Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Customer Review

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter











  • 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight


  • Only 1 Size Available

Back when I started gardening, I often wondered if my potting soil had the right moisture retention, and what I would do is just stick my thumb in the soil and guess if the moisture was right or not.

Not long after, I encountered several problems with my wet soil like root rot and pest infestations. For soil that I thought was in acceptable dryness (which was not),  I noticed soil erosion. These problems made me torn between quitting or purchasing a new potting mix.

But after some time of reflecting, I realized it’s best to find a solution first rather than quitting or buying a new potting mix that will only result in another tragedy. After looking up online, I decided to purchase the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter since it had several functions; not just limited to measuring moisture levels.

Personally, I had low expectations since I did not want to get more upset if things did not go well but to my surprise, this product helped a lot! This is why I would love to share with you my experience with the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter.

To begin with, here are the product’s specifications.

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Review

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Review

Product Specifications:

  • Size
    • 10.6 x 2.75 x 1.57 inches
  • Weight
    • 3.2 ounces
  • Material
    • Hard Plastic
  • 2,200+ Ratings
  • 4.3 / 5 Stars

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Features

3-In-1 Multifunction

For starters, there are a lot of moisture meters out there, but what makes the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter stand out is its 3-in-1 Multifunction design. Not only does this product give you accurate moisture level readings, but it also gives you pH level readings as well as light readings.

There is without a doubt that the readings this product gives off are accurate because my almost-dead plants became healthy after I knew what they needed with the help of the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter.


Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Full Detail

Fast And Reliable

One of the main reasons why this product is in high demand is because of its reliability and fast accurate reading results. This soil moisture meter also has two sensors, double-needle detection technology that accurately analyzes the moisture level and soil acidity in your plant’s soil.

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Features

Easy To Use And Carry

As you can see, the product has a simple design that does not contain any big components that can contribute to its weight. These products are easy to use and carry. To use the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter, follow the simple steps below:

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter How to Use Instructions

Widely Applicable Plant Accessories

As mentioned, this product sports multifunction features such as reading moisture levels, soil acidity, and light readings. The pH tester is used for soil testing, garden breeding, succulent soil, potted plants, greenhouse planting, flower planting, and many others!

No Batteries Needed

Normally, for a device this versatile, you would expect that you will need batteries to operate it. But for this product, that simply isn’t the case. The only thing you should monitor is the maintenance of the soil meter.

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter No Batteries Needed

Important Tips

Although this product is easy to use due to its simple design, it does not mean that the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter does not have any precautions.

  • For starters, do not use this soil moisture meter in very hard soil. This will most likely bend the sensors rather than piercing them in the soil.
  • Do not plunge the soil moisture meter directly in water.
  • Do not leave the soil moisture meter in for a long time.
  • Soil that is too dry will not move the needle.
  • Clean the moisture meter thoroughly. This is to maintain it in good condition, and not affect the reading the next time you use it.

You can use this product for whatever it is that you want to read, may it be pH, light, or the moisture of your soil. The two high-precision probes will do the job for you in giving accurate readings. Afterwards, you can assess your plants’ needs after you are done reading the results.

Alkey Soil Moisture Meter Not To Be Used In Water

Final Thoughts on Alkey Soil Moisture Meter

Without a doubt, this product is a great deal. The Alkey Soil Moisture Meter was able to help me assess my plants’ needs correctly, which is why I highly recommend this product for gardeners that want accurate pH, light, and moisture readings. It’s affordable, versatile, and easy to use.

Do you have any experience with the Alkey Soil Moisture Meter? Let me know in the comment section below! For questions and clarifications, do comment them down as well.

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