots against high and low temperatures.
  • Concrete is meant to last for decades. As such, your concrete planter (if it is well-made concrete) will last many years. However, cheaply made concrete planters will last a couple years only. Make sure your concrete is well-made. Also, the color mixed into your concrete will last a very long time, keeping that nice furnished look of the material.
  • Concrete planters are all year round weather-inclined. Unlike plastic or terracotta planters, you do not have to store away your concrete flower pots during the winter months. Concrete is very robust and can withstand any weather element.

Overall, concrete is considered a good material for flowering pots. However, there are disadvantages associated with concrete planters as there are with any type of material.

What Are The Cons of Concrete Planters?

  • As stated above, concrete is extremely heavy. Depending on the size of your planter, if it is large, it may be very difficult to move. As such, you may want to choose a permanent position in your yard for your concrete planter.
  • Concrete planters tend to be more expensive. Concrete is a luxurious building material which takes time and cost to manufacture. Therefore, concrete planters tend to be more expensive than any other planter.
  • Your concrete planters will last decades. So you will need to provide periodic maintenance of your planter. This will include washing it and periodically sealing it with liner.
  • Lime leaching (efflorescence) can occur with concrete planters. This is when water dispersible materials come in contact with the surface of the concrete and dissolves calcium hydroxide from the matrix, which can cause staining of the concrete. To prevent this, apply a concrete sealer to coat the planter. Periodically, apply the sealer throughout the years (between growing seasons). To remove lime leaching, power washing can work (depending on the severity), or chemical cleaning.
  • Your concrete planters may not have pre-drilled drainage holes. Make sure you drill holes into your planter for efficient drainage.

Those are the drawbacks to concrete planters. All in all, the most important thing to do before planting in your concrete flower pot is to treat and seal it if this has not already been done. It’s still a good idea to seal it even if it is stated that this has already been done just in case.

Take a look at how easy sealing concrete planters is.

It is also important to periodically treat the planter and apply the sealer between growing seasons as your planter will last for many years.

Large Concrete Flower Pots

What Are Faux Concrete Planters?

In our list above, there are faux concrete planters as well. What are these? Simply, they aren’t real concrete planters; they just look like it. Faux finishing is where you make one surface look like something else. In this case, the surfaces of faux concrete planters look just like concrete. It is not until you may feel or lift it, that you realize it is not.

Faux finishing can have various options depending on what you are working with and what you want. Concrete is an extremely versatile medium for faux finishes due to its flexible moldability and workability.

This technique has been used for hundreds of years actually to dress up plaster walls. You can practically apply faux finishing to anything you want!

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to faux concrete planters. All in all, they are a nice selection though.

- More affordable than real concrete- Will not last as long as actual concrete (well-made real concrete will last decades)
- Lighter in weight (easily movable)- Not all year round weather-inclined (should move indoors or store away during colder months)
- Do not have to treat or seal before use like you do with actual concrete planters- Not as robust (sturdy) as real concrete

Interested in Making Your Own Concrete Planter Instead?

Final Considerations of Concrete Flower Pots

We believe the benefits outweigh the cons and so you should get a concrete planter. Not to mention, they are gorgeous and will make your backyard look beautiful. If you are interested in growing larger shrubs or trees, concrete planters are your best bet.

Concrete planters may require more maintenance than other planters but they are worth it and maintaining them is way easier than you think. They are extremely durable, robust, and weather-inclined. These planters will last you decades and you can always sell them if you do not want them any longer.

All in all, they are great investments.

However, it’s perfectly fine if you do not want a concrete planter. There are many other beautiful options. Take a look at the best outdoor flower pots that can make your yard stunning.

We hope you have enjoyed our recommendations and you have an excellent gardening and planting season. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave us a comment below.

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