Vegetable Gardening

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Two white wooden self-watering planter box full of yellow flowering plants.

9 Steps: How To Build A Self-Watering Planter Box

Converting ordinary pots into self-watering planters have become increasingly popular these days because they really are that efficient and not to mention, quite easy to maintain. They serve best their …

Fruiting cucumber plant growing in a DIY trellis.

37 Amazing DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

Both the spotted and striped cucumber beetles are feeding on the plant's leaf.

18 Ways How To Get Rid of Cucumber Beetles Naturally

One frosty tomato fruit.

How Cold Your Tomato Plants Can Tolerate

Top 11 Vegetables To Grow in Pots During Winter

Container Gardening

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A set of plants that are in containers.

6 Best Potting Mix For Container Gardening

If you did not know, potting soil for container gardening is actually different from typical potting mixes. The same aspect applies to the difference between indoor potting soil and outdoor …

5 Tips How To Improve Drainage In Potted Plants

Top 11 Vegetables To Grow in Pots During Winter

8 Steps To Grow Citrus Trees in Pots

Fruit Gardening

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Plump red strawberry.

Must-Know Tips on How To Grow Sweet Strawberries

Strawberries are a fruit that everyone loves and having them sweet makes them that much better. Here is a list of easy to follow tips you must know which will …

7 Steps: How To Grow Cantaloupe Vertically

8 Steps To Grow Citrus Trees in Pots

Benefits of Pruning Fruit Trees

Garden Aesthetics

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A DIY plant tie made of plastic twine tied loosely around the tomato plant and the stake.

15 Best DIY Plant Ties

This rooftop garden features comfortable seating with cushions and throw pillows. It has a circular fireplace at the centre and flowering plants just below the safety barrier.

43 Best Rooftop Garden Ideas

A koi pond with purple flowers and lillies
Koi pond garden with aquatic plants

9 Best Plants For Your Koi Pond

A woman trimming her green hedge with shears

When To Trim Your Hedges: The Complete Guide

Three easy DIY wooden garden tool storage ideas.

41 Clever DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas